Why It's Practically Impossible To Bring Tony Stark Back - Finally Revealed 

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I'm glad to announce, in this video I have collaborated with @The Cosmic Wonder and we both have worked together on coming up with this theory! Checkout his video at this link: csshows.info/up/video/Z7WiwH2qk3Soz2U.html
If you lads do love this theory, then we both will hopefully bring more content in the future, even appearing in each other's videos, haha! Lemme know in the comments :)

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4. 12. 2020





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
I'm glad to announce, in this video I have collaborated with @The Cosmic Wonder and we both have worked together on coming up with this theory! Checkout his video at this link: csshows.info/up/video/Z7WiwH2qk3Soz2U.html If you lads do love this theory, then we both will hopefully bring more content in the future, even appearing in each other's videos, haha! Lemme know in the comments :)
joe mamy
joe mamy Před dnem
@Throw a way ___ the Eternals bring him back
Throw a way ___
Throw a way ___ Před dnem
Wait a minute what about the multi verse he could com back like that
Teddy Matthew Malapira
Imagine of Tony became an Ai like Jarvis and Friday
joe mamy
joe mamy Před 10 dny
Eternals bring Tony back.
Exotic -metal
Exotic -metal Před 10 dny
Gnan Eswar
Gnan Eswar Před hodinou
Avengers dont have any idea about time stone...they don't even know how to use it
The Epic Gamer
The Epic Gamer Před 3 hodinami
I have a different answer contract over ;(
Icy Plays
Icy Plays Před 5 hodinami
I am not ashamed to say that if someone brings Tony back, but dies in the process, *I won't complain. Just want him back.*
Sensei Crash
Sensei Crash Před 11 hodinami
No the only reason vision came back was because he is NOT a human he is a android with the AI Jarvis.
Genna Giles
Genna Giles Před 18 hodinami
I read this as “Why it is impossible to break Tony Starks back”
Oisin O’Flanagan
Oisin O’Flanagan Před 19 hodinami
Whos gonna tell him that the gauntlet has brought someone back in the comics 😐
rojaih jabra
rojaih jabra Před 20 hodinami
Well Wong died and came back to life....
Ert combatsteve08
Ert combatsteve08 Před 21 hodinou
If I go back in time and take the old natasha and old tony maybe the time does change ? Cuz in endgame they have explained the timeline doesen't change at all Cuz rodhey sayed kill the baby thanos
StrikeWave Před dnem
who else thought that tonys legs looked like thanos was flossing in the thumbnail?
DoomKnight Před dnem
Why did iron man snap in the first place? He is the weakest avenger its basically telling a baby to hold and shoot a rocket launcher atleast have thor snap even in his condition his god body even if he is fat it could stand a better chance then weakling iron man
andy holtby
andy holtby Před dnem
It's not impossible at all. If 2014 thanos and gamora can time travel back to 2023 using the pym particles you can use the time machine they created and get Tony back from a couple of hours earlier.
Raman J
Raman J Před dnem
Dr. Strage did bring back Wong and dozens of other civilians after the hong kong sanctum fell. They were all killed. Bringing them back seemed to be as simple as reversing the time and then preventing it from happening again.
Bazz Gaming
Bazz Gaming Před dnem
but in the comics there's no price when using the gauntlet
RevenEdits Queen
RevenEdits Queen Před 2 dny
They only reason why they didn’t want to you know let him live is because hey we’re Marvel and here every one needs to suffer it’s not like those movies are rather 12+ hehehe 😂😂😂😅😅😅 and also we run out of happy endings slips cards so
Luis Pacheco
Luis Pacheco Před 2 dny
Its not impossible, comics made it possible😭😂
Çhø ŻXV •
Çhø ŻXV • Před 2 dny
I would have used old cap to snap the Gauntlet
duane hicks
duane hicks Před 2 dny
Dude, you are overthinking it. Peace.
Thanos almost ripped tony in half Thor came in clutch
Guerk_HD Před 2 dny
But Doctor Strange brought people back to life that died in Dormamus last attack. Also, Tony wasn't dead when they could have saved him. He was "just" dying. And even thou the Time stone can obviously not revers the snap, Tony technically died do to radiation burning. Because Bruce Banner sad, the use of the stones emits Gamma radiation wich was also why the Hulk could survive it. (Even the flash of light probably comes from that.)
Harry Smith
Harry Smith Před 3 dny
Old cap comes back snaps tony back cap dies but has already lived like 160 years
Mufsa Před 3 dny
well cant wanda technically bring back tony in her bubble thingie like she did with vision.
Ty Před 3 dny
FOR EVERYONE CHECKING THE COMMENTS ILL SAVE YOU FROM HAVING TO WATCH THIS "QUICK GET MONEY VIDEO" if they wanted to bring tony back they would have to rewrite every single thing that makes the mcu good and turn it into another franchise like fast and the furious and in endgame you can even watch the clip of Hulk saying he tried to bring Natasha back and couldn't you just cant bring somebody dead back without it making another fast and furious or DC franchise its just not something marvel would do because Spiderman is also now on the written path to be the next "iron man" just as how falcon is on the path to be the next cap there saved you 5:45 seconds of blah
Patrik Neuman
Patrik Neuman Před 4 dny
I disagree tony died because the energy was too much not because he used the "magic" of the gauntlett which means he died of natural causes so it should be possible to bring him back
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Před 4 dny
i thought the sole stone can bring people back to life.
clifton r blandin
clifton r blandin Před 4 dny
I don't see how it's not possible to bring him back from the dead because they did it before to PHIL COLSON after he was KILLED off in the first AVENGERS MOVIE
Raven John
Raven John Před 4 dny
But Deadpool?
Worlds Před 4 dny
Why couldn’t they just use the infinity gauntlet on an old person about to die?
Jimi G
Jimi G Před 4 dny
I want to see someone else take up the mantle of ironman. Perhaps his daughter when she is older, idk. Have RDJ voice the AI program.
Kalaies Před 4 dny
Was it not stated in the doctor strange movie tht the time stone had a limit as to how long someone waits to use it, because it will become ineffective for that point of time?
King Zeeb
King Zeeb Před 4 dny
"We can't bring Tony back unless we're willing to lose another hero." Let Captain Marvel use it.
Kokki Kumar
Kokki Kumar Před 5 dny
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Před 5 dny
You don't have to bring tony back. Tony will bring himself back. 💪🏻😎
Bro Actually Tony stark just started a family
Kvon Curry
Kvon Curry Před 5 dny
This video is pointless
Emilio Guevara
Emilio Guevara Před 5 dny
I have a question about The Vision. If he is made from a the cradle which produce tissues/cell then why does The Vision have wires in Infinity War
Emilio Guevara
Emilio Guevara Před 5 dny
2:11 Dr. Strange did something like this in the library
Creative Lights
Creative Lights Před 5 dny
I think you got Wanda all wrong She pretty much has the power of all infinity stones Hi there So yeah u still here How’s life Sorry for wasting your time p Bye stranger
Fire Flames
Fire Flames Před 5 dny
The stones are Destroyed because they use them twice once with hulk and once with iron man
The Commentators
The Commentators Před 5 dny
id be fine if wizard girl sacrificed herself
ICE World
ICE World Před 5 dny
They could use hulks time machine to bring him back to life
B Freak
B Freak Před 6 dny
Nothing is permanent in Comics!!!
Elizabeth Aponte
Elizabeth Aponte Před 6 dny
Use the Dragon Balls...w a i t
Tony Quinn
Tony Quinn Před 5 dny
Wrong universe but image the if it did tho that wut be mad
Mason McClarin
Mason McClarin Před 6 dny
I thought it said it is impossible to break his back
Kaotick Před 6 dny
Peter quill has used an infinity stone before because of who his father is he would technically be able to use the gauntlet
Bonksticker Před 6 dny
A.I Tony...did he make a backup from himself? E.D.I.T.H is standing for; Even Death I'm The Hero
Marky Jover Mabuti
Marky Jover Mabuti Před 6 dny
Dont forget dr strange he might can use the stone to bring tony back but didnt do the opportunity to do so and dr strange is one of ones that knows how to use the tim stone
Person Před 6 dny
Sacrifice the guy with the bow and arrow, he’s practically useless
David Brenneman
David Brenneman Před 6 dny
He's already back. You just missed it.
stephen park
stephen park Před 6 dny
Old cap, now that Peggy is gone, his strength is gone, the avengers are broken, he looks at Tony's daughter and he now knows it's time.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X Před 6 dny
I have a plot hole about Avengers endgame : How did 2014 Thanos know he had to snap with Tony's infinity gauntlet If he had yet to acquire his own at that period of time ?
Merserion Davis
Merserion Davis Před 7 dny
Doctor strange movie prove that time stone can use to bring something back years ago when he bring a missing page out a book back.
Jon amon
Jon amon Před 7 dny
Maybe you can't bring him back because he is dead
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Před 7 dny
I think the reason why they didn't use the time stone was plainly because Tony Stark didn't want the life he currently has to be gone. Because to reverse time would mean Morgan, his daughter would also be gone forever, and the life he currently lives will be brought back to Pre Infinity War. I remember before hulk Snapped, he made a big deal about not reversing time, only bringing back people as they were when the snap happened.
Miguel Marquez
Miguel Marquez Před 7 dny
I thought wanda has the reality stome
Shady LaFlame
Shady LaFlame Před 7 dny
Why can’t they bring Tony Stark back WandaVision: Hold my beer
Captain marvel can snap and bring back black widow and Tony.... she is powerful enough to tolerate gauntlet's radiation...and aslo she can absorb it's radiation 😐😐😐
Deepesh Sharma
Deepesh Sharma Před 7 dny
Like Gomorrah, Tony Stark can be brought back ?? btw love from india ❤️❤️
Necroticus Před 7 dny
I think you can't bring people back from the sacrifice of obtaining the soul stone is because it would make the sacrifice no sacrifice at all. same with destroying the stones which if I'm not mistaken was what Thanos had done at the beginning of end game that crippled him and what Tony does also does with his snap. remember, by that point, everyone who got ashed was already back. so what was he snapping for? imo, destroying the stones or at the very least the Soul stone.
Kevin Couto
Kevin Couto Před 7 dny
The title to this is just bull shit!! Iron man (Those who can make a difference) lives forever!.... "I am IRONMAN". IRONMAN Man is in all of us..
DreadSire Před 7 dny
Love RDJ, and he is Iron Man. But his arch was perfect. Leave it alone.
Devin Robles
Devin Robles Před 7 dny
captain marvel can do it she can bring him back she is very strong
t0xic afire
t0xic afire Před 7 dny
Him there was one super hero I did not see Deadpool and he is the only one with the power for the snap
Xx_crazy_gamer_ xX
Xx_crazy_gamer_ xX Před 7 dny
Thumbnail: Iron man vs thanos Me: thanos flossing with iron man
Eliud Ngige
Eliud Ngige Před 7 dny
Nano tech
Eliud Ngige
Eliud Ngige Před 7 dny
Their is was a way to bring tony back
F.B.I Před 7 dny
I have the power to get rid of 666 in the like count, and you know, FBI are assholes, so... I will not do it in order to get better reputation.
orangechef Před 7 dny
the canadian lad: it'd be pointless to sacrifice another hero or risk sacrificing a hero me: well what about captain marvel
gianino pattipeilohy
robert doney jr is casted for multiverse of madness so there will be a new tony from another universe
Gaming for adults Adults only
He died and came back in the comics.
Fattah Osman
Fattah Osman Před 8 dny
actually vison is not human that’s
Deanoramma Před 8 dny
I say we dig up his corpse and see if the Time Stone works on him... What could possibly go wrong?
AiRsTrIkExXzZ Před 8 dny
You’d need the mind, soul and time stone to bring someone back. Time stone to make their corpse be able to be piloted without any critical damage there in the body, mind stone to bring the consciousness back and the soul stone to get their literal soul back into the body. Boom they back alive
Just1v1pro Před 8 dny
Trade him for captain America...
Tobblesmash Před 8 dny
1:30 "suppose you got your power from the mind stone, that doesnt mean youre more powerful than the mind stone itself" I'm sorry isnt it ironic that youre literally talking over a scene where wanda literally destroyed the mind stone only to be brought back by thanos
GQ Man
GQ Man Před 8 dny
right as he was saying that hulk could use the gauntlet i was like thor and then he said it and i was like?
Soreen Před 8 dny
You forgot that the power stone amplify the power of the other stones
Cal Thamma
Cal Thamma Před 8 dny
Why cant they use the time stone on tony when he was injured?
MascotChan Ch. AnaLashiaJoy
How about Wong's death in Dr. Strange? He got reversed from death.
Big Hoss204
Big Hoss204 Před 8 dny
Wanda can bring tony back..
Smite Před 8 dny
Ok, if gamora died the same way black widow but gamora did return why cant they use that same technique with black widow or iron man
Galvatonv2 Před 8 dny
pretty sure if you reverse someone from death, it also reverses whatever they died for
Khalid hamad
Khalid hamad Před 8 dny
But we’re is the ego stone
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy Před 8 dny
Can captain marvel use gauntlet
sad broken egg
sad broken egg Před 8 dny
it is possible because Thors hammer brought Thor back to life when he almost died and the hammer goes to people who are selfless. when Tony snapped he was considered selfless because he made a choice between his family life/his own life and the universe!!!
Alex Desroches
Alex Desroches Před 8 dny
What about the multiverse?
Redcap Goblin
Redcap Goblin Před 9 dny
"finally revealed" = clickbait title as nothing was revealed except an opinion.
_Unicornicorn Před 9 dny
My main question is why did peter parker get snapped back to earth when he blipped on another planet
ShikharMan Před 9 dny
Why can’t you just get the reality stone and bring tony back?
ShikharMan Před 8 dny
@vincentmagius good point
vincentmagius Před 8 dny
The body might be rebuilt, but there wouldn't be a anything driving it. No mind or soul. Also wouldn't last. You'd need Reality, Mind, Soul and maybe Power and Time to bring someone back. The first three to build a "person", Time to make it permanent and Power to supply whatever energy is needed.
Fernando Vazquez
Fernando Vazquez Před 9 dny
Sacrifice Hawkeye to bring back tony. Hawkeye is not that important anymore
Isaak Apel
Isaak Apel Před 9 dny
My theory is it IS 100% impossible to bring him back because docter strange said that was the only way of winning so everything had to happen how it did
Derek Berry
Derek Berry Před 9 dny
If someone had the power to control the infinity gauntlet they could have went to the planet where Thanos destroyed the original infinity Stones and use them to reconstitute the ones that were destroyed. If that is possible, Or pull the one Thanos used through time before they are destroyed Energy can't be destroyed, only transformed.
Hellow Před 9 dny
Then dont use the stones use the time machine and yonk and Tony from another time line
why not trade a BAD BOY villain for tony
tanner cook
tanner cook Před 9 dny
Tony is alive in the timeline that thanos came from and will not be dead in that timeline.
tanner cook
tanner cook Před 9 dny
Tony is alive in the timeline that thanos came from and will not be dead in that timeline.
ChronicGun Před 9 dny
The one above all is marvels god
M M Před 9 dny
*im gonna pretend I didn’t hear that*
StarKiller_Hakz 66
StarKiller_Hakz 66 Před 9 dny
If Deadpool enters the MCU then he has the potential to bring back Tony since Wade is practically invincible, he wouldn't die from the snap.
LilZoom Před 8 dny
Yeah he can’t die at all
Paul Douris
Paul Douris Před 9 dny
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon
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