Spider-Man: No Way Home is Now Even Bigger! - Breakdown 

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Here's my take on the recent agreement between Sony and Disney.
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2. 05. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 15 dny
Took much needed break but I'm back to work again! Gonna start watch movies in 0.25x speed. Till then, enjoy this little breakdown. :)
Phoenix 5245
Phoenix 5245 Před 4 dny
Ace the Bat-hound
Ace the Bat-hound Před 4 dny
Claim your here before five hundred replies ticket here
Bronzy Fox
Bronzy Fox Před 11 dny
Can that be released on DVD's?
TheOfficialJuan C
TheOfficialJuan C Před 12 dny
Honestly if this movie was an entire day long I’d watch it all the way
Phoenix 5245
Phoenix 5245 Před 13 dny
@rollan sampitan Isn't that noice
SuperSharky 120
SuperSharky 120 Před 2 hodinami
I want to see Venom and the symbiotes in the MCU, let Venom get the iconic spider-signal by “ infecting” Peter.
Liber Polo
Liber Polo Před 7 hodinami
Ahh, it's sad that Norman Osborn won't be acted by the same guy, say what you wish, but that guy is such a classic...!
Jason Keller
Jason Keller Před 12 hodinami
Which means it’ll be even longer and I like an epic long movie filled with great story and Easter eggs
Benjamin Rader
Benjamin Rader Před 13 hodinami
My god, you’re saying that venom: let there be carnage will be on Disney plus?
Hyper Archer2
Hyper Archer2 Před 18 hodinami
In an article, I read that No Way Home will be the last Tom Holland mcu movie . The last time he'll show up as spider man and he also said he can do 10 more movies with the MCU if they want him
Kriegmann Před 22 hodinami
Grain of salt grain of 🧂grain of salt grain of salt grain of salt , the most said sentence in 2021
deimos. Před dnem
I personally think that disney plus should allow rated R marvel movies and shows on there but do what netflix does where you can make an account for kids that filters out the R rated stuff so that Marvel has more freedom with the ratings instead of being forced to make things pg-13
Louie does Football
BULLY MAGUIRE:ima put dirt in ur eyes
Lil X
Lil X Před 2 dny
Imagine if they actually came back but no their characters instead Tobey comes back as a guy working in a pizza place and andrew comes back as a photographer
Max Thao
Max Thao Před 2 dny
This is my theory mcu Peter Parker he can’t be able to go home because people knew who he was now and all the villains now who SpiderMan is and the other SpiderMens have to try and go back to their universes or they will die in Mcu peter’s universe
Yash Před 2 dny
So, Earth 616 is not in the MCU?
Jean Henry
Jean Henry Před 2 dny
The lowly date summarily scold because addition grossly queue given a ill-informed cloud. few fierce, groovy soccer
XTREME gamer
XTREME gamer Před 2 dny
Yo 1m views
Koustubh Jain
Koustubh Jain Před 3 dny
ngl that kinda looked like Justin Trudeau but fatter and older 0:43
Fabrício Ferretti
Fabrício Ferretti Před 3 dny
Ok but there's one thing I didn't understand. Are the 2 previous SM movies, and the previous Venom coming to Disney+ as well? Or are the only ones that are coming No way home and Carnage, since they'll be launched after the deal?
Uddhav Patil
Uddhav Patil Před 3 dny
I am just hoping condition is different from Ralf bhoner
Akzork Před 3 dny
I am hyped for Daredevil and nothing else.
Tobey in the MCU
Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn Před 3 dny
Bro if this is all true then this movie better be like 2 hours 40 mins at least, how would those villians enter in Tom's universe tho
WYLD BOYs Před 4 dny
Since there are multiple universes there’s got to be one or Spiderman‘s evil and since there’s even more universes Tony Stark still alive what about an evil tagteam of Tony Stark and Iron Man
No-Good-Connor. Před 4 dny
Disney....bruh just buy Sony
Gravestone999 Před 4 dny
No one ever really dies except Uncle Ben.
Gravestone999 Před 4 dny
I honestly don't think we're going to get a big Multiverse crossover film. It'd be to muddled and would have to be done completly perfectly in order to make sense. I'm not expecting Electro or Doc Ock to show up, because both those charecters died in their respective universes. If Tobey/Andrew do show up, it'll probably be as a breif cameo where they'll basically say that their Spider-Man and that Peter (Tom Holland) was framed.
Mr 9av Jo6nson Bomb
Ok so what about a Hulk movie then?
Jaru Iori Jardeleza
Morbius Trailer pls
Uyi Iwinosa Omokaro
Bruh i just jope covid ends before december so i can watch the miovie
Luis Diego Siles Lineo
Untill John Watts fucks it up as always
AzarMeaty Před 4 dny
“No one really dies.” Iron man 4 confirmed
CLUMSYGAMER181 Před 2 dny
This is underrated
Berger James
Berger James Před 4 dny
Ankith Gaming
Ankith Gaming Před 4 dny
First sentence of which universe will be '' with great power comes great responsibility
Rod Mayberry
Rod Mayberry Před 4 dny
Marissa Tomeys aunt May sucks
sufyan ikram
sufyan ikram Před 4 dny
i m within the first ones to see the video😛
M&Y Y&M Před 5 dny
maybe tony stark meant uncle ben for peter in mcu
qweasdzxcname Před 6 dny
i hate the fact they ignore uncle ben death in the new spider-man. he is one of the most important characters in spider-man. skipping him is like quicksilver who cant dodge bullets. it just doesnt make sense.
Gravestone999 Před 4 dny
It's because the origin has been done to death and everyone knows it by heart now.
alexlaci Před 6 dny
its going to be funny when toby and andrew aren't in the movie and all the fan girls start crying
Gian Před 6 dny
Can you do a video about VENOM 2's trailer
Mr Mud
Mr Mud Před 6 dny
Spider man no more home
Wally Webbs
Wally Webbs Před 7 dny
I’d love to see Marvel have norman do the dark avengers iron patriot thing, then have him snap and become ultimate green goblin
vinny ford
vinny ford Před 7 dny
Tony stark is the replacement for uncle Ben and he’s already lost him!
Kshitij Bhatnagar
Kshitij Bhatnagar Před 7 dny
We want a Disney + series on spider verse
Doma Robyn
Doma Robyn Před 7 dny
I Hope In A Another Universe There's A Another SpiderMan Name Rodrigo Guevara
Doma Robyn
Doma Robyn Před 7 dny
But How Alfred Molina's Doc Ock Alive? They better have a backstory of it
089 Hareesh teja
089 Hareesh teja Před 7 dny
Why don't u try GOT
Just a peace of cake
If TOBY MAGUIRE made it to this movie it would of been a freaking HIT and they could win alot of money cause comon bring the original spiderman... R.I.P STAN LEE, ONLY IF HE WAS THEIR
Ved Arovski
Ved Arovski Před 8 dny
Canadian Lad: We will see Venom 2 in Disney+. Sony: Actually, we are going to publish it on Jan 1.
FROG dela POND Před 8 dny
Im really hoping he becomes his own person and not ironman jr.
Darren Ong
Darren Ong Před 8 dny
best if all three spiderman are together in the movie
neomp5 Před 8 dny
sony is going to ruin the MCU by trying to ride its coattails and shove in the garbage they're making now and trying to shoehorn in references to the movies they made 20 years ago that people actually liked
SidMarvel Gaming
SidMarvel Gaming Před 8 dny
@The Candian Lad. Spider-man is SONY'S most valuable franchise , so I don't think that they will not want to make any spider-man movie them self . Sony is eager to grow there own universe SUMC . In spider man no way home , we will see not one but more than one spider-man from different universe . So after this movie TOM HOLLENED spider man will stay in MCU and other spider man will go to SUMC. So this will enable both sony and marvel to use spiderman character freely in same time. WIN WIN FOR SONY.
Kevin Paul Barnaiha
BFP? Ben Feter Parker?
SandStinger 345
SandStinger 345 Před 9 dny
6:08 that will be my most favourite spider man suit ever
SandStinger 345
SandStinger 345 Před 9 dny
Would be cool if they give a cameo for PS4 SPIDER-MAN
Abhishek Chavan
Abhishek Chavan Před 9 dny
In case you missed it! The same song back in the black by AC/DC was played earlier in Ironman 1 At very start and same was played in Spiderman FFH in an airplane
Spartan Gaming
Spartan Gaming Před 9 dny
Bro what if marvel strike your channel??🙄🙄
Kartik Kushwaha
Kartik Kushwaha Před 9 dny
Andreas Nordvall
Andreas Nordvall Před 9 dny
"No one really dies." Are you implying that MYSTERIO, the master of illusion and deception would have FAKED his own death?!! Outrageous!
FaraaZ Před 9 dny
But Pete crossed check with Edith glasses
Burst boy
Burst boy Před 9 dny
Next movie be like spiderman home sick
Adamz Insane
Adamz Insane Před 9 dny
tbh I wouldn't be bothered if there's no SPIDERVERSE because at least we get some good villains back
lucus jasper-boley
lucus jasper-boley Před 10 dny
Is this real
Dieudonné Adjamaidotomé
Check my 🕷man no way home tiktok video .
mohamed sani
mohamed sani Před 10 dny
iam ugly sure they will bring sinister six
Yoz Před 10 dny
Purple Profile
Purple Profile Před 10 dny
Charlie Cox’s Daredevil can be a lawyer going against Osborn’s company? An attorney for Peter Parker? King Pin blackmails Peter because he’s Spider-Man which leads to Aunt May’s death? So many possibilities to tie in Daredevil in the MCU. Please Marvel.
jayson tapac
jayson tapac Před 10 dny
Arnav Vats
Arnav Vats Před 10 dny
Oo goooddd plzzz let it be sinister 6 Vs Spidey's
Fun Time
Fun Time Před 10 dny
My favourite spider-man
Rocket Ship
Rocket Ship Před 10 dny
Who here is waiting for 2 SpiderMan movies? cuz I'm waiting for No Way Home and Spider-Verse 2
Aaron Snoper
Aaron Snoper Před 10 dny
Imagine if uncle Ben from each universe rolls up
YurXire's Streams
YurXire's Streams Před 2 hodinami
Uncle B-verse
Anime 4k
Anime 4k Před 15 hodinami
@Goomba Animations there are ♾️ Dimensions
Timothy Crowley
Timothy Crowley Před 4 dny
If they ever do a flashback of Uncle Ben in the MCU, I want him to be played by Toby Maguire (assuming he doesn't pop up as an older, alternate version of Spiderman).
VIN Před 4 dny
Woah but think about it guys
tron pig
tron pig Před 4 dny
Uncle ben killed uncle ben while uncle ben was watching uncle ben kill uncle ben
Akhil Yadav
Akhil Yadav Před 10 dny
Who else thought that 'Whatnot' is an actual streaming service?
Adam Tamer
Adam Tamer Před 11 dny
Epic MCU movies Avengers Avengers age of ultron Captain America civil war Dr Strange Thor ragnarok Avengers infinity war Avengers endgame Spiderman no way home Eternals
Steven Ekunwe
Steven Ekunwe Před 11 dny
You didn’t even talk about Harry osborn
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem Před 11 dny
That means it is confirmed
DanielPlayz1805 Před 11 dny
Wait a minute Spider-Man miles morales ( Spider-Man into the spider verse will be on there
Fahood Gaming
Fahood Gaming Před 11 dny
Can you make Godzilla vs Kong breakdown
_ scout_
_ scout_ Před 11 dny
Norman could turn into Ultimate Green Goblin
Sean Friday
Sean Friday Před 11 dny
At the top left of the white board you can see a title saying "Home Worlds", which can be a hint to the other worlds crossover theory.
AnonimuuGamer Před 11 dny
Using this video to place my bets on this movie, before any kind of official teaser comes out: My utopian movie: The first half of the movie will be more fan service than anything. Peter now has his identity revealed and is probably on the run. I guess he would go on trial for what Mysterio alleged he did. Peter is not a rich guy on his own, and asking for Happy's/Avengers help would pretty much ruin his argument by confirming he is Spiderman. Since he is on trial, he has the right for a Public Attorney. Who walks in? Matt Murdock, pro-bono lawyer. As they build up the case, both end up finding out their secret identities, Peter being spiderman and Matt, Daredevil. They still need strong evidence to support that Peter is not spiderman (even though he is). What better way to do so by putting Peter and a false spiderman in the same room? Matt puts on the suit and goes for it, but BAM, big explosion in the Sanctum, and both fell something big happened (since both have enhanced senses of danger) and suddenly another Spider-Man (Andrew's) starts swinging around the city, while Peter is sitting on the court. Because of this + explosion, the session is postponed, and they leave. On the way out they meet another Peter Parker (Tobey), much older and experienced, and explains what just happened (pretty much Peter B. Parker from Spiderverse). They meet with Andrew's Spider-man and do the fun stuff we similarly saw in Spiderverse. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange explains the dangers and that they weren't the only ones brought by the Multiverse collapse. Alongside them came a successful Doc Ock (which beat spider-man, instead of what happened in Spider-man 2, so he has no redemption arc), a powerful Electro and a Maniacal (but alive) Green Goblin. They release the Vulture and Scorpion from jail, and unite with Mysterio that was alive this whole time. By the end of the movie, another bi reveal is that, with the Multiverse collapse, Miles Morales also gain powers. He is around the same age as Tom's Peter (he didn't blip) and my bet is that he will be co-spider-man alongside Tom Holland in the upcoming movies, since I belive Tom is a way too young/immature Peter Parker to serve as a mentor to Miles. Actually, scratch that. I still think we'll see Miles gaining powers, maybe in a post credits scene (like in the PS4 game), cause I think he needs a proper movie/show to be introduced ('cause of the Prowler and everything, is way too much to tackle in such a short amount of time) EDIT: The title could refer to Tobey and Andrew, that end up stuck in this reality and need to stabilize the multiverse (probably only in the next movie) before going back home. Anyway , my bet is the movie end with a huge cliffhanger, given that Multiverse of Madness is set to release only a few months after. As seen, I have my expectations pretty high, which can be dangerous hahah, but I believe in Marvel's ability to make good movies and experiences. My hopes were piercing the sky for Endgame, and they still managed to deliver a better movie than I expected. The same way that I wasn't expecting sh*t from WandaVision, and we all know how good of a show it ended up being.
Pathlight Sean Bay
Pathlight Sean Bay Před 11 dny
Zendaya and Kirsten Dunst between them who is the better MJ?
Tongue Less
Tongue Less Před 11 dny
Sick of all those subscriptions...
neoholmen Před 11 dny
ooooh fuck yesss!! another great thanos/loki level villain!! this gives me so much hope for tve mcu compared to after endgame where i was like.... mhm how they gonna do another endgame? but now they have dark cap, green goblin, electro and a bunch more dope villains 🤩 and + sinister six i probably a greater villain than thanos!
Mohak Rokade
Mohak Rokade Před 11 dny
yo, guys Andrew & Tobey are not in Spiderman "No Way Home." Andrew is not lying at all. Even with NDA's Jamie Foxx and Molina revealed stuff so. Tom already said "no cameos frm the two boys" and also "it would have been a miracle if they were" bcoz he's ready d script frm thr start to d finish n stuff.
Phon Lengthang
Phon Lengthang Před 11 dny
What if the other spider man that came from other universe is a villain
S zabi05
S zabi05 Před 11 dny
Helo I found a deatial in the new movie (in the trailer) at end of the new marvel video on youtube you can see what the man does with his hand. Dr.Strange do the same but he don't have a rind but I think that motion can help the caracters in the MCU to focus their powers
S zabi05
S zabi05 Před 11 dny
Ohhhhh and I forgat to say that this is from shang chi movie
S zabi05
S zabi05 Před 11 dny
And thats why the man can punch very hard
GAGAN MUKESH Před 11 dny
Who want face reveal 🙂 👇 👇 👇 👇
SaiTeja Dasari
SaiTeja Dasari Před 11 dny
Tell difference between arc reactors of new metal and without new meral
GAGAN MUKESH Před 11 dny
Finally 1M Congrats 🎉
VRK Před 11 dny
Pls do harry potter series
Siva 47
Siva 47 Před 11 dny
Sony LIV - India's Sony's own streaming service
Don the finder
Don the finder Před 11 dny
Long time Canadian lad but congratulations on reaching 1M+ subscribers, who remembers the gift he was offering for reaching 50k subscribers
Ian Rosado
Ian Rosado Před 11 dny
Can u watch captain marvel at 0.25x speed?
Anomitra 10
Anomitra 10 Před 11 dny
Congrats on 1m bro
preston heil
preston heil Před 11 dny
Did say doctor ock new name for doc ock and Paramount plus sucks so bad!! It’s the bane of my pain.
MLW Minor League Wiffleball
You forgot to mention how at the end of Far from Home his identity was revealed
Anthony Cerulli
Anthony Cerulli Před 12 dny
The Canadian lad needs to be in the mcu. He is the true hero we all need right now.
Francis V
Francis V Před 12 dny
HAPPY 1M SUBS LAD, Subscriber since 100k !!!!!
Lil Big Man
Lil Big Man Před 12 dny
Already know dummy
castfxman Před 12 dny
Not Netflix, spiderman movies are all on Starz. The Starz streaming app actually.
Bazzar Před 12 dny
Bazzar Před 12 dny
No one really dies..... then what about the dead avengers
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