If You Were Disappointed With WandaVision's Finale, Watch This! 

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I kinda made this video in a hurry! I had to make it. Please note: This isn't my review of WandaVision. That's coming next week!
Coming up next: Part 2 of WandaVision's Episode 9 in 0.25x Speed.
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11. 03. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
Let the story dictate your theories, not the other way around. Coming up next: Part 2 - Episode 9 in 0.25x Speed. :)
GAMING WITH R&T Před měsícem
Thanks 1000😁get it, Iron Man, Never mind😑just get him to 1M subs😁
Everything Ilonzeh
Everything Ilonzeh Před 2 měsíci
Jmuiu I Hmmm i m unkind m Uj I’m juj km uI j m Oklahoma m Mimi mI Iii I k mom kmuj ok I’m M Kujj it
theotterking 22
theotterking 22 Před 2 měsíci
hay cl I ponder a question when are you gonna do I watch what if the trailer in 0.25 speed btw love your stuff keep up the work
Jaunus Ender
Jaunus Ender Před 2 měsíci
Beautifully painted, it's nice to have someone else with a similar view put it eloquently into word.
Jaunus Ender
Jaunus Ender Před 2 měsíci
I like the thought that it was to shoot scenes for his show that will happen in flashback and time stuff, but i fee she will take his interest somewhere, they're 2 Powerhouse-God level characters, they know each other, Scrying and Divination are 2 schools of magic everyone is familiar with. I want to know these scenes!
Kleiner Kobold
Kleiner Kobold Před dnem
what is the endgame syndrome?
RAJU Sunkavalli
RAJU Sunkavalli Před 2 dny
You said marvel wouldn't introduce multiverse on Disney+ But marvel is releasing Loki on Disney+ which deals with TVA Who deal with the multiverse So why are they releasing Loki on Disney+
K.B. Osborne
K.B. Osborne Před 4 dny
The only reason I'm a little disappointed in Ralph Bohner, is because they didn't name him Evan Peters. I didn't want X-Men Quicksilver, what I wanted was a meta joke, but I'm still not mad about it
Moddy P Music
Moddy P Music Před 6 dny
He explained this the way I did but w/ more explanation we did expect too much from the show and it was suppose to be about her and Vision and the life she created for them
Neeladri Reddy
Neeladri Reddy Před 7 dny
Good video, and I think Quick Silver was not used just for a boner joke, he will be connected I think, just as the real Mandarin exists.
Stylish Star
Stylish Star Před 13 dny
This show was just a piece of 💩 wasted my time 😤
Ivan Bull
Ivan Bull Před 15 dny
I've been saying this about the Star Wars movies, as it applies both ways. Star Wars: Episodes 1-9 and the Avengers, the team movies, are the big world/galaxy-changers. The solo/smaller movies: Rogue One, Solo, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man, etc. are mostly smaller, more personal stories. Yes, they may have an impact or influence on the big team movies but generally, they don't affect the big team stories that much. Yes, Rogue One provided the important element for the end of A New Hope, and CA: Civil War affected the politics in the Avengers, (although Avengers: Infinity War didn't give much opportunity to explore that, so it was fairly minimal) ...but... A New Hope existed for decades fine without Rogue One and Avengers: Infinity War could have existed without Civil War, (but as I love Rogue One and CA: Civil War so much, I'm glad they do exist).
Brian BigBoss
Brian BigBoss Před 16 dny
The fault lies solely with the viewers. Get some fucking hobbies instead of making theories while on crack, people.
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal Před 17 dny
You brought up some good points regarding the expectations of the audience.
Scott Filippini
Scott Filippini Před 18 dny
When wanda vision ended i was so disappointed, now that I watched this I feel like a ass 😑......lads got a point tho if I watched widow or morbius first I wouldn't of expected such a big payoff
Lopiklop Před 21 dnem
The first movie to really dive into Thanos and the Infinity Stones was Guardians of the Galaxy.
Jaan McFadden
Jaan McFadden Před 21 dnem
What exactly is the Endgame Syndrome? (Plz don’t roast me)
beanstars_ Před 22 dny
I love everything about the show maybe more or on the same level with falcon and the winter soldier but I just didn't like agatha, I just wished she was written better or just not added to the story at all, but that's how most bad guys in mcu are
My theory is Wanda took vision And quick Silver Away from their universe’s And then sended them back. But who knows where dem kids came from They day days kids or something. 90s kids remember that one 😂💯👍🏼
Dharric Rolyat
Dharric Rolyat Před 24 dny
At least you're not doing what almost every other Marvel hyping CSshows channel is doing and getting on the x, will be in it, see this shadow... Then backlash because "fans" believe the hype rather than watching the movie/series and taking it for what it is.
『Bocephus』 Před 25 dny
When you read the news 6:39
KG Motte
KG Motte Před 26 dny
Odd thing he says in there, he Calls Wanda the Villain, but thing is, she's not really. Being a villain Implies intent to harm someone, or at the very Least a Lack of caring if their actions hurt someone. Wanda on the other hand Was not AWARE that she was Hurting anyone, Her Grief Took over, Warped reality inside the Hex, and at the same time Screwed with her own mind, she didn't even Know that she was the one creating the Hex, or that she was IN the hex to begin with. Taking that into consideration, How can one accuse her of Malicious intent or of not caring When she didn't even know or have any control over what was happening? The whole Hex was just on Autopilot, possibly by Wanda's Subconscious or possibly as a byproduct of the Spell that made the hex in the first place. And as far as she Knew when she Cast the spell, she was giving all the people there a Happy Peaceful life, not forcing them into a Mind controlled Nightmare Prison. For a point of Comparison, in the Legend of Zelda, the Hero Link (Almost) ALWAYS Releases Ganon or Unlocks the sacred Realm Giving Access to it for Ganondorf in such a way that allows him to become powerful and start doing the bad Stuff in whichever Game you're playing... Yet, Despite Link being the one who Released Evil by Pulling out the Master Sword, he's not the Villain of the series, Ganon Is... Same applies here for Wanda, she's Basically Link, Pulling out the Master Sword not Knowing what will be Unleashed. Except she Tried to Make her own Little perfect Home for herself where everybody would be as happy as in the shows she watched as a kid... And she just didn't think it through as to what that would do to anyone else in there... You Can SEE in her face how Much it pains her to Learn that what she did caused so many to suffer... So Yeah, Not a Villain!
Dani Roberts
Dani Roberts Před 26 dny
Thank you for finally talking about how we're the ones who overhype theories more than Marvel does. I'm always saying that but no one takes me seriously. Also I find it weird that Ralph would make a dick joke about his own name, and I think since he was probably the guy from the WPP that Jimmy Woo was looking for, it's a fake identity he had to live with, hence why he was making fun of "his own name". I'm hoping we might later get a reveal of his true identity that plays into upcoming movies or the multiverse better. But I'm not holding my breath on this idea either.
Krishna’s Shastri
Krishna’s Shastri Před 28 dny
ok, so like one thing people don't understand.....is that Wanda didn't make the town on purpose. It was an accident......basically grief+power. Yes, she chose to keep the town, but if you had just lost the lOYL and had the option to start a family, you prob would.
Hamza Radwan
Hamza Radwan Před 29 dny
me who was about to write a comment that the ending is bad be like WTF the ending is bad
Bilal Hinson
Bilal Hinson Před 29 dny
wanda will probably destroy the hole mutiverse accept for the and universe
Maleus Garyn
Maleus Garyn Před měsícem
It would have been a perfect ending if Wanda was arrested(somehow) for her crimes. But maybe that will happen in some other movie/ show. But I doubt it. She'll probably never face the consequences of torturing an entire town because she was sad.
Karim Xyz
Karim Xyz Před měsícem
05:24 They want to punish us again with "Fantastic Four". I hope this time the Thing will wear some trousers.
James Murray
James Murray Před měsícem
I thought Wandavision was spot on throughout, and had no problems with any of the decisions made. Also, that ending.....”...Even an android can...cry!”....and so did I. 😢
Yashesh Patel 26
Yashesh Patel 26 Před měsícem
At 7:30 why are her legs red like she is vision i dont meant to be creepy but it has been bothering me.
Dércio Bene
Dércio Bene Před měsícem
It's impossible not to be disappointed when you watch everything expecting Thanos-level threats every single movie. I loved this show, and I love every thing I watch (even Josstice League), not because it was perfect, but because I always have 0 expectations, and never try to look up set photos, which actor is doing what and what the directors are trying out. These same people that didnt like wandavision also will say spiderman 3 is the worst spider man movie ever,and that doctor strange 2 is also awful, because of expecting too much from a single movie
Ashiv Tanwar
Ashiv Tanwar Před měsícem
Season 2 of wanda vision will be so good 🔥❤️
kubekzpiciem Před měsícem
Seems like I'm in the minority of people who didn't expect any apperances other then wanda and vision in the show, thought it was supposed to be contained show about them. Was happy to get Harkness lady tho!
Vishnu Sasi
Vishnu Sasi Před měsícem
Where is white vision
Tiny Doowy
Tiny Doowy Před měsícem
Hey, I loved your video, I just bought marchendise as support. But I want to express one opinion about "Ralph Bohner". You told it was a dick joke and for english speaker it could be. But I'm a more optimistic one, and as french speaker, I read "Ralph Bonheur" which means "Happiness". ;) Because his appearance in the show gave her happiness. Great channel btw, keep going.
Patrick Schardt
Patrick Schardt Před měsícem
So far I like WandaVision more than The Falcon &The Winter Soldier. The Falcon is good but Wanda better.
Moomen Msaadi
Moomen Msaadi Před měsícem
The Canadian Lad : lets try to pull ourselves from this endgame syndrome Thor at 4:22 : *literally getting pulled*
YoUtUbEr Před měsícem
Well i think that aerospace engineer is reed richards. Fantastic 4 is a broken story... And inturn, it might be a scrull agent.. or being... or whatever you call it
IMAGINE ME Před měsícem
Basel Shabu
Basel Shabu Před měsícem
But there was a ref. In age of Ultron post credit scene
Velocity Rocks
Velocity Rocks Před měsícem
No I wasn’t
Hannibal Rasberry
Hannibal Rasberry Před měsícem
I could care less about Strange. I don't care for how the writers tried to sell me this idea that I should condone how Wanda basically kidnapped an entire town of innocent people and put them under constant psychological pain, and yet somehow she's the one I'm supposed to feel sorry for. Sympathy does not mean you can just do what you want to people.
ブブタン Před měsícem
If wanda's hex was enough to attract agatha, it would have also attracted the sorcerer supreme himself. Sadly, the only reference to doctor strange was in the very last scene. Not only how she mind split to study, but also his music can be heard playing.
Misthios .11.20
Misthios .11.20 Před měsícem
Disappointed because it has no more episodes
Christopher Burke
Christopher Burke Před měsícem
I felt let down by Quicksilver, initially. I think that by casting Evan Peters as an actor, Feige is drawing a circle around the MCU and saying Fox’s Marvel are just movies. MCU is the ‘real world’ They called him Bohner because of fanboys like us getting erections from ridiculous theories. The joke was on us. Well played, Fiege!
Codo8 Před měsícem
Wandavision actually did have a big consequence, much like Iron Man 1 introduced Fury and the Avengers Initiative, Wandavision introduced more magic users, and established Wanda as Scarlet Witch, which will certainly pay off in Doctor Strange 2, much like Fury paying off in Iron Man 2. The series had major character consequences, rather than universal consequences
rRj Před měsícem
"Bohner Huehhuehhee" : Bohner himself
Kripto Emre
Kripto Emre Před měsícem
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93greeny Před měsícem
I was kinda disappointed that the fight was so short I like the vision part where they actually talk it out but wanda vs agatha just ended too fast but also I think it should 10 episodes
D3VICE Před měsícem
This makes me go thrills
D3VICE Před měsícem
This makes me go thrills
Alan Truong
Alan Truong Před měsícem
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everyone Před měsícem
Iron Man and Incredible Hulk teased Avengers teamup. Avengers teamup was the build up. Thanos came after the Avengers build up. We still do not have another build up. That's why we are upset. The last time Marvel prioritized world building over the single project at hand was Iron Man 2. 40% Iron Man. 60% Avengers world building and hype.
NI Vlogs
NI Vlogs Před měsícem
Day 100000 of asking Canadian lad to watch mandolorian in 0.25x speed
Bush Bumkin
Bush Bumkin Před měsícem
I was about to watch Wanda vision and my Disney+ Hotstar expired I am so mad now
Peter Zhu
Peter Zhu Před měsícem
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Sean Lindo
Sean Lindo Před měsícem
Don’t chastise me because the writers were lazy and more concerned with red herrings and cute easter eggs instead of covering up plot holes.
-_- Před měsícem
People were actually angry about this? Jeez, thought this fandom was better than SW or GoT...
Harris Starkly
Harris Starkly Před měsícem
Exactly mcu fanboys are sensitive
HZK 219
HZK 219 Před měsícem
Who believes black widow is alive at first I also didnt but Loki is so she is also 👇
Lisa Wintler-Cox
Lisa Wintler-Cox Před měsícem
The Canadian Lad: "The villain was Wanda's grief." Me: (✿☉。☉)
LuxisAlukard Před měsícem
I like this fake Quicksilver because it was great scene when he shows up, and because he is fake. I don't want MCU sucking any X-men movie into itself - I would like to see new X-men characters
Savage Tube
Savage Tube Před měsícem
No it was u who hipped up our hopes
Htoo Naung
Htoo Naung Před měsícem
this video is so perfect with exactly a length of ten minutes
Jaay Sheps
Jaay Sheps Před měsícem
Perfect breakdown
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Před měsícem
Do we really know if white vision is alive? It’s unclear what he does when he flys into the sky. He could have flown into the sun and killed himself because his mission directive was destroy the vision and his last words were “I am vision”
Omega Alpha
Omega Alpha Před měsícem
YOU and other theorists are the ones hyping up fake theories, not us. We never expected the villain to be anything. We just want to enjoy the show while YOU spreading fake theories about mophesto and whatnot. But unlike other you tubers who willingly take the toll, you selfish little fuck decided that it’s OUR fault? So why is that you are condemning us for the things YOU falsely claimed? Ew.
Akhmar Abantas
Akhmar Abantas Před měsícem
why is he not on incognito mode
KOLEGA Před měsícem
Cant bohner be a witness project guy cuz it would be shock if all of people would knew who he really is
jezrel bathan
jezrel bathan Před měsícem
I am the BOHNER of my sword
Ax Tagran
Ax Tagran Před měsícem
Personally I didn’t really like the series, although i thought the finale was pretty good
Tim B
Tim B Před měsícem
Thanks for the lecture...NOT! If I want or expect more or dont like the outcome that is fine....imagination and wanting and wishing for things is what Marvel is all about...
L2 Sentinel
L2 Sentinel Před měsícem
I think the casting of Evan Peters was a brilliant move because he is the only actor that could make us wonder if he was really Quicksilver while also clearly not being Quicksilver as Wanda knows him. We got to experience Wanda's confusion with her. Anyone else would tip the audience off immediately that Fietro was an imposter. I'm not bothered at all that the Fox X-Men movies are not part of the MCU (yet at least). I think Marvel Studios could do a much better job with the X-Men than Fox did. I want a hard reboot.
CSolarstorm Před měsícem
You mean they INTENTIONALLY repeated the infamous Mandarin twist? Wow.
Aidan Mcnamee
Aidan Mcnamee Před měsícem
Asking you to watch the X-Men series and 0.25 x speed day 5
Syvulpie Před 2 měsíci
I'm more disappointed that I can't watch this without autocaptions on. RIP
Arno Deinum
Arno Deinum Před 2 měsíci
I like the serie And they should have a diffirent actor for ralph bohner i really dont want to see the x-men universe in the marver universe I dont like the x men movies
Alexandru Corlea
Alexandru Corlea Před 2 měsíci
Could this be turned into Civil War 2 and Red Hulk? Its possible
lopozen Před 2 měsíci
536,810 people really are disappointed with the WandaVision's Finale. Damn.
Comic Power
Comic Power Před 2 měsíci
The people who didnt like Wandavision were probably fans of a traditional punch first ask questions later superhero format so the Falcon Winter Soldier will be better for that taste. But as for Me Wandavision was a gamechanger in how you can tell a superhero story.
Praju Kashinadu
Praju Kashinadu Před 2 měsíci
Please watch *Venom* in 0.25x speed
Praju Kashinadu
Praju Kashinadu Před 2 měsíci
Please watch *Venom* in 0.25x speed
Praju Kashinadu
Praju Kashinadu Před 2 měsíci
Please watch *Venom* in 0.25x speed
Praju Kashinadu
Praju Kashinadu Před 2 měsíci
Please watch *Venom* in 0.25x speed
Rhapsos Productions
Rhapsos Productions Před 2 měsíci
Whilst I wasn't disappointed due to fan theories like Mephisto, etc., I still thought it was little more than a bridge to what's coming. Then, learning the fact that the villain is Wanda's grief has indeed given me a new appreciation for it. Still hate that Evan Peters decision, though, and hope they do some interesting retconning!
Prakash Rawat
Prakash Rawat Před 2 měsíci
Well I never theorized about Mephisto. I knew that it was Agatha All Along.
Michael Mamo
Michael Mamo Před měsícem
bruh lol nice reference
A W Před 2 měsíci
Didn't we first see Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy with Ronin?
Giovanni Eddels
Giovanni Eddels Před 2 měsíci
Am I the only one who not only likes twists like Mandarin or Bohner, but also DOESN'T like the idea of Fox's X-men universe connecting with MCU? I mean, most of these movies were bad. The good ones they had could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Do we really wanna bring that whole not-so-good universe crashing into shining perfection of the MCU just for one actor playing one character, even if he's good? I don't think so. I believe they served him justice, he served a purpose, and that was a fine example of good fan service. And, most importantly, X-men movies will NOT connect with the MCU. What more to want?
Ndeye Sock
Ndeye Sock Před 2 měsíci
The finale has been getting way too much hate imo. I enjoyed it! I expected a lot of the resolutions but I felt they fit well. It kept to it's focus on Wanda and vision as well which i appreciate because this was finally their time to shine. I think it was a great way to open phase 4
Gideons Před 2 měsíci
Hawk eye wasn't in infinity war I didn't even notice
lilmikemikesix Před 2 měsíci
I'm glad you all didn't get what you wanted. All the people that constantly try to predict everything is annoying in film. Either you spoil the movie or you are wrong and end up mad because your theory was wrong or hasn't happened yet. We all know what is about to happen and you all need to be more patient. Marvel was smart enough to make you all wrong on your timing or maybe just completely wrong.
Nik Nur Fatehah Karim
Nik Nur Fatehah Karim Před 2 měsíci
I just finished watching all available nine seasons of American Horror Story in nine days.. and I think I can never see Evan Peters in the same way again huhu..
JY Před 2 měsíci
i just think it’s unfair for people to perceive this as a disappointing ending after all the wonderful moments in the finale. istg they’re gonna regret it when looking back at the series some time later.
Kiara Jacob
Kiara Jacob Před 2 měsíci
I really didnt care about Ralph Bohner🤣 He could have been anyone and it still wouldn't have mattered to me... I came for Wanda and stayed for the Scarlet Witch
Kiara Jacob
Kiara Jacob Před 2 měsíci
I wasnt disappointed at all I LOVED THE FINALE It broke my heart but it really was beautiful
Pavitr Prabhakar
Pavitr Prabhakar Před 2 měsíci
It's Multiverse Of Madness not Madness Of Multiverse don't get you hopes high ....
Jay Patil
Jay Patil Před 2 měsíci
This is why I like this channel much more than the other ones. Good work. :D
R RG Před 2 měsíci
Question, since Wanda's hex world seemed spontaneous resulting from her extreme grief, how did Agatha Harness wiggle her way inside this world? Was she a resident of Westview who happened to be at the right place at the right time or did she somehow foresee this? Shouldn't Dr. Strange also have foreseen this as well?
-VyRuZ -
-VyRuZ - Před 2 měsíci
Lmao damn everyone is crying about Ralph bohner. I died laughing when I heard his name bruh 😂
RAMavy Před 2 měsíci
I wasn't disappointed in the finale. I just wanted to hear what you had to say. I was thinking before the finale came out that Doctor Strange coming in could feel like a deus ex machina, so I'm glad it didn't end with that. The ending is bittersweet, like dark chocolate
Emma Perez
Emma Perez Před 2 měsíci
I dont believe that Wanda is the villan. If you don’t aggre with me that’s fine. But this is for the creator. The villan is grief, not Wanda. Wand defeated the villan and, yes, she is still sad about her parents, her brother, and the love of her life Vision but she learned that this happened in life and she has learned to accept the loss in her life. Now that she is the officialy scarlet witch (even though I’ve been calling her that since I saw her in age of ultron) in the MCU she is learning all her powers and how to use them. Now because she has good influences, the avengers, she can change her destiny and not cause chaos (even though her magic is chaos Magic) but help everyone instead of kill them like, Agatha did. K bye thx for reading. Have a good day 💜❤️
Curtis Bryce
Curtis Bryce Před 2 měsíci
People do some amazingly shit things because of grief. Some would say Hitler began his slow decline because of it. His close encounter with death in WW1 where all his trench mates were wiped out when he was on an errand, would mess anyone up.
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb Před 2 měsíci
I sure am glad I didn't expect Mephisto to show up in WandaVision! My point is, I am not suffering from Endgame syndrome. Despite having its premiere date moved up, I believe WandaVision is still the official end of Phase 3 because it takes place between Civil War and Infinity War. That reminds me, I should really watch Captain America: Civil War because I saw the other two Captain America films preceding it, and all 4 Avengers movies. March 15, 2021, 10:53pm
Glenn Gutenberg
Glenn Gutenberg Před 2 měsíci
I think having Evan peters for the role was actually a good choice because fans will see that and immediately know it’s quicksilver so when Wanda opens the door and says Pietro we rnt confused why she jumps to this conclusion. Had they used some other actor it would’ve made her mental instability too obvious and all fan theories would’ve been he’s either mephisto or Ralph or both and the big reveal at the end wouldn’t have the same effect. By having Evan it completely through us off from guessing the truth. The only problem was Covid caused WandaVision to be released first after such a long break which really meant ppl were glued to it and looking for every shred of a clue of everything to come. I think down the line once more is released we will be able to go back and watch in chronological order or original release order and have a better appreciation for everything WandaVision gave us
Glenn Gutenberg
Glenn Gutenberg Před 2 měsíci
@Iván Alonso would you like to elaborate as to why u disagree?
Iván Alonso
Iván Alonso Před 2 měsíci
Nope totally wrong
ItsyourgirlTad Před 2 měsíci
So excited for multiverse of madness