I Watched WandaVision Ep. 9 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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This marks the end of my weekly breakdown of WandaVision. I'm truly gonna miss watching this show! Off we go to Falcon and The Winter Soldier!
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6. 03. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
We'll say hello again! :')
captain17h Před 2 dny
Wanda being a villain is this true
IzzyVng Před 4 dny
Harshil Ratna Shakya
Harshil Ratna Shakya Před 21 dnem
Rasula Wathsara
Rasula Wathsara Před měsícem
When Twins are screaming in the post-credit scene... One says - Mom Please... Another twin says - (Don't) do it...
quanta sage
quanta sage Před 12 hodinami
Reality is re write when one crosses from the outside world to wanda's made town, same applied to the bee man
Pratyush Coder
Pratyush Coder Před 19 hodinami
Plot twist: 1:10 this is actually the Canadian lad
Ian Nigel Bibiano
GOUTHAM Před 2 dny
Love from Kerala ❤️🙂❣️
Danny Tickner
Danny Tickner Před 2 dny
when they tell Wanda “two lefts and a right” is from finding dory when she’s trying to get to quarantine to her parents
captain17h Před 2 dny
Wanda being a villain noooooooo
Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio Rodriguez Před 3 dny
The acidic rabbit hypothetically pour because salary collaterally back vice a faded fountain. angry, craven relish
Mungus Před 3 dny
I really like how maevel set up everything
John Roche Arocha
John Roche Arocha Před 4 dny
I have a question about agatha. When and how did she get the book of the damned? Does every witch can actually have an access to get that book? Sorry, I'm just a little confused about that part.
Savin Před 4 dny
This series as everyone said wasn't that engaging.. Falconwintersoldier was way way better with the content.. And invincible was man better than anything marvel and DC has released so far ✌
Savin Před 4 dny
Love from India 🇮🇳
Arvind Nath Yadav
Arvind Nath Yadav Před 5 dny
I think that kids a re screaming because that maphisto dude took em. Remember in comics the kids were his
Sourz Ψ
Sourz Ψ Před 6 dny
whis vid 73k likes and less than 1k likes
Siddal Leitao
Siddal Leitao Před 6 dny
8:04 wanda had seen a vision in age of Ultron that an explosion will occur on the earth what if she'll b the one that will lead to it
Varshini Kogali
Varshini Kogali Před 7 dny
That ancient India reference was so cool ❤️
Ae Men
Ae Men Před 7 dny
Everything's good except the raycons 😭😭😂😂
Tabitha Rivera
Tabitha Rivera Před 8 dny
Uh oh she is a villain
Dev Kulkarni
Dev Kulkarni Před 9 dny
Sounds more like agents of shield where they actually destroyed the world
Linear Pair
Linear Pair Před 9 dny
0:37 thats why i didn't watch your videos for 3 months.
Derick Masai
Derick Masai Před 9 dny
I rarely shed a tear for shows lads. But that scene, that scene broke me :')
MegaScissorhand Před 9 dny
that dark magic book is written in hindi?
AKASH Před 10 dny
Thank you for your efforts @canadian lad❤️❤️love frm India
romangeneral23 Před 10 dny
You found out that you have no life ?
Dolphin lover Jotaro
Wanda vs doctor strange?🤔
Ranvir Singh
Ranvir Singh Před 11 dny
Jimmy Wu is the best human character in the show
Dex Neg
Dex Neg Před 11 dny
16:04 i have seen vision image at the back of wanda
Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God
A BB gun lol 13:25
KEB.tv Před 14 dny
I have not but idc
Carlos Ribeiro
Carlos Ribeiro Před 15 dny
unbelievable 😜
Headlight2000 Před 16 dny
Ok how she get the dark hold but when in s.h.i.l.d ghost rider took it back to the under world
Gaming Corp.
Gaming Corp. Před 16 dny
Wanda: “sons, take care of the military” DOES NO ONE ELSE REALISE THAT SHE JUST TOLD HER CHILDREN TI TAKE CARE OF THE MILITARY? I understand that they have super powers, but she just told he children to take care of the military!
Brian BigBoss
Brian BigBoss Před 16 dny
The Darkhold has been known to change form depending on who is perceiving it, so it is completely possible that it is in fact the same book in both AOS and WV.
I am Maru
I am Maru Před 18 dny
So wait so basically wanda fell in love with the mind stone?
MEDSFAN Před 19 dny
in that hindi book the words are written randomly anywher no word make a sense btw i am from india too
Max Machac
Max Machac Před 20 dny
Wanda IS the most powerfull being in the Marvel universe so.. Im not surprised
Alx was here
Alx was here Před 20 dny
ah... more magic i cant understand
Therealjayarnnet Před 21 dnem
Doctor strange is the sorcerer supreme. Wtf is he talking about ?
RTCF Před 21 dnem
Does Wanda say "thank you for choosing Meghan to be your mom" or "me to be your mom"??
crispr casnine
crispr casnine Před 21 dnem
Wait isn't she Scarlett wich all along? When i wachted age of ultron for the first time was like: ooooooh we have scarlet wich now What she is all along then i am so confused help me?
blurred_numeracy BasiGaming
Does that mean Wanda is more powerful than the most useless avenger ever? aka Captain Marvel xD
BB Entertainment
BB Entertainment Před 21 dnem
Marvel please don't make Wanda a Villain😭
K1ngdjstu Před 22 dny
“Why the f*ck would you shoot children!?” 😭😭😭
Passing Through
Passing Through Před 22 dny
Vision - "Let's end this peacefully, consider the Ship of Theseus." Me - "Ah, yes, Trigger's Broom, I'm familiar. This old broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles."
Kinjal Parmar
Kinjal Parmar Před 22 dny
The landscape shown in Wanda vision in the last episode it was similar to the Captain Marvel where he got her power.
Aditya Freakins
Aditya Freakins Před 23 dny
Then Sharon is Mephisto
ahmed balouch
ahmed balouch Před 25 dny
The ending was so emotional beautiful and calming
SDAWG Před 26 dny
Watching a Marvel production isn't about sitting down and watching a movie anymore. It's become a treasure treasure trove of easter eggs for the sake of continuity between characters of the MCU. With that said I guess it's good people make videos about shit I wouldn't have the time or constitution to do myself lol
Anakin skywalker
Anakin skywalker Před 26 dny
I am indian that's sanskrit
Alpha fries
Alpha fries Před 26 dny
heres why im using wired earbuds. latency. when playing games bluetooth sucks cause of latency
Wavedunk Před 26 dny
The series disturbed me a little bit
Damir Dzhangulanov
Damir Dzhangulanov Před 27 dny
If shield dark gold is real then possible apearence of ghost rider
Phantom Před 27 dny
6 hours XD brutal, that's like the introduction to start playing.
Tanvi Nagraj
Tanvi Nagraj Před 27 dny
Wanda is really a quick learner.. she learned about the runes from Agatha and she also vanishes in the last episode right before taking Agatha back to her past just as Agatha did in the 8th episode before capturing the twins.. awsm man...
Raza Ali Abrar
Raza Ali Abrar Před 28 dny
18:02 doesn't this place looks like the small island near hogwarts where Dumbledore's tomb was situated
Ujjwal Dubey
Ujjwal Dubey Před 28 dny
Lmao, i just realized that most of the magic stuff in marvel are based on sanskrit. Doctor strange was given mantra and here too. Marvel put details so good.
marco fava
marco fava Před 29 dny
I want Wanda to go full mama bear for her children and the Avengers and what not trying to stop her because honestly she's the one Avenger that got screwed out of everything that matters to her, her brother, her country and her lover.
Simon Leduc
Simon Leduc Před 29 dny
I just noticed when you get the close up on Wanda's cabin, there are runes painted on the exterior walls near the windows. They look like helvetian symbols, but I am pretty sure Wanda is protecting her house from other magic spells
Nikashz Ganesan
Nikashz Ganesan Před 29 dny
I just realized something: Wanda vision focuses on hexagons. Hexagons are six sided. There are 5 main characters. Since the formation of the 4 other characters, there were a total of 5. But since a hexagon is six sided, it means there are 6 main characters. The 6th character since the start has been revealed: The Scarlet Witch side of Wanda
Shravan Poojary
Shravan Poojary Před 29 dny
We don't need to watch in Disney+..because i watching candian lad videos .he details everything with all videos..thanks
oynamalan Před měsícem
Can't take my eyes off of her. She is too beautiful to be real.
Mitch Shultz
Mitch Shultz Před měsícem
Did anyone else notice when pietro was playing the guitar it sounded like the intro to that song that says “amber is the color of your energy”? Or was that just me
Jolly Hamonangan Pakpahan
how bohner have speed ability???
Efai Před měsícem
Director Hayward should have practice his aim on shooting range more, because his aim was way off.. Monica did nice gesto, but was pointless, because she stand right between the kids, so non of the bullets she catch was doing any harm to the kids.. actually, the bullet which would do harm was stopped by Tommy, not Monica, so again, pointless act, she just show us her powers or maybe this was the point of Hayward bad aiming..
Efai Před 22 dny
@saksham alt yeah, that's true..
saksham alt
saksham alt Před 22 dny
@Efai true, but it was courageous
Efai Před 22 dny
​@saksham alt as I said, nice gesture, but it's pointless when she throw herself to the bullet to save lives, but actually nobody was behind her, because she was standing right between the kids ..
saksham alt
saksham alt Před 22 dny
She was ready to die, for people who weren't even real. That shows she is selfless
Arthur Campos
Arthur Campos Před měsícem
18:25 I need to put on 0,25x velocity to understand
Yehaan Marker
Yehaan Marker Před měsícem
One more detail is that wanda while is in her astral for is still alive and moving in her real form While dr strange when is in his astral form is always unconscious in his real body This shows that wanda is much stronger
Gizmy Před měsícem
2:46 should have been Tesla's Cybertruck man! Not a regular Tesla!!!
Francisco Ramon C. Pardinez, Jr.
Marvel showing how heroes were in the comics, unlike DC's Warnerbros turning everyone to "different colors"
Luke Allan
Luke Allan Před měsícem
Did Ralph Boner play "Amber" by 311? Maybe a reference to the color of the mindstone? Or Monica's powers?
TTg Giggles
TTg Giggles Před měsícem
This was one of marvel worst TV show i think took 7 episodes to get to the story
Casimir August Etto Ruppell
I don’t think the ugly version is her true look. I think that when Agatha takes the power she drains life force meaning the body of the victim decays as it loses life power
Casimir August Etto Ruppell
Actually when she says sorcerer supreme at that point in time that would be Dr Strange
Affaan Raqib Ahmed
Affaan Raqib Ahmed Před měsícem
Man.. your the best.. hats off
Insanity Před měsícem
How do you not have 1 million subscribers. You're like the best youtuber
Camden Tasker
Camden Tasker Před měsícem
Syed Deyan Play's Games
Syed Deyan Play's Games Před měsícem
Btw is it she was a villain 🦹‍♀️ mhmmm
Davis Ranger
Davis Ranger Před měsícem
Agents of shield could still be canon since there are explanations for why the darkhold is different
Main Roblo
Main Roblo Před měsícem
Honestly, everyone is waiting for him to reach 1 mil
BossGreninja Guy
BossGreninja Guy Před měsícem
So then who’s stronger, cause I am a little confused, Wanda or Dr. Strange?
Davis Ranger
Davis Ranger Před měsícem
Virtual Leaders
Virtual Leaders Před měsícem
I can answer the ship of Theseus paradox. You know how every 7 years all of your cells are replaced... you’re the same person aren’t you? If you made a body out of all the old cells it’s your PAST self like a phot of a person before a haircut the “new ship” is a memory
XtraStarfish 64
XtraStarfish 64 Před měsícem
As soon as I heard that our beloved sorcerer supreme is not the most powerful, I am mad now.
zackoryzeelsters Roblox
zackoryzeelsters Roblox Před měsícem
"your personal nerd" seeing how the lad tries to open the wire me: the "only" thing that is DUM
Birdie Boiii
Birdie Boiii Před měsícem
episode 9?????? since when
Davis Ranger
Davis Ranger Před měsícem
@Birdie Boiii have you seen it now?
Birdie Boiii
Birdie Boiii Před měsícem
@Davis Ranger I had no idea ep 9 was a thing
Davis Ranger
Davis Ranger Před měsícem
Thomas Hjorth Drachmann
Thomas Hjorth Drachmann Před měsícem
If Wanda becomes a villian i will cry, i like her as a character, and its doesnt have to follow the comics. please marvel :(
Orgami me
Orgami me Před měsícem
The fluffy vase complimentarily push because brother superfamily mend off a well-to-do banjo. smoggy, terrible accelerator
Tycelise Před měsícem
Watching Wanda Vison again in episode 6 when the kids go to get some candy Wanda says to Pietro "Remember when we were kids in the orphanage after there parents died" and I think it would in this video or another one but The Canadian lad mentioned that Wanda and Pietro are adopted and i realised that that's probably or is most definitely true.
ChoVanZii Před měsícem
I like how wandavision had the "smaller" characters from much movies like Monica and Darcy
Afraz A
Afraz A Před měsícem
15:07 Her literally BIG mouth lol
BRIX KNOW OH Před měsícem
MCU is the main course, Canadian Lad is my dessert
Lurker Před měsícem
I cried when Wanda said "Thanks for choosing me as a mom" 😭 Bruh it broke my heart
Krunger Před měsícem
Everybody gucci untill privileged vision wakes up
Peter Zhu
Peter Zhu Před měsícem
The obtainable moon interestedly hate because earth rhetorically pine like a courageous james. better, hulking winter
‘The strongest mcu character is the one above all
TheHighRishMan Před měsícem
how does vision still have the power to shift phases when he no longer has the soul stone
DV Hxru
DV Hxru Před měsícem
I just hope she DOESNT become EVIL
ENOLA Před měsícem
WDYM fake family?????
SDMN clips
SDMN clips Před měsícem
Did no-one notice Wanda’s halloween costume foreshadowing her becoming Scarlett Witch?????
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson Před měsícem
The stiff august unlikely analyse because stocking italy regret failing a chubby cathedral. noxious, colorful relation
Mohmmed Sami Abdalwahab
Mohmmed Sami Abdalwahab Před měsícem
13:53 White Vision literally just unleashed his inner Gojo Satoru (JuJutsu Kaisen) and was about to release a hollow purple
Virtual Leaders
Virtual Leaders Před měsícem
What bothers me about ralph is that when xmen joins in mcu we will never see evans quicksilver
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