I Watched WandaVision Ep. 9 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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This marks the end of my WandaVision breakdown in 0.25x speed. It was a great journey and now we're off to Falcon and The Winter Soldier!
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15. 03. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
WandaVision: So long darling! Me: We'll say hello again.
GameZone 07
GameZone 07 Před měsícem
Yo my guy, big fan here🙋‍♂️ I have a theory on WandaVision that i think you should make a video on. It's really great, tell me if you wanna hear it ok.
glitch geek 37
glitch geek 37 Před měsícem
Lad when u say the "whole mind control thing " is that a reference to hawk eye who said the thing in age of Ultron
Sanjog Pradhan
Sanjog Pradhan Před měsícem
Next synder cut justice league
Sanjog Pradhan
Sanjog Pradhan Před měsícem
You should do the synder cut justice league also
Joker Před měsícem
I can't wait for "I watched Zack Snyder's Justice League in 0.25x speed and here's what I found"
Bharat Gupta
Bharat Gupta Před 9 dny
Prince of Virus
Prince of Virus Před 10 dny
Here is one more detail u have missed! Remember what Sarah said to Wanda, She has a daughter and she is 8 , and how Wanda have locked her down in her room? Well, that explain the words "For the children" in episode 2. It means they know that their children are locked in a room and now they must follow Wanda storyline even if they don't want. Wanda kinda kidnap their children. Maybe I am wrong but its my theory .
Meet Jain
Meet Jain Před 12 dny
wanda : "you, vision are the piece of mind stone that lives in me ". In loving memory of vision wanda has kept a mind stone shape design in her Scarlett witch costume near her neck. The way wanda honoured Vision her new costume,he will be always special to her.
Jawanen Před 18 dny
I think when mindstone was destroyed its power absorbet to wanda
Deepak Před 23 dny
There was a fight between white vision and red vision where white vision tries to pull stone and red vision make pass through the white vision so why he was not able to do same in avengers when thanos was pulling the stone so pls brief it brother
Ashwin Newar
Ashwin Newar Před 27 dny
Agatha is dead for good
Jimvee Před měsícem
3:24 maybe he shared memories with ultron?
L R Před měsícem
Someone on tiktok said the scene where the boys go to bed, Wiccan knows they are gonna disappear.
ChuRa Před měsícem
the extra memories in Vision’s transfer is because of his connection to Ultron. He is a mixture of Soul Stone, Jarvis, Ultron.
Rounak Choudhury
Rounak Choudhury Před měsícem
When vision downloads the old memories and his emotions into the white vision, after the white vision's eyes turn human he tilts his head the same way that vision did back in Age of Ultron after his ''birth'' when Thor threw him away after he tried to attack Thor. This probably shows that vision was reborn, not in the hex or as a illusion, but as a real vision. White vision's statement after this ''I am THE vision'', probably also points towards that. And the missing mind stone would probably be put back in its place by Wanda, who clearly posses a part of the mind stone. **do no know whether its true or not but I thought that it could be it when I saw it🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Dabacabb Před měsícem
In the sence when Billy and Tommy were fighting the agents.. be sure too look how they controlled their power when thay were alive for like a week or something. And a day after they knew they had powers, ep.7-9 was a day after ep.6 which mean they has to be more powerful then wanda. Especially Billy, so when Agatha said about the Scarlet Witch, that she meant to destroy the world and overpower the sourcerer Supreme, what does it mean about the one who can overpower her. And Billy in the comics has the power level of the Phoenix force itself, and the powers of the nexus.
Prajyot Shirodkar
Prajyot Shirodkar Před měsícem
@Canadian Lad ... we have already seen that wanda can controll hundereds of peoples mind at a same time when they needed to vacant the whole Sokovia at the end of the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" movie.
Jorirah Elfaki
Jorirah Elfaki Před měsícem
Just found this channel and really enjoying it...wanted to share my theory of how the XMEN will enter this universe. So I think, people coming back from the blip will be the XMEN for this universe. So basically Monica and Ralph Bhoner have thier powers beause they returned from the blip...thought this after Monica got her powers, and you metioned Ralph's energy usage(on his electric bill). I think they will keep the universe of the current XMEN, as is, just as part of the multi vers and transfer the XMEN they want to this Avengers universe. I really think this will allow Marvel to keep both the timelines/franchise intack and share the characters without messing up either timeline too much. Also allows them to introduce new XMEN in to the Avengers or re imagine one's already in the current XMEN (i.e. quicksilver as Ralph Bhoner)....yh but that's my theory...i think it makes sense because it could have endless possibilities, and that means endless money making opportunities for the studio...and we know they love that 😅
Nemesis- P
Nemesis- P Před měsícem
What about white vision he seemed to have become sentient
Phalosifer YT
Phalosifer YT Před měsícem
The Halloween one was my favorite, I think u guys know why😳 Elizabeth Olsen in that costume🥵
GameZone 07
GameZone 07 Před měsícem
Yo my guy, big fan here🙋‍♂️ I have a theory on WandaVision that i think you should make a video on. It's really great, tell me if you wanna hear it ok.
Abyan Dzulikram Zainal
Abyan Dzulikram Zainal Před měsícem
My theory in 3:10 is when Vision restored White's memories, I think he also gave Wanda's memory, since the Red Vision is part of Wanda's mind which is also part of the mind stone. So maybe he also transfered Wanda's memories.
Rapture Of Scion
Rapture Of Scion Před měsícem
The Ultron bots were there. Vision had some of Ultron in him
Christian Acar
Christian Acar Před měsícem
How does Monica have her powers?.. Im guessing its because she enters the hex twice, rewritting her DNA and absorbing the energies made by Wanda? Im just confused, I want confirmation.
Christian Acar
Christian Acar Před měsícem
Since you say that Agatha have high libido, maybe Ralph Bohner is not his real name and only made by Agatha. Is he the real quicksilver? :o
Kripto Emre
Kripto Emre Před měsícem
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Gaymer Před měsícem
in avengers endgame, while in Asgard during the time travel part, Thor’s mother says she was raised by witches. possibly the same witches in wandavision. idk just a theory.
CrazyNinjaNite Před měsícem
Here’s my theory: Agatha isn’t bad, she must have somehow seen a villain (I won’t say Mephisto) in a vision and attempted to prevent it by learning more than she was allowed. This would explain why she was so obsessed with obtaining as much power as possible, and why she made several attempts to convince Wanda to help her.
p o g
p o g Před měsícem
So Long Darling... We will say hello again That hit me SUPER hard
Daydreamer Před měsícem
One detail I realized is that Monica is different than the other victims inside the Hex. Monica is self-aware from the beginning that she had no idea what she's doing in the sitcom world and she had to act to blend in until she accidentally messed up, compared to Darcy and the rest of the residents that has a role inside The Hex requires Vision's interference to break from Wanda's mind control (excluding Agatha of course). My theory is that Monica's superpower has something to do with this, making her immune to Wanda's mind control.
Doominick The God
Doominick The God Před měsícem
I think the memory talked about at 3:34 is from Ultron since vision is made up of the mind stone, Jarvis, and Ultron
Amitayush Ghosh
Amitayush Ghosh Před měsícem
@The Canadian Lad what about the heart on the second calendar? What about that?
Amitayush Ghosh
Amitayush Ghosh Před měsícem
Michael Keaton be like when the fuck did I tell you that now
hnsael Před měsícem
Do anyone know that Selena Anduze a.k.a agent Rodriguez also play as one of the witch who try to hold Agatha (eps.8)?
ZVoltage Před měsícem
I believe that it shows Wanda opening the door in Age of Ultron, because Vision is part of Ultron as well, and Ultron’s robots saw it.
FanBoy616 Před měsícem
this thing does put a smile on my face 5:42 😊😊
Ny'Ziah Feliciano
Ny'Ziah Feliciano Před měsícem
You missed visions drip
NI Vlogs
NI Vlogs Před měsícem
Day 100000 of asking Canadian lad to watch mandolorian in 0.25x speed
Arvind Raj
Arvind Raj Před měsícem
I still love the fact that you used Tom Holland's shirtless clip.
amyr alfani
amyr alfani Před měsícem
You forgot billy can read minds so he now what is gonna happen
HZK 219
HZK 219 Před měsícem
Omg I thought of this before 1:52
Thùy Dương Nguyễn
Thùy Dương Nguyễn Před měsícem
Is this a new movie? I remember watching some scenes in this movies years ago. They seem familiar in my memory
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone Před měsícem
He plays it in 0.25x so I don't have to go into the settings and press 0.25x
Sai Charan V
Sai Charan V Před měsícem
Wanda Vision post credit scene is a direct similarity to the Incredible Hulk ending, where both Bruce and Wanda resort to forests to better practice their power. They may bring Wanda back the same way as they brought back Bruce Banner i.e send someone to recruit in Wanda's case possibly Doctor Strange, Monica or White Vision ... Please see my comment ...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
你好-神手Pi Před měsícem
Honest Trailer: Hex And The City
Rajat Saini
Rajat Saini Před měsícem
everyone Před měsícem
Two things you didn't notice: 1) It was Agatha all along. 2) Agatha also killed Sparky.
Red panda
Red panda Před měsícem
Fun fact: ultron is technically apart of vision
Comic Power
Comic Power Před měsícem
If you play Wandavision backwards Wanda says "Mephisto 666" several times In episode 9
Georgia Cavalcante
Georgia Cavalcante Před měsícem
I think it's funny that they didn't show the boys vanishing... Although the house vanished too I think it's a clue for the next movie (plus the credit scene of course)
killjoy cola
killjoy cola Před měsícem
video starts at 1:15
New name in progress
New name in progress Před měsícem
Another detail I found on her outfit is on her headpiece. The part on her forehead is shaped like the letter m, and it looks like Magneto's helmet.
Cloutman09 Před měsícem
So thats why she could mind control the mind stone (hahaha jokes unless....)
Yuv Bhagchandani
Yuv Bhagchandani Před měsícem
I was always thinking about that part cse of canadian lads first 0.25 X video of wandavision ep 9
Coolness Over9000
Coolness Over9000 Před měsícem
Bohner's got to be a sucky name
Rohan Bhardwaj
Rohan Bhardwaj Před měsícem
3:14 Ultron was there so this can be from the memory of Ultron. Thus this can be a Easter egg for future Ultron appearance 💯
Lion in Space
Lion in Space Před měsícem
Prediction: she gets her kids back, they grow up and help her in MOM (Multiverse Of Madness) yeah, MOM. But it’s just a theory... A FILM THEORY
War Machine
War Machine Před měsícem
I just realized that Agatha was repeating my husband Ralph and her husband is Ralph bohner
Arthur Burton Morgan
Arthur Burton Morgan Před měsícem
The falcon and the winter soldier anyone? Aaron Fischer is the new captain America (gay captain America)
Arnav Paniker
Arnav Paniker Před měsícem
How come no new video yet? First episode of falcon n the winter soldier was out yesterday
arun r
arun r Před měsícem
We need falcon and winter solder
funnyflowerkids Před měsícem
will you be talking abou falcon and winter soldier?
Von Rommel Arellano
Von Rommel Arellano Před měsícem
Hey is he still checking the comments
TJ Acree
TJ Acree Před měsícem
Hey lad, you got me hooked i need that good .25 review sh*t... Got any of that Falcon Winter soldier?
Xev Před měsícem
can u do black lightning even tho it’s not marvel
hello Před měsícem
falcon and the winter soldier please! Your a great youtuber btw!
RachelPops Před měsícem
Do you write these videos Canadian Lad?
Rana Sulaimani
Rana Sulaimani Před měsícem
Mr lad i have noticed something very unusual in wandavision. remeber when wanda comes out of the hex for the very first time in episode 5? well she was wearing the dress which she wore in Avengers endgame and infinty war.....but in episode 9 when the hex collapsed she was wearing a different dress which she wore before creating the hex.....is this a mistake from marvel?
ツRoxy Před měsícem
Falcon and the winter Soldier plzz
Tee Series
Tee Series Před měsícem
Can’t wait for the Snyder cut in .25 speed video
Vivikta Před měsícem
Is no one talking about the weird camera stabilization in the last post-credit scene
Ryanjob62 Reactions & Reviews
Spoiler none of these blew my mind Your clickbait however didn’t either
Samael Hanghal
Samael Hanghal Před měsícem
I'm waiting for the FATWS
LAZIDIZ Před měsícem
Do u know monica is actually the monica in captain marvel..... And in episode four when the asian looking officer talk about captian marvel monica made a worried face
Bevara Kumar
Bevara Kumar Před měsícem
Please do Video on The Falcon and the winter soldier series
Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma Před měsícem
Waiting for you to finish watching Zack Snyder Justice League at 0.25×
Vatsal Agarwal
Vatsal Agarwal Před měsícem
Canadian Lad I have a detail from Civil war that applies in endgame. After the airport fight when Tony was talking to Black Widow, she said that don't care about me focus on the Avengers that's why Tony didn't get emotional after Black Widow's death, instead he fought till the end for the Avengers ! That's my detail pls confirm.
Sanjog Pradhan
Sanjog Pradhan Před měsícem
Next synder cut justice league
Prapra Monks
Prapra Monks Před měsícem
I'm still laughing with that Ralph Bhoner
Kiran Govindh
Kiran Govindh Před měsícem
Please start watching Falcon and the winter soldier. Bro, first episode was amazing
Eduardo Voloch Majzels
Eduardo Voloch Majzels Před měsícem
good luck watching justice league snyder cut
In ep. 03 when Wanda mistakenly drop some fruits from the basket, vision instantly catches it. But at that time we saw that Vision run's very fast, and that was the hint for the quick silver. Because we know that vision can fly fast but we never saw this power of vision ever before.
Md Lashadid Islam
Md Lashadid Islam Před měsícem
Make a video on Justice League Snyder cut
César Loza
César Loza Před měsícem
Please stop, Quicksilver isn't coming back... let it die
Koushik Suresh
Koushik Suresh Před měsícem
Waiting for Falcon and Winter Soldier Review
James Bayliss
James Bayliss Před měsícem
When tonys daughter said i love u 3000, it is because tony had 3000 minutes in marvel universe
Dev Dharshan
Dev Dharshan Před měsícem
I hate the new captain America 😠
MURTHY 8A Před měsícem
About Falcon and Winter Soldier
Sooraj ____
Sooraj ____ Před měsícem
Because he said 54 sec ad i skiped 50 sec 😂
Mario Caez
Mario Caez Před měsícem
Freudian Slip Michael Wheaton. Not Michael Keaton.
Racoon Dream04
Racoon Dream04 Před měsícem
I found a very interesting easter egg. If you find an image of a picture(With the image of cosmic abstractions) from Morag, you should pay attention to the square patterns located in a circle. They have the same infinity pattern as Darkhold's appearance from the seventh episode of Wandavision.
Aidan Mcnamee
Aidan Mcnamee Před měsícem
Asking you to watch the X-Men series and 0.25 x speed day 6
ANANT Edits Před měsícem
I see someone accidentally hit the dislike button. That is okay, just a happy accident.
Pranshu Jain
Pranshu Jain Před měsícem
In Civil War, when Vision misses the target Falcon and by mistake shoot Rhodey. In this scene probably, Wanda has mind controlled the Vision
Itachi Sharingan
Itachi Sharingan Před měsícem
Im asking if u will watch synder cut justice league in 0.25× speed
MF7 Před měsícem
you should name your CSshows channel ( watching in 0.25x....)
Idkidk Idkidk
Idkidk Idkidk Před měsícem
Falcon and the winter soldier comes out tomorrow
frosted flakes
frosted flakes Před 2 měsíci
He watches in slow mo I wached this vid fast
Justine Martinez
Justine Martinez Před 2 měsíci
Please watch TENET in .25x speed. I wanna know your breakdown of it.
Stephanie Zolnai
Stephanie Zolnai Před 2 měsíci
My theory about the memory of Wanda from Age of Ultron. Is that it's ultron's memory
Apollo Před 2 měsíci
Hey I'm in Canada right now
sandman_sam Před 2 měsíci
Does anyone know if he actually watches movies in .25 speed? I want to know if he honestly does or just says he does
Jonathan Mendiola
Jonathan Mendiola Před 2 měsíci
Why do I keep thinking that Falcon and the Winter Soldier is gonna have something to do with the other supersoldiers from Civil War? I know (or at least I think I know) they were killed, but who knows
Taha Arts
Taha Arts Před 2 měsíci
Hi man I know it’s hard but plz watch Snyder cut in 0.25 speed