I Watched WandaVision Ep. 5 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Here goes my breakdown of WandaVision Episode 5. I have included the details I found after watching in 0.25x speed and also did a shot-by-shot breakdown.
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5. 02. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 20 dny
Monica: What do you want? Wanda: I have what I want. This hits different, doesn't it?
Flare Před 2 hodinami
Maybe the reason there was an m is because xmen has an x and a m it was first the x between the hexagons and now there was a m as well as the x-men pedro which could definitely be leading to the x-men like you said
TC Girls
TC Girls Před dnem
Not really
Hannah Mass
Hannah Mass Před 5 dny
@Archit bahri LP 'll 'll Pl
Vihaan Patel
Vihaan Patel Před 6 dny
Ha anooying
Vihaan Patel
Vihaan Patel Před 6 dny
shyam 7397
shyam 7397 Před 26 minutami
Bruhhh this explanation really aged well .
Marion Před 2 hodinami
That is not how you pronounce “Lagos”
Insert name here
Insert name here Před 15 hodinami
Sparky was trying to dig up her plants that manipulate Wanda (that looks like lavender;) )
Alice Coutinho
Alice Coutinho Před 16 hodinami
everyone gangsta till agatha zapped wanda mind
Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis
Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis Před 18 hodinami
So mean she killed sparky
sharpshooter prime
sharpshooter prime Před 22 hodinami
Yeah captain marvel bad 👎
William Terblanche
This aged beautifully
J jejdjejejehhehe Kekkskskskissk
This aged well...
Tijmen Janssen
Tijmen Janssen Před dnem
It was Agatha all along
Dynimo _
Dynimo _ Před 22 hodinami
and she killed sparky too rip
Ifigeneia Vlahaki
4:20 but when vision was created he was already an adult
Em K
Em K Před dnem
okay i have a theory SPOILERS FROM EPISODE SEVEN so the reason agatha kill sparky, was go get wanda to do something, there was 2 options either..... wanda doesn’t admit to bring back vision, and teaches the kids a lesson (agatha wanted the irony) ORRR wanda admits she brought back vision in front of everyone because it was agatha all along i also think that agatha aged up the kids
NUTELLA Před dnem
Wow dude that's awesome
Mexican_man Před dnem
smart ass
sergefazbear plays
Helen Johnson
Helen Johnson Před dnem
Could monica be the girl in captain marvel you know the girl who chose the captain suit colours
Peakchain Před dnem
She is
Broadway Goat
Broadway Goat Před dnem
I was thinking Agnes wasn’t too bad, even after learning the truth and listening to the song. Agnes: AND I KILLED SPARKY TOO! Me: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH
Wanda Palos
Wanda Palos Před 2 dny
Last night while rewatching Episode 5 when you get to the part where Woo hands Darcy her coffee on the board behind them that the mailman is now identified.. cant see the name on his actual ID but his name on the paper is listed as 'Dottie' and his gender is 'female'. He also has NO occupation listed.. kind of odd since he seems to be the mailman/deliveryman. Still think he might be Woo's missing person! Or some kind of villain!
Ayaf : D
Ayaf : D Před 2 dny
*I watch this video in 0.25× and here what i found*
oviya shan
oviya shan Před 2 dny
Guys, did anyone watch Captain Marvel... There was a kid named MONICA RAMBEAU which is Maria rambeaus daughther who is friends with captain marvel... So Monica is grown up now and is on WandaVision...
Persie Haworth
Persie Haworth Před 2 dny
Wait every show has a director and Hayward says he is a film director I do not think it’s a coincidence someone please take a further look at this
Imma kiwi and a potato
Also I forgot in which episode but the credits showed silhouettes of Wanda and Visions Halloween costume, he should investigate the credits because there might be more foreshadowing
Anjelica Aguilar
Anjelica Aguilar Před 2 dny
Me patiently waiting for Daisy Johnson to make an appearance with Sword.. 😂😂 probably a pipe dream but 💁🏻‍♀️
christy contois
christy contois Před 2 dny
One Division sucks the new Deadpool will suck anything Disney makes will suck budget diversity hires an sjw right for these idiots look how badly they destroyed the comic book industry
christy contois
christy contois Před 2 dny
Marvel sucks Disney sucks bunch of hypocrite sjws Disney Rex everything Kathleen Kennedy should be fired they hire pedophiles and raping Neighbors stop wasting your time with Disney get your soul back look what they did to Gina Carano cuz she didn't do anything wrong compared of the other people who did way way worse they're racist stop supporting Disney
Noemi Ladak
Noemi Ladak Před 2 dny
If you notice Wanda looked genuinely scared when the doorbell rang as if she was starting to think that she may actually be behind west view, which might mean she isn’t
Nicole Jane Arabit
Nicole Jane Arabit Před 2 dny
It was Agatha all along
Elif C
Elif C Před 2 dny
Everybody’s gangsta till Wanda narrows her eyes.
Liam Glover 2211
Liam Glover 2211 Před 2 dny
U might wanna watch the last episode... it says everything there
Nightmare Před 2 dny
Whos been messing with enything
Its Kupid YT
Its Kupid YT Před 2 dny
I just randomly got a wanda vision ad
Caula Před 2 dny
bro i have no idea what accent u have its hm
Winter_ Glam
Winter_ Glam Před 2 dny
IT WAS AGATHA ALL ALONG (yes she killed sparky too)
Isaiah Cook
Isaiah Cook Před 2 dny
Guy’s there is a lot of truth to this in the Bible. Babylon the great is subliminal of a woman who try’s to wipe out God’s Messages and mislead people with false worship creating beliefs in Contrary to Jehovah will, having at least a billion of god’s worship, not to mention dealings with politics and warfare. This is the satan Agenda to cause division, Chaos, and Deception. Read this passage, Revelation 12:12 On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.
RafaDoesPvP Před 2 dny
I predicted the next episode with the power of comics
Three clover animation
“It was Agatha all a long.”
I have no good name ideas
Ad: Do yOu wAnT tO wAtCh wAnDaViSioN? Me: SHUT UP!
Lizzie Lin
Lizzie Lin Před 2 dny
My little theory on ✨Agnes✨: ⚠️HEAVY SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 7⚠️ Agatha is dressed in purple, and her powers are also purple. I know that Wanda got red powers from a yellow stone, but what if Agatha somehow got a hold on the power stone in some capacity? It’s unlikely but that combined with the fact that she can manipulate Wanda makes her the most powerful character in the MCU.
Cal Sostrin
Cal Sostrin Před 2 dny
Anyone thought that it was interesting the the doctor in ep. 3 was going to go to Bermuda? Bermuda Triangle, anyone?
Andy Tran
Andy Tran Před 2 dny
“yo i think that window could use some curtains” Canadian Lad - “THE HOUSE OF M”
Keegan Před 3 dny
This aged like a fine wine
Just_Setto Před 3 dny
I JUST NOTICE TWO DETAILS AFTER REWATCHING THIS EPISODE: 1. Agnes sprayed some LAVENDER perfume saying that it has a calming effect and "Ralph" sprays it on her 2. And she used purple eye shadow I hope you see this..
Ohh Nooo
Ohh Nooo Před dnem
The 1st detail everybody knows,and so what she used purple eyeshadow? She been wearing purple anyway
Luke Williams
Luke Williams Před 3 dny
you are extremely smart not even lying
That one Guy
That one Guy Před 3 dny
Pratham Ingale
Pratham Ingale Před 3 dny
Safe to say this aged well.
Doris Jazmin Chavez
Re watching episode 5 I noticed that in the beginning when they present what has happened in previous episodes, the moment when vision ask about Geraldine, Wanda answers differently than in episode 4. In episode 4 she says that she (Geraldine) had to rush home. And in the intro of episode 5 Wandas response was she didnt belonge there.
SonikkuxAmes Před 3 dny
🎶It was Agatha all along🎶
I don’t Even know
How rare is it to get a wandavision ad on a video based off of wandavision? No seriously how rare?
Captain Apollo
Captain Apollo Před 3 dny
Imagine using clickbait
bigman 218
bigman 218 Před 3 dny
Crazy how u knew it was Agnes the whole time before her reveal
• Small Gamer Here •
man's watched this episode for 4 hours 🖐️😭
Hiraraj Vasarnikar
Hiraraj Vasarnikar Před 4 dny
अरे Wonda का Fuse ऊड गया है
that reylo girl
that reylo girl Před 4 dny
wellllll it was agatha all along
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY Před 4 dny
SkyBerzerk Před 4 dny
The new episode Agnes said at the end I killed the dog that was fucked my heart just stoped
SkyBerzerk Před 4 dny
I am sorry
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY Před 4 dny
Please don’t swear
Amalia FONE
Amalia FONE Před 4 dny
oh... you found it before marvel released it lol
Daniele Galati
Daniele Galati Před 4 dny
Who came here after finding out Agnes' true identity?
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY Před 4 dny
Bobby Colston
Bobby Colston Před 4 dny
Damn this was crazy spot on
Mohak MuzicFreak
Mohak MuzicFreak Před 4 dny
Hey bro actually i hav a theory for quicksilver....like everything turns to an older version in the hex....i think thats y quicksilver turned to an older version of himself...because i think if there is a multiverse so the quicksilver that was in xmen and he was not in 2023 he was in somewhere 70s or 80s i dont remember exactly so maybe the quicksilver that was in 21st century got turned to the one which was in 70s and 80s ...i dont know if i am clear or not but this is what i think....
Tony Roberts
Tony Roberts Před 4 dny
Marvel...wandavison great....sub CRAZYALPHA
Itsuki sumeragi’s finger nail Collection
We didn’t talk about baby vision
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY
HuFfLePuFf HoNeY Před 4 dny
Ahahaha yaaasss
The Easy Channel
The Easy Channel Před 4 dny
So whenever you see Wanda tilt her head.. Run...
Jinju Minah
Jinju Minah Před 4 dny
When Vision screams he’s scary, it’s a complete turn from his usually calm self.
Jack Your Friendly Gamer 2
2:06 Vision: (talks to Wanda about the kids.) Wanda: 👁👄👁 I’m looking at you.
Eliza Wernette
Eliza Wernette Před 4 dny
It’s💃🏼been🕺Agatha💃🏼all🕺along 💃🏼
slucarios Před 4 dny
It was Agatha all along!
J u a n e s
J u a n e s Před 4 dny
I come from the future and anges is bad
Leo A
Leo A Před 4 dny
2:35 SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 7 Assuming that Wanda is the one causing everything under the manipulation of Agnes or other characters, it occurs to me this awkwardness happened because Agnes doesn't know how being a character works. She's been seeing other characters redo scenes and offered to redo the scene to keep up the act, but it's usually Wanda who calls the shots and redos scenes herself. That's why it halted the scene so jarringly
youBENtube25 Před 4 dny
Who else watches Canadian Lad videos in x0.25 speed?
Bryn B
Bryn B Před 4 dny
this video aged like fine wine 🍷
Kayla Smithson
Kayla Smithson Před 4 dny
PrettyLittleKitty 642
⚠️SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 7⚠️ 🕺IT💃WAS🕺AGATHA💃ALL🕺ALONG💃 🤱🏻and🤱🏻I🤱🏻killed🤱🏻sparky🤱🏻2🤱🏻
Pink wolf 2002
Pink wolf 2002 Před 4 dny
And it was Agata all along
David Ha
David Ha Před 4 dny
I have to wait another week... 😩😩
Renee Yeager
Renee Yeager Před 4 dny
They had an ad for Wanda vision 🤣
Jasmine Piparo
Jasmine Piparo Před 5 dny
wanda is not doing it it is agtha all alone
kalynn koury my husband
who's been messing up everything
Gowther Před 5 dny
In the minute 12:22 is face in the door or is just designed ?
Mædæræ Před 5 dny
Me:having a bad day The Canadian Lad : Watching every film on 0.25 seconds
Maddi Peters
Maddi Peters Před 5 dny
i just watched episode 7 then seeing this vid lol
Mia Niguidula
Mia Niguidula Před 5 dny
Hehe 69k likes and 6.9k comments Noice👌
Amy O' Sullivan
Amy O' Sullivan Před 5 dny
When I tell you my jaw dropped when Evan peters appeared
Draconix Před 5 dny
Guys Agnes actually killed sparky she said that in the latest episode
Draconix Před 5 dny
The guy who cam out this sewer I kept wondering if when Wanda went back in time the dude in the sewer was erased
Phoenix animations
Phoenix animations Před 5 dny
Wow great prediction of sparky
Phoenix animations
Phoenix animations Před 5 dny
🎵whose been pulling all the strings🎵 🎵whose been pulling all the evil things🎵 🎵it's been Agatha all along
Jasmine Bajwa
Jasmine Bajwa Před 5 dny
This guy got anges right oh my god
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam Před 5 dny
The crowded death unknowingly squeak because hope moberly calculate versus a relieved ikebana. equable, squeamish suede
AK _
AK _ Před 5 dny
Anyone else notice that "Geraldine" supposedly doesn't have a home, but she also came into Wanda and Vision's home because she needs a bucket for the "pipe bursts" in her home. So does she have one or not?
Toxic hardud
Toxic hardud Před 5 dny
We learn everything in episode 7
Toxic hardud
Toxic hardud Před 5 dny
Lol I just figured out Agnes is evil a turns out she was a witch hitch we all knew
Muhd Akmal
Muhd Akmal Před 5 dny
Can someone exactly is Wanda's power?
Naima C
Naima C Před 5 dny
I just watched episode 7, you were right. Wow, you are right often. Edit: somehow certain ppl knew who I was talking about previously and I’m sorry if my comment hurt in any way (professionally or emotionally).
Ella C
Ella C Před 3 dny
Hello fellow theorist
Jacba Před 5 dny
And now we know IT WAS AGATHA ALL ALONG!!!
SILENCER Před 5 dny
I wonder if the guy who tries to kill wanda is agnis's husband
Jack Gregory
Jack Gregory Před 5 dny
How is she using vision as a weapon?
Julian Chapman • 69 years ago
I got a WandaVision ad before this video😂
9:01 he didnt mention that who it was he just said she's in my head indicating it was AGATHA ALL ALONG
alara sahin
alara sahin Před 5 dny
"we can't reverse death, no matter how sad it is" Really Wanda? ReAllY-
Tohotforyou Před 5 dny
This man is so smart💀
Sophia liv
Sophia liv Před 5 dny
agnes is agatha
Caroline Před 5 dny
it was Agatha all alongggg
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