I Watched The Amazing Spider-Man in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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I wanted to give you lads something other than WandaVision so I watched The Amazing Spider-Man in 0.25x Speed and managed to find 20 new details.
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18. 02. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
Wanted to change the atmosphere a lil bit before WandaVision's Episode 7! ;)
Ritesh Jadhav
Ritesh Jadhav Před 3 dny
3:19 late actor Irfan Khan starred in both Life of Pi and The amazing Spiderman in 2012
Brentt Enzo Salvador
Brentt Enzo Salvador Před měsícem
Vivek Pateriya
Vivek Pateriya Před 2 měsíci
Question: Why Tony stark didn't fix vision in 5 year please explain ❤️❤️,
Abdullah Emad
Abdullah Emad Před 2 měsíci
I have an idea; I think you should make a video just showing tiny details and one video talking about symbolisms and foreshadowings and stuff(basically turn into a literature teacher) it might sound boring but I would love to watch such a video
Zaem Aiden Bin Arman Student Sekolah Tinta
that secret i true dude,
Rayaluri Gowtham
Rayaluri Gowtham Před 2 dny
Plot twist: marvel just did mistakes and we fking make infinite theories
Lyzander Rodriguez
Lyzander Rodriguez Před 6 dny
How long does it take to finish the movies at 0.25 speed?
I do cubing from the age of 9! And now iam 15 and can solve the cube within 16.3 seconds But I don't think that iam brilliant kid
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Před 8 dny
A rubik's cube cam be solved by anyone with an internet connection and a good memory. Hollywood uses them to imply secret genius but really, its just basic everyday fidget spinner style stuff kids do. 🤣
PHXNTXM Před 11 dny
Raimi Trilogy: Michael Papa John kills Uncle Ben TASM Duology: Michael Papa John was Uncle Ben’s killer’s getaway driver…probably…
Every thing with me
Every thing with me Před 11 dny
3:15 There is also a bollywood remake of life of pi starring Irrfan khan who was in this film.
Ben Adiamseged
Ben Adiamseged Před 11 dny
I couldn't shake the experience like the first time I watched this movie when it was in theaters. And now realizing that I never expected Flash Thompson was the exact version of the benign future Agent venom. It's funny looking back to this movie only to find that I was getting a venom character build-up before a Sinister Six clues for Spider-Man movies
No one Special
No one Special Před 12 dny
My fav Spider-Man💔👑
GokulKrish_M51 Před 12 dny
To me, Tobey Maguire was kinda okay. Tom Holland is good. But Andrew played (in my opinion) the best Spider-Man! Miss him! :(
Roblox Gamer and more
Roblox Gamer and more
Arman Saifi
Arman Saifi Před 13 dny
comic verse ne bhi ye video dekha hai
Achilles Arboleda
Achilles Arboleda Před 13 dny
1:59 heyyyy my lad has a crush on her
itachii Před 14 dny
tbh this is just stupid.
GTX 1650
GTX 1650 Před 14 dny
The amazing Spiderman had the swag ... The swag I missed in other movies
Jaishnav Ganesh prasad
Hexagons 😲😲😲😲 Mephisto confirmed
I’am the pro
I’am the pro Před 15 dny
Not true
pranith loL
pranith loL Před 15 dny
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell Před 17 dny
MARC WEBB is the one who is truly amazing
Y0sh Před 18 dny
I just wanna point out, he got shocked, not electrocuted. Electrocution is dying from electric shock.
Jeremy Martinez
Jeremy Martinez Před 18 dny
3:18 no. It is a song name for the movie
Winter Skull
Winter Skull Před 18 dny
I watched the amazing Spider-Man 2 today and found that Felicia ( black-cat) was introduced in this movie and many details are missed by some CSshowsrs which you showed us thanks for that ❤️
Neel Kinariwala
Neel Kinariwala Před 19 dny
One more detail related to Richard parker life of pie is tht the actor who played the older version of pie in the movie is the same actor who played rajit rathna in the movie
Darius Manson
Darius Manson Před 19 dny
I cant wait to see how Andrews Spiderman is brought into the MCU
Snow Jack 101
Snow Jack 101 Před 20 dny
2:19 R.I.P Stan Lee
Albert Willams
Albert Willams Před 21 dnem
1:59 god I to take my mind off WandaVision
Mr Joker
Mr Joker Před 22 dny
My Private Browser And Browsing History Is More Secured Than Oscorp's Facility
Soham Das
Soham Das Před 22 dny
U don't need to be a brilliant to solve a cube . I myself can solve 3*3 ,4*4, 5*5, 6*6 ,7*7 cubes and I am a future astrophysicist studying in IIT
Risuna Mashaba
Risuna Mashaba Před 24 dny
"A fucking pattern" - the Canadian Lad
super 4
super 4 Před 24 dny
Spiderlad Spiderlad friendly
Jem Abaca
Jem Abaca Před 24 dny
That was a nice observation on Dr. Connor’s right hand having 4 fingers. Could it also be possible that since he doesn’t have a right arm, the arm and hand growth would be more of a lizards than of humans? Coz unlike his left hand, his fingers still exist thus 5 fingers? Just a thought. But that was an amazing find. I never would have seen that if it wasn’t for you. Thanks!
CGF /:
CGF /: Před 26 dny
I luv the amazing Spider-Man series more than anyone
Prometheum Před 21 dnem
Not as much as me :)
Iso Před 27 dny
most of these are a stretch
Frames Indian
Frames Indian Před 28 dny
Almost near to 1M subscribers😍😍
Shadow Prempeh
Shadow Prempeh Před 28 dny
"A f*cking pattern!" i laughed way to hard at this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
YKTVFTW -.- Před 28 dny
That is 100% not the George Washington Bridge btw. I live in NY
Momonde Před 28 dny
Peter able to solve rubiks cube: *brilliant kid* kid at the back who silently solve rubiks cube without any guide: *weirdo*
Maruf Marowa
Maruf Marowa Před 29 dny
I am very amazing fan of the amazing spider Man
AUSTIN DEMAS Před měsícem
What the fuck is that thumbnail 🤡
the umbral saiyan god
the umbral saiyan god Před měsícem
It could be a patern lock with a finger print scanner built in? It's highly possible
Vxnge Turtle
Vxnge Turtle Před měsícem
Gotta learn how to solve a Rubik's cube
Abdullah Arshad
Abdullah Arshad Před měsícem
Hexagons are bestagons
Gretchin Sabinay
Gretchin Sabinay Před měsícem
Do you know the book say mark name is mark
TheRealMrSteve Před měsícem
Kenin? Před měsícem
Hexagons are the bestagons.
Reruntal Před měsícem
we salute a lad who watches amazing spiderman so we don't have to
sek mast3r gingle giggle
sek mast3r gingle giggle Před měsícem
i only knew about the spider logo on the skate board lol
Salman Mirza
Salman Mirza Před měsícem
The indian guy who unlock the pattren is dead in 29 april 2020 legend irfan khan.
Omoma Pachuau
Omoma Pachuau Před měsícem
Who the hell want to watch the amazing spider Man in 0.25 x speed The Canadian lad:
Crisp. Před měsícem
do harry potter.
Ninja Outlaw
Ninja Outlaw Před měsícem
Just think how long it takes to make these vids we should be great full this must take hours to make
CAT mo
CAT mo Před měsícem
5:30 he died in real life Irrfan Khan
Rustem Kabdullin
Rustem Kabdullin Před měsícem
I’m watching this at 0.25x speed
Luke McCaster 3
Luke McCaster 3 Před měsícem
wait so was marvel and sony always trying to do a multiverse
NotJaqe ඞ ඞ ඞ
NotJaqe ඞ ඞ ඞ Před měsícem
The amazing spider-man is amazing Edit:no really This comment was never edited
PS4.GameTV Před měsícem
Hexagon, Spiderman and Wanda Vision. Amazing Spiderman is really great Movie.
monke e
monke e Před měsícem
imagine if andrew version is the one who got into avenger, it will be darker and the relationship between him and ironman will be phenomenal
Prometheum Před 21 dnem
Would’ve been much better than what we actually got in the mcu
beautiful 😜
Muhammad Asif Dar
Muhammad Asif Dar Před měsícem
A pattern?
Lenka Miodrag
Lenka Miodrag Před měsícem
You sweared for the first time
biriani khabo
biriani khabo Před měsícem
The public donald initially camp because afterthought interstingly greet next a annoying lathe. daffy, wry shame
VihaanThePro Před měsícem
Please watch the flash at 2.5x speed
teev Před měsícem
Spiders have a tendency to what? I quite don't understand the word.
The Flash
The Flash Před měsícem
These films are criminally underrated
Gururraj Chavan
Gururraj Chavan Před měsícem
I watched your video in 2x speed 😂😂
Sharoan Thomas
Sharoan Thomas Před měsícem
Theres a Supra in the movie.
Walkers United
Walkers United Před měsícem
When he gets shot on his leg he leaves a trace of blood. Someone could've found that blood and figure out how DNA
Prometheum Před 21 dnem
They still wouldn’t know who spider-man is tho
YouTube Undso
YouTube Undso Před měsícem
Him .25x me 2x
Aditya Mathur
Aditya Mathur Před měsícem
He thinks too much
Yonad Debell
Yonad Debell Před měsícem
699 dislikes nice
Francis CS
Francis CS Před měsícem
2:00 Hehe! I guess the guys behind Wandavision must’ve found this detail and made important for the show.
Leo Sydney K
Leo Sydney K Před měsícem
The bad guy in the first Spider-Man movie didn’t kill uncle Ben, sandman did it accidentally.
Wasa ワサビ
Wasa ワサビ Před měsícem
he upgraded his suit but why do i like the old one better :(
Ferdinand Musaj
Ferdinand Musaj Před měsícem
The shaggy slip undeniably heal because squid neurobiologically moor until a outrageous airbus. scattered, solid coin
Shuban Mallya
Shuban Mallya Před měsícem
I watched this video in 0.25 speed and here's what I found He talks really slow
Hi Therelol
Hi Therelol Před měsícem
do you actually watch these at .25
Just that Random dude
Just that Random dude Před měsícem
Wandavision has broken the CanadianLad and all he sees now are hexagons.
Patricio Avila
Patricio Avila Před měsícem
I am also made of hexagon...
Fiqi Firmansyah
Fiqi Firmansyah Před měsícem
Not gonna lie.. But for me Andrew Garfield got the best Role Model for Peter Parker Toby Mcguire is too chubby Tom Holland literally too small
QS Music
QS Music Před měsícem
These technically could just be theories I don’t think the director did these on purpose??
apex the neo hedgehog
apex the neo hedgehog Před měsícem
i saw this movie when i was 6 years old
Denson Bret
Denson Bret Před měsícem
The pointless hexagon firstly pull because fang critically belong under a previous beach. absurd, crowded square
Benzi LZK
Benzi LZK Před měsícem
Hexagon is the bestagon
RAJ Před měsícem
In the search scene of life of pie It may be because irfan khan who played pie in the movie also in this movie
Layla Robinson
Layla Robinson Před měsícem
He should totally do x-men movies
CREYO PH Před měsícem
I miss this movie
rohan RATHOD
rohan RATHOD Před měsícem
He was good as Spider-Man. Hope to see him again play some character in marvel or DC.
Michael Frank
Michael Frank Před měsícem
You for got that in the scene when captain Stacy is issuing an arrest for spider-man you can see a spice brand labeled with the name Fisk. It can be explained in the spider-man PS4 video game
Suprayitno Suprayitno
Suprayitno Suprayitno Před měsícem
The life of pie actorr also played in this movie as rajit ratha,
German Fernandez
German Fernandez Před měsícem
oh... so you watched the movie in 0.25x speed... I'll do one better and watch this video in 0.25x... your welcome. =)
Hakiim Onn
Hakiim Onn Před měsícem
Leonardo Luna
Leonardo Luna Před měsícem
Gwen didn't know that spider man got electric
Leonardo Luna
Leonardo Luna Před měsícem
It was gwen stacy that made the suit
ManyFacedGod Před měsícem
This film is so bad that even easter eggs are worthless and made out of nothing.
Shelton Fernandez
Shelton Fernandez Před měsícem
U are the spy 🕵️‍♂️
Fransiscus Xaverius
Fransiscus Xaverius Před měsícem
Binaya Kumar Naik
Binaya Kumar Naik Před měsícem
The best Spidey... visually.
Prometheum Před 21 dnem
More than visually
Quick Star
Quick Star Před měsícem
2:02 you know doctor Connor looks like vision but as a human
Arjun Jadhav
Arjun Jadhav Před měsícem
I Watch The amazing Spiderman1 movie