I Watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Andrew Garfield) - 20 Brand New Details.

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9. 01. 2021





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Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar Před 3 hodinami
Yuéish San
Yuéish San Před 9 hodinami
Andrew Garfield is still amazing Spider-Man
Kid Power Squad
Kid Power Squad Před 22 hodinami
When you were talking about electro going into that socket I had to think of among us when the imposter vents
Spider Play
Spider Play Před 23 hodinami
/e free
Spider Play
Spider Play Před 23 hodinami
King_ Helion
King_ Helion Před dnem
When Harry lets Gwen go and we see the moon, there's actually a face formed by the cloud!
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Před dnem
Would’ve love to seen MJ in this, and especially The Amazing Spider-Man 3 💔🥺
Soham Shinde
Soham Shinde Před dnem
Man, YOU SUCK! Most of the "details" you gave in this video are just so noticeable, you don't deserve to call them thing you "missed" 👎👎👎👎
Efrem Fakhriev
Efrem Fakhriev Před 2 dny
u forgot the melody that Electro annoyed Spidey with! This is the song Green Goblin sang in the first one of the original trilogy, amazing reference!
Mike Moleta
Mike Moleta Před 2 dny
Mr Lad I found one rosevelt watch the tobey maguire spiderman 1 the bridge tobey saving some kids in mary jane and you see a name rosevelt hope it helps Mr Lad please Like⬇️
Arnab Das.
Arnab Das. Před 3 dny
I have found a detail in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. At the beginning of the movie, when Gwen calls Peter, we can see that Sony is written on his phone and this movie is made by Sony and Sony also has Spider-Man rights.
Alex Contreras
Alex Contreras Před 3 dny
Ru sure it was mysterio mask it could be the Chamillin mask
Justin meriacre
Justin meriacre Před 4 dny
Did anyone else notice that he had a spider tattooed on his leg?
Jeremy O'Brien
Jeremy O'Brien Před 4 dny
The sleepy mice chronologically invite because twig markedly radiate along a mellow trouble. late, bite-sized sense
Fizzy Před 4 dny
We really deserved a third amazing spider man film over MCU's white washed miles version of Peter.
BRUHMOMENTO Lol Před 4 dny
Spider man movies aren’t aloud to have a moon without it being some sort of Easter egg lol
Road to 1m
Glitch Michaels
Glitch Michaels Před 5 dny
Man... I actually miss Andrew Garfield’s spidey. He was so much fun. The second movie might not have been that good but he was just so fun in the role.
A couple of these details I have already seen without certain slow speed such as the logo shown in the last battle electro closing the outlet the doctor octopus arms ETC I ALREADY seen them at normal speed they are so clear and obvious to spot the ringtone yeah
Aayan Sharma
Aayan Sharma Před 5 dny
This harry sucks ..... at skipping stones🤣🤣 But personally I liked the harry from first spiderman movie in which tobey marguie was spiderman. By the way love your work
Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi Před 6 dny
"So without anY further ado lets get on with the video"
Chamarika Gunasekara
'The Mysterious' details 🤩 Noice 😜🤩🤩🤩
DEKU Midoria
DEKU Midoria Před 6 dny
Fran Piaia
Fran Piaia Před 6 dny
Who is your favorite spider-man Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland Mine is Andrew garfield
Neil Van Schepdael
Neil Van Schepdael Před 7 dny
3:07 i noticed that the spidey logo is a hexagon. I guess marvel really is addicted to hexagons The building at 3:16 is full with hexagons as well
Dutch Plan Der Linde
1:57 when you pause here the suit looks like the OG spiderman suit
Dooms day
Dooms day Před 7 dny
What are the odds that when the movie struck exactly 2:01:21 Gwen ended up dying
The Purple Legendary Goose
Surprised u didn't see/point out that Peter would have qaught gwen but her head head the ground
Jeffrey Obeng
Jeffrey Obeng Před 7 dny
The clock and Gwen Stacy's death and the movie time did beat me. Kudos Canadian Lad! 😃 😃 😃
AdoptMeGameplay Roblox
you missed 1 problem because "terror at times square" is actually a godzilla 1988 playset
Majorman92 Před 7 dny
Why do I feel like the “scarlet spider” reference was more of a spider man 2099 reference
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
Lqzy.Mp4 ‡
Lqzy.Mp4 ‡ Před 8 dny
didnt know dave chappelle watch marvel movies
Charlie Reeves
Charlie Reeves Před 8 dny
4:24 pre-Rhino has a soviet union tattoo with bones underneath. this isnt really meant to help i just thought i could point it out
Bobbie Bailey
Bobbie Bailey Před 8 dny
The married egg ontogenetically practise because fear rahilly grab off a selective area. wealthy, cooing creature
Aravind.R.V. Nair
Aravind.R.V. Nair Před 8 dny
Mark Webb is proud.
the.one_ among
the.one_ among Před 8 dny
The spidey logo is a hexagon
Stylish Star
Stylish Star Před 8 dny
I feel Very Bad About The Amazing Spider Man 3! 😓
Michael Arballo
Michael Arballo Před 8 dny
This movie was sooooooooooooooooo ass. Goblin was cringe, rhino was cringe, electro was cringe, Garfield was cringe, Emma stone is hot, did I mention how cringe goblin was,
Pravindra Kaur
Pravindra Kaur Před 8 dny
The most underrated marvel movie
Certified Idiot
Certified Idiot Před 9 dny
You found pain.
PRIMO Před 10 dny
Bro u gave the spiderman 3 villain details
Robin Chapman
Robin Chapman Před 10 dny
Andrew Garfield is my favourite spiderman actor and the spiderman movies I rewatch the most
Chef Cheese
Chef Cheese Před 10 dny
I like how he watches a 2 hour movie but slower just for CSshows. That’s more detection I could ever have because I always get bored of my homework to quickly.
Rema Sauers Hechinger
The ahead humor psychologically shrug because ceiling arthroscopically spark till a chief mine. dramatic, bustling dirt
Over sight Adventures
3:20 me venting in amoung us
Bully Maguire 2021
Bully Maguire 2021 Před 11 dny
Also the cake kind of foreshadows max is gonna be electro
caroline Thomas
caroline Thomas Před 11 dny
I hate sandman because he killed uncle ben in Spiderman 1 I know this is the amazing Spiderman but i just came here to say it
NTPlaysYT Před 11 dny
Nice intro
art gidor
art gidor Před 12 dny
Stickfigure 9000
Stickfigure 9000 Před 12 dny
It’s actually Alex O’hirn aka rhino
Hasan Derya Akoğul
Hasan Derya Akoğul Před 13 dny
Hey admin, please watch movie again and be carefull at 1:45:10. On the top of the bridge Peter and Gwen. There is somethong flyin background on sky with dark smoke. Do you think is it Harry or what?
Phantøm Před 14 dny
At 1:35 ..... In that extra detail that you found..... I don't think venom storage relates to venom symbiote anywhere...In the film....they extracted all the spiders' venom which were created by Richard Parker before killing them....I hope you see my comment and reply...
HeavenlyFrost Před 14 dny
Dave Chapelle? Are you sure about that?
Xavier Draco
Xavier Draco Před 14 dny
or it's just the Moon...
Oan Ames
Oan Ames Před 15 dny
Number 14 good one.
LuisRicoMambo Před 15 dny
U can also see mark3 wicth is iron man suit it is also lart in the mobius raven croft and connor
Clone_Bricks98 Před 15 dny
Loved the movies. We need a third one
Skully 420
Skully 420 Před 16 dny
The moon was kinda of a stretch
RestingTiger Před 16 dny
You almost forgot the itsy bitsy song when electro attack spiderman on the power plant.
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark Před 16 dny
I wonder what’s in side oscorp I saw green goblin doc ock valutre and rhino and some other suits in there one got to be juggernaut I’m thinking
Lord Grim
Lord Grim Před 16 dny
3:21 Super villain is better at closing doors than ur parents lol
Anonymous 365
Anonymous 365 Před 16 dny
Whats wrong with this movie I love this movie
all CAPS
all CAPS Před 17 dny
Did he call himself Dave Chappell at the end?
Denki I
Denki I Před 17 dny
Why is the movie bad again?
kung fu panda
kung fu panda Před 17 dny
U missed one In peter's room wall we can see Myanmar national leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi who won the nobel prize for peace. It may be ester egg.
DBL ABID Před 17 dny
Am the only one who tried to watch it in 0.25x speed?
Harlinplayz _2
Harlinplayz _2 Před 18 dny
Please look at the end when Spider-Man and Rino we’re running at each other in slow motion u can see on Rinos are there is the winter Soldier’s red star
Harlinplayz _2
Harlinplayz _2 Před 18 dny
When spider man was swinging the pot lid at rino
IcaL Heineken
IcaL Heineken Před 18 dny
Wow HEX shape, 3:24 Idk its related with WanVis or not 🤣
Quirky Yuri
Quirky Yuri Před 19 dny
Peters ringtone is my ringtone XD
Reelable Tea1
Reelable Tea1 Před 19 dny
i like how electro was destroying stuff he left to get a firefighters hat to use the water
annett the chief
annett the chief Před 20 dny
This is the best movie from spiderman movies
Fire Hedgehog
Fire Hedgehog Před 20 dny
"Sadly never took place" Oh yeah because like everyone else, they were desperately trying to become a Cinematic Universe
The Music Is On!
The Music Is On! Před 21 dnem
This Video was uploaded on the day of my bday lol
MAXTV gaming TV }0{
MAXTV gaming TV }0{ Před 21 dnem
Stupid he had rubber gloves he boroed from builders
Cute Felines
Cute Felines Před 21 dnem
1:52 there is a suit(vulture suit). from spiderman Homecoming
Prometheum Před 18 dny
That’s not the homecoming suit bruh
Dragon Bane
Dragon Bane Před 22 dny
Number 1?
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Před 22 dny
Till then I'm Dave Chappelle
Devang Gadani
Devang Gadani Před 22 dny
Please watch Harry Potter series in 0.25x speed
Axy76 Před 23 dny
*Watches a spiderman video* *Gets an ad about an app that allows u to watch movies, the app showed a spiderman movie* Me: O-k.....
PawloYuhenyo Před 23 dny
that electro lid closing was nice
Zaw Gumring
Zaw Gumring Před 24 dny
I see Aung San Su Kyi in the movie🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Madness Před 24 dny
My favourite spiderman movie till date
Tanzilur Rahman
Tanzilur Rahman Před 24 dny
What is aka
L1ving Le6end
L1ving Le6end Před 24 dny
Wooowwww who knew he sucked at stone skipping
Francisco Armenta
Francisco Armenta Před 24 dny
Locks like spider man 2099
Dekugh Před 25 dny
Lol talk about streching
Friendly neighbourhood Wall crawler
I’m guessing 121 is Gwen’s unlucky number
Logan theballer
Logan theballer Před 25 dny
I have a theory. What If the reason why we never got the rhino fight was bc doctor strange opened a portal to his dimension and took him to help tom holland spiderman help fight someone
Swarnava Chattopadhyay
Plzz mark details from the first amazing spiderman movie plzz
idk Před 25 dny
2:00 that's the dumbest thing I've heard in a while
saitamaify Před 25 dny
him : this Harry sucks
Im Noone
Im Noone Před 24 dny
Me : nobody cares my guy
trickjacko Před 25 dny
It's been years and still nobody but me points out how a terrible idea it is to try to extinguish a fire caused by electricity with water.
jethro biernacki
jethro biernacki Před 25 dny
When are you going to do the entire parks and rec at 0.25x speed
m black
m black Před 26 dny
You're a hero for actually watching it. I skipped over those movies. They actually made me kind of mad
The fazed Maniac
The fazed Maniac Před 26 dny
I seen doctor octopus and said to my mum and I watched it today
KrimetT StarKiller
KrimetT StarKiller Před 26 dny
After watching The Canadian Lad at 0.25x Speed, Here's What I Found; HIs name is Dave Chappelle? 6:20
Bravo Six
Bravo Six Před 26 dny
Finally, a Canadian lad's video where I already know most of the details
Reed Schneider
Reed Schneider Před 26 dny
0:42 i never noticed till his mask had one eye lense at that point..and where did that fish come from
Yoseph Demere
Yoseph Demere Před 26 dny
bro the mysterio thing is whack the cloud is his cape? lmaoo
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