I Watched Shang-Chi Trailer in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Here goes my 0.25x Speed Breakdown of #ShangChiAndTheLegendOfTheTenRings
Let me know if I missed any of the hidden details/easter eggs.
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21. 04. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 25 dny
Look at the subscribers count. You lads did it, got me out of depression and now 1m subscribers! Edit: With 2 thousand comments so far in 2 hrs, almost all of you lads are saying you'd rather have my "Complete Breakdown" than just "0.25x Breakdown". Noted. :)
Chamarika Gunasekara
Congratulations 😁
M E Před 15 dny
i heard complete breakdown? where do i sign
Multiverse of Madness
congrats bro
Samuel Fitdawg18
Samuel Fitdawg18 Před 20 dny
Karate Kid is coming to Marvel.
Jow babadook
Jow babadook Před 22 dny
It feels like a lot lot of youtubers are hitting a million right now.
delloda Před 24 minutami
I do get a little annoyed that all these movies seem to segregate races. He seems to be only friends who are all Asians. Like most other movies where the main race seems to self segregate. I'm Chinese, my girlfriend is German, my closest friends are all from different countries, Nigerian, French American, Moroccan and swiss. To me, this normal in most of the counties I have moved to as my closest friends at the time would always be multicultural because that is not the issue when bonding with friends. Is self-segregation prevalent in the North American Continent? Because, to me, it is not in Europe or maybe it is just applicable to me?
everything games
everything games Před 4 hodinami
I don't know if you notice that before Katie tales the wheel of the bus and the title card shows you can see that he is ready for a fight going into a tunnel with lights.That means that we are going to get a cool light flashing fight scene.
WonOwnNow Před 20 hodinami
i think canadian lad love tom hollands spiderman...
Matthew Dawley
Matthew Dawley Před 2 dny
The mandarin is from Iron man 3 and the ten rings are from Iron man 1.
Matthew Dawley
Matthew Dawley Před 2 dny
I am really excited for Shang-Chi:the legend of the ten rings.
Strawberryknight Před 3 dny
Another misrepresentation movie from Disney. Thanks for promoting racism.
GOUTHAM Před 3 dny
How are you finding this all 😲❤️🤝
That Guy
That Guy Před 3 dny
3:39 you can see the star if you look closer
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo Před 3 dny
Shang chi outfit give me naruto vibee
Arman2468 Před 5 dny
gives me john wick-doctor strange vibes
MerasouL Před 5 dny
so she stopped the bus while running over parked cars i hope there wasnt a baby in one of them.........................
Ruvinuvi Před 6 dny
I feel like Stark or Iron man should be mentioned in this movie, like Wen Wu being like curse that man good thing he dead.
LYNX 0V3RK1LL Před 7 dny
The trailer feels like something like a anime
Salva Před 7 dny
Stranger things new trailer breakdown pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
E9 3j
E9 3j Před 7 dny
It was Loki who gave him the key in the first few seconds
Spyro Wolf
Spyro Wolf Před 8 dny
Arsalytical Education
When Shangchi and Katy were in a karaoke place or something they sang A whole new world
Arsalytical Education
When he hits the table the window glows up
Sai Sarat Chandra
Sai Sarat Chandra Před 8 dny
U missed lockjaw in point no.6
Gl1tchedGG Gaming
Gl1tchedGG Gaming Před 8 dny
I thin’ people from Asia will love this movie because it has an Asian as the main character which is going against the Asian hate in North America and eu
Legion Boi
Legion Boi Před 9 dny
The flag in the arena it’s probs madripore or something because of the astetichness of the lights and stuff reminds me of the night version of the city... Also I feel like this is gonna be like black panther but it’s Shang-chi
Owen Jonker
Owen Jonker Před 9 dny
4:57 could be his sis
Arnel Arboleda
Arnel Arboleda Před 9 dny
2. Maybe wrong. We know that in black panther, his vibranium suit is glowing violet when charged. Must be the same operation and material.
Kenneth Mathaw
Kenneth Mathaw Před 9 dny
Chinese Hawkeye better be good.
Nayan Santoki
Nayan Santoki Před 9 dny
Hey. Does anyone know sang chi appeared in Doctor Strange before the final fight starts at Hong Kong sanctum. Please make a video on that
Sg live
Sg live Před 9 dny
2:55 he have that ten rings on the hand
Main Roblo
Main Roblo Před 10 dny
Main Roblo
Main Roblo Před 10 dny
That is clearly a star behind him. my guess is the shield But the power broker could have something to do with it
Main Roblo
Main Roblo Před 10 dny
i cant wait. he is pretty much a male-kung-fu version of black widow. No powers but totally badass. Cant wait for him to join the avengers in a fight or something.
Rayed Riaz
Rayed Riaz Před 10 dny
i like the detail where camera slowly moves from left to right and stops at his fathers face and all rings are kinda surrounding his head
Shelia Moses
Shelia Moses Před 10 dny
I wanna see a fight between him and iron fist so bad!
tired af
tired af Před 10 dny
Ooooohhh Major Tokyo drift Vibes
Kineticwizzy Před 10 dny
I wonder if they will give shang chi his duplication powers in the mcu
Diego Jaimes
Diego Jaimes Před 10 dny
I’m actually pretty hyped for this movie
HappyDevilsYT Před 11 dny
I love the breakdown and the hidden details, please do both, either in one video or 2 separate ones
ChinoZR Před 11 dny
Who are you Shang-Chi: 🤚🤟✊🤛👋🖖 Naurto: my man
Little Crystal
Little Crystal Před 11 dny
Please can you do a breakdown because I haven’t read the comics so I have no idea who anyone is
Bezos Clark
Bezos Clark Před 11 dny
Meban Jyrwa
Meban Jyrwa Před 11 dny
Canadian lad:"You and I are not so different Shang-chi" And here i was thinking that this was another scene in the trailer! Silly me!
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta Před 12 dny
There is one more detail In the bus scene there was a guy who was in spiderman homecoming that guy is the one who asked Peter parker to do a flip
Jhon Andres Tefora
Jhon Andres Tefora Před 12 dny
Why sisu is here..
Team AA
Team AA Před 13 dny
Mr. Canadian Lad . 4:28 TEN RINGS, Looks Familiar in the Flag of the terrorist group, it's symbolize TEN RINGS in the movie of IRON MAN, where Tony Stark's kidnapped.
Garrett Sampson
Garrett Sampson Před 13 dny
It’s pronounced like “shong-chee”
Brandon gaming TV
Brandon gaming TV Před 13 dny
Click here to skip to video: 2:03
I am Prince
I am Prince Před 13 dny
Thanks for inputing the trailer I never watched it before!
Nathan Kotchasak
Nathan Kotchasak Před 13 dny
I watched The Canadian Lad's, "Shang-Chi trailer in .25x speed" in .25x speed and here is what I found.
SAVY EDITS Před 14 dny
hes jung from kims convienc
TovxWasNewbie Před 14 dny
also we can see the guy when in spiderman homecoming he said do the backflip in bus scene
jmaincom Před 15 dny
Hey man, Canadian Lad, Bro! Im never tired of u doin wat u do. Keep it up man!
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista Před 15 dny
The lyrics in the karaoke part says “Over sideways and under..” A WHOLE NEW WORLD! 🎼
faiaz islam
faiaz islam Před 15 dny
That 0.25x speed meme tho 😂😂
Scooter 2429
Scooter 2429 Před 16 dny
can you do a background video on Shang chi because that would be amazing if you could?
Hilal Muhammed
Hilal Muhammed Před 17 dny
4:40 (in this video) most probably the hand might Shang chi's sister
Scot Boyd
Scot Boyd Před 17 dny
i was in the bus sceen
YA YEET Před 17 dny
Also At 1:24 for a Second you can see The rings Glowing on Shang Chi's Opponent's Arm Meaning Either Death Dealer Failed and His Father is the Last resort or This is Him when Shang Chi gets Back and His Father tests him. Or maybe The Father's The Enemy, Who knows? Not really sure if it counts as a Detail, I just noticed it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MemeBazzar Před 18 dny
The hand in seen 4:40 looks like the hand of Shang Chi's sister... Very similar to hands in 6:12
Aryan Pramanik
Aryan Pramanik Před 18 dny
Shang chi looks like uncle roger
Dave Isoleucine
Dave Isoleucine Před 18 dny
The girl driving the truck, looks like the girl from jumanji 😅
Tamizhan Da
Tamizhan Da Před 18 dny
Ten rings is a reference to iron man 1 in the cave scene when Tony asks about them and the Mandarin in iron man 3 Hope you like my comment
Blobby Thing
Blobby Thing Před 19 dny
That shot of Shang-Chi fighting the Death Dealer with the glow coming in from the back honestly made my jaw drop
Andy Christian
Andy Christian Před 19 dny
Nahhh.. This wouldn't make any sense to the universe.
V is for Void
V is for Void Před 19 dny
Me: Meh, I have no interest in Shang-Chi. (sees Tony Leung in the trailer): _starts fan-girling_
Jaden Clark
Jaden Clark Před 19 dny
Who doesn't like a full breakdown? I've enjoyed all of them
Syed Deyan Play's Games
Hey I know what was that picture it was a picture of the Sheld of captain America
Zachary Tang
Zachary Tang Před 19 dny
3:44 sheild
Anjdeep Lad
Anjdeep Lad Před 19 dny
Those who think his breaking every scene down is boring , you’ll are stupid
Jacob Bonicamp
Jacob Bonicamp Před 19 dny
go back to scene by scene..
Memes Of Glory
Memes Of Glory Před 20 dny
i thought the steering wheel was just a really weird formula 1 steering wheel tbh
PUNISHER Před 20 dny
Jana Před 20 dny
Thought My CSshows Crashed 🙂
Mlandvo Dlamini
Mlandvo Dlamini Před 20 dny
The ten black rings forming a circle with two swords in them, behind Shang's father (when he had long hair), were also seen in Iron Man 3 when The Master broadcasts his speech
MiniiCheezl Před 20 dny
well frick. This was the one time I don't know anything about this
Vyral Oak
Vyral Oak Před 20 dny
The background music tho that was a banger
Aiden Miller
Aiden Miller Před 21 dnem
I like the other way because the video is longer
Joen Travasso
Joen Travasso Před 21 dnem
Watching the trailer was so awkward without hearing the Canadian lad voice 😂
Base Form Goruto
Base Form Goruto Před 21 dnem
I love the rapid punches in part of the trailer
The PheNomEnaL PraX
The PheNomEnaL PraX Před 21 dnem
1million poggers. lets go 'LAD'ies
Battle Monkey
Battle Monkey Před 21 dnem
1:02 jakie chan😅😅😅
TrE - Gamez
TrE - Gamez Před 21 dnem
The Next Black Widow??? 🤔
zak mal
zak mal Před 21 dnem
please dont get tired of making videos for us. for me youre the only 1 youtuber that has a consistent quality content.
JvS 2
JvS 2 Před 21 dnem
Damn this vid hyped me up even more for the movie. Can not wait!!
kenneth villanueva
kenneth villanueva Před 21 dnem
girl:who are you? boy: i'm chou
jack kitten
jack kitten Před 21 dnem
I kind of like it when you break the scenes down because it then helps me fill in some of the blanks about some of the characters
RealChina Vlog
RealChina Vlog Před 21 dnem
he looks like Xi
What an Idea !!!
What an Idea !!! Před 21 dnem
When the bus wasn't in control then at the end of trailer we saw shang chi bring down his arm as if he was doing something. He might have used his chi to stop the bus
smokz gamer
smokz gamer Před 21 dnem
During the accident in bus a guy at the side of the Shang chi was shooting him with phone This is an detail detected by me
Sk Jameel Akhtar
Sk Jameel Akhtar Před 21 dnem
Plot twist: The Canadian Lad is actually sponsored by Marvel to keep us more amazed and full with content time to time.
NamBam Před 21 dnem
I dont know why but i actually love that you played the trailer first for those who haven't watched it to watch it here without searching it up. I don't know but its just why I keep coming back to this channel.
Aayush Mishra
Aayush Mishra Před 21 dnem
Can we get a full breakdown? It will be so great🖤
Dhruv Před 21 dnem
Tell me Do you subscribe to technoblade!
Mom's Special Kitchen
Mom's Special Kitchen Před 21 dnem
Very nice 👌
Lukwago Asuman
Lukwago Asuman Před 21 dnem
almost thought that was jackie
John Micheal Kane
John Micheal Kane Před 21 dnem
All I see is a ungrateful aon.
Nadia Hapsari
Nadia Hapsari Před 21 dnem
5:17 loool
syedin apih
syedin apih Před 21 dnem
So The Mandarin in Shang-Chi is related with The Mandarin in Iron Man 3?? Boom me up please..
Kuching.sniper Před 22 dny
2:48 what happen to the window ?!?!!
Valinner Před 22 dny
1:45 R.I.P BMW i8
Reservoir Channel
Reservoir Channel Před 22 dny
why he always says "fabric speed"?!
scar_blyat_69 -
scar_blyat_69 - Před 22 dny
It gave more like Mortal Kombat vibes
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