I Watched Loki Trailer in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Loki is without a doubt one of the most anticipated edition of Marvel's Phase 4. Here's my breakdown of Loki's Official Trailer in 0.25x Speed.
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8. 04. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před měsícem
There are more details towards the end of the video, so make sure to watch it till the end :) See you on Saturday!
H W Před 9 dny
@9:44 everyone in the background isn’t moving... did you catch that @TheCanadianLad
Afiq Khalid
Afiq Khalid Před 23 dny
What if in the timeline where Loki successful conquer earth, Thanos gave him power stone instead of mind stone. That's why there's purple meteor.
Pranav Thangavel
Pranav Thangavel Před 26 dny
What about the lady who loki is with in vormir is it blackwidow
Ayaan Datoo
Ayaan Datoo Před 28 dny
Hey candian lad you missed how he stood like iron man in the first iron man movie when something blew up towards the end of the trailer
chaitanya varma
chaitanya varma Před 28 dny
Hai @TheCanadianLad if u see the LOKI name at end of the trailer it indicates every LOKI character in different time line
This should've been a movie.
A R Před 3 dny
I believe Loki will be the sorcerer supreme in one of the Timelines.
GTX 1650
GTX 1650 Před 4 dny
What I hate about this movie is that time keepers headquarters is very similar to anyplace on earth ...like the elevator, court, table, lamp spectacles etc ...but rest of the things are crazy ...marvel can literally make dozens of movies out of this plot
Jess Před 5 dny
I like the cat
KhaAaM Před 5 dny
Chlo Bear
Chlo Bear Před 6 dny
Jugpal Sidhu
Jugpal Sidhu Před 6 dny
Why weren't the Avengers brought into custody as well.Captain did go to other timeline to live his life.Please explain
Wittiest Gopher
Wittiest Gopher Před 7 dny
*Finally, Loki shows how dope he is.* *Edit : Something also tells Loki is going to betray the TVA but at the end they realise he had a plan and was doing it for their good.*
Feuerklinge Před 8 dny
Second time Owen Wilson visits Pompee. Tho one time he was a bit smaller.
Job Ambe
Job Ambe Před 9 dny
With the many words that come out of Loki’s mouth, TVA should have a library just for him 😂
Aaradhya Kalyankar
Aaradhya Kalyankar Před 10 dny
i think we will see Cap in this series since he also created a branch in time line
WaiLoon Yuen
WaiLoon Yuen Před 10 dny
wow . . .
Cao Nguyen
Cao Nguyen Před 11 dny
I hope that we can see Loki use more REAL MAGIC, like Wanda or Dr. Strange kind of magic, instead of just illusions and knife skills.
raytsky 123
raytsky 123 Před 11 dny
So does that mean, if the avengers time heist failed, the tva will intervine? Ohhhh
FadeSFB7 Před 11 dny
I think exept wanda we and peter parker we will see loki and dr strange together again like ragnarok.... mabey
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Před 11 dny
If you think about vision died in infinity war and so did Loki. Does this mean the TVA has a time line to put him in current mcu timeline. Vision is alive in phase 4 maybe Loki.
Trevor Churchill
Trevor Churchill Před 13 dny
That was an astounding breakdown
Achilles Arboleda
Achilles Arboleda Před 13 dny
The canadian lad: the real loki is actually dead Me: but you said his death is a fakeout
Yusaf Christian
Yusaf Christian Před 13 dny
In 9:52 Loki do the Iron Man Blasting the mountains scene. The Canadian Lad you forgot this .
James Alabata
James Alabata Před 14 dny
"There is no version of this where you come out on top" -Tony Stark, (The Avengers 2012)
Jeet Shah
Jeet Shah Před 14 dny
Nice, you see the videos in 0.25x and i see yours at 2x 😁
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella Před 14 dny
I have to say you never disappoint. Another great video thank you. One of the best and genuine CSshowsrs there are.
Pranav M
Pranav M Před 15 dny
If TVA stopped Loki then they should have stopped Thanos? It's a question for you Mr.Canadian Lad Pls reply
Pankaj Sen
Pankaj Sen Před 15 dny
At the end of the trailer we see that word "LOKI" written in many font. Which also give us the possibility of multiversion of loki. What do you think about this.
christantosuryo Před 17 dny
honestly of all three minu series Marvel made, I wanted this one more than the others
Mario Saavedra
Mario Saavedra Před 17 dny
9:49 he forgot to mention Kong Island Loki
Pratik Rohit
Pratik Rohit Před 18 dny
Your details are very good ....keep it up brother....🙌🙌💯
Zeca Sodré
Zeca Sodré Před 18 dny
Cap scaped from his timeline to. Why didn’t they go for him?
Deadpool Před 18 dny
Everyone is a gangster... until the Canadian Lad walks in with their Amazing Details 😎
Aymaan Ahmed
Aymaan Ahmed Před 18 dny
In google there is the cast of 'Lady Loki'
Amethyst Před 18 dny
Hey! Thanks for the video Canadian Lad! Very observant and informative as always! I noticed something, hope it's not too far fetched and no one has mentioned it. I think the ceiling lights located in the waiting room seem to depict the multiverse, where the light bulb is one universe surrounded by space: the housing for the bulb, (or lampshade, but not sure what shape it really is from this angle, dome would be cool), and time: which is the face of the ceiling itself. Speaking of which, when I look ceiling, the negative space created by the positions of the lights and lampshades, I'm seeing a curved hourglass pattern, from the narrowest part between two lampshades, repeating itself, stretching outward to infinity, permeating the multiverse, giving me a sense that time governs all things. What do you think? 😅
Sala Stalin
Sala Stalin Před 18 dny
Even though loki says that wouldn't happen when mobius says loki would stab every one in back Loki escapes as usual 😂
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta Před 18 dny
"God of Mischief" will be back with a bang.. and we will see his bright aspects also....
Bibash Gurung
Bibash Gurung Před 19 dny
hey captain america didnt returned from past universe after putting tesseract in right place and lives out thru that universe so doesnt that mean captain too break the universe timeline and not to forget in that past universe theres already a original steve rogers of that universe and how come he live his whole live in that past another dimension universe and in old he met avengers in this universe in that same spot
LifeFire7 Před 19 dny
8:23 i think this is actually battle of new york without the nuke being stopped.
Cute Demon
Cute Demon Před 19 dny
why didnt tba act when thor started to be god???
Anouk uwu
Anouk uwu Před 19 dny
I‘m still hoping that they somehow give Lady Loki black hair. At least that! We can stay a little bit true to the comics, right?
Buzy Time
Buzy Time Před 20 dny
The Desert that Loki crashed into isint it the same one from Iron-Man 1 ????
y tho
y tho Před 20 dny
Hearing female loki instead of lady loki is so weird
Neil Warren
Neil Warren Před 20 dny
4:18 thats good to know that he will get to know that him and Thor were at good terms in future
Uzair Feeroze
Uzair Feeroze Před 21 dnem
Avengers alter the past TVA: imma pretend I didn't see that
Panda Paradise
Panda Paradise Před 21 dnem
Morbius is going to be in Loki
RidiculousGaming Před 22 dny
Theory: If that was Black Widow on Vormir. I think it was a different timeline were Hawkeye jumped for the soul stone.
dragonweyr44 Před 22 dny
Mt. Vesuvius did erupt in 79 AD in the Christian calendar but what people fail to realize, time and time again is that in the ROMAN year, it was the year 832 so that 79 reference should not have been there
krishna kishore
krishna kishore Před 22 dny
So, the presence of other prisoners, tell us that, not only avengers but, there are other ways to time travel??
Sammu Před 22 dny
*Mobius:* "you literally stabbed people in the back 50 times..." *Loki:* "then I won't do it again" *Me:* we all know where this is going
DerpyTrifle Před 23 dny
I must ask, where the hell where the TVA during the whole agents of shield season 7 shenanigans
C 47 Ashmit jha
C 47 Ashmit jha Před 23 dny
Anyone else notice, loki having a slight resemblance with the joker of Jacqueline phoenix
Afiq Khalid
Afiq Khalid Před 23 dny
What if in the timeline where Loki successful conquer earth, Thanos gave him power stone instead of mind stone. That's why there's purple meteor.
Sami Yish
Sami Yish Před 23 dny
8:35 looks like black widow
Bassam Taha
Bassam Taha Před 24 dny
loki's definitely a sorcerer and you can also see that not just from the trailer but also from the inverter cross at Disney's logo ; )
M A R K II Před 24 dny
Is it possible that through grandfather paradox like theories loki actually doubles himself by coming through a timeline making him able to die another day and tva wants to correct that and wants to straighten the line😅
M A R K II Před 24 dny
So the loki who's actually in present dies and the one from past is still alive and it's not correct or is it?
M A R K II Před 24 dny
Well I would like to know your TVs dimensions 😶
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas Před 24 dny
its my birthday on june 11th
jose mendieta pabilo
the time theater says 25, the five is smaller and orange
Kenroy Kentish
Kenroy Kentish Před 24 dny
Why does Female Loki looks more like Enchantress with the blonde hair
Unboxing dudy
Unboxing dudy Před 24 dny
Great actor good voice good for Shakespeare dramas. Thor was a bit Shakespearean in the beginning , changed it for good .
Adrian McBain
Adrian McBain Před 24 dny
The TBA agent at 6:40 could just be putting his helmet on if the black spot to the right of him is a locker
Joemar Andallasa
Joemar Andallasa Před 25 dny
The timeline tva has (6:05) is similar to the example given by the ancient one when he was talking to banner in endgame in restoring order to the realities
Finley Chastain
Finley Chastain Před 25 dny
Did anyone else think that the kid in the background in the shot where Loki was waiting in line was Russell from Deadpool 2?
Ivan Owiti
Ivan Owiti Před 25 dny
the TVA i like the time bureau of marvel
Villains who become good in MCU : Loki, Zemo, Skrulls, ghost, nebula,
Maroza Sulaiman
Maroza Sulaiman Před 26 dny
I think TVA may answered one of the questions of time travel problem in Endgame. The screenwriter believe that there's 2 Steve Rogers living in the same timeline, this shouldn't be a problem for TVA because maybe this is part of the destiny, or at least not big enough to cause ripple in the timeline. The Avengers have to invent time travel some time after Infinity War to undo Thanos' Snap. Because if they really gamble on time travel, the TVA should've been chasing their asses because they messed with the timeline, especially Steve Rogers. Oh, and Steve took the real shield from the past (not alternate reality), and made sure that in the future they still have the legacy of Captain America. And I think some time in WW2, Howard Stark probably made a spare Shield with different material (Proto-Adamantium?) In case the Vibranium one broke. So I guess there were actually two Captain America shields with different material in the MCU.
Vineet Verma
Vineet Verma Před 26 dny
Why only Loki is caught by the time keepers, why not Steve Roger, he also changed the time line by preventing his death and getting a chance to dance...?????
Thinal Fernando
Thinal Fernando Před 26 dny
Who else imagines loki as joker
Pankaj Khatri
Pankaj Khatri Před 26 dny
your attention to detail is amazing.. it's almost like, it a habit now, that, after finishing a movie, episode , trailer of MCU, i would watch your view on that, so that i would catch up on to the details quickly....
@5:11 look at the clock on the wall
sponge patrick
sponge patrick Před 27 dny
He managed to find all those details just in the trailer congratulations canadian lad
West Anderson
West Anderson Před 28 dny
This is going to be such a fantastic show, I seriously can't wait. Tom Hiddleston is so freaking amazing playing Loki I really can't get enough of him.
Benjamin St John
Benjamin St John Před 28 dny
Just now realizing that Mobius, a member of a time organization, is the same name of the shape Tony Stark used to solve the time travel problem, which was a Möbius strip inverted.
Devam KumarDas
Devam KumarDas Před 28 dny
I don’t like how they nerfed Loki’s magic skill and his physical power in the mcu
Maddy Před 28 dny
It's not that important but at 4:39 the clock behind the guy is very different compared to normal watches- with multiple clock hands and more numbers
Zippy9000 Před 28 dny
what if theres cameo of loki wearing horn helmet escaping thanos space when his clones that thanos thought was real one snapped neck, maybe tva would show that in background when loki get his sentences for mistakes he made with timeline
Rahul Kangutkar
Rahul Kangutkar Před 28 dny
The TVA is blaming Loki for creating branch realities, but actually it was the Avenger's fault. Loki just got an opportunity to escape at that moment.
Paulo Cardoso
Paulo Cardoso Před 29 dny
I don´t know if anyone already gave this theory, but there is a possiblility that the Canadian Lad is Wade Wilson, think about it...
Christian Ledesma
Christian Ledesma Před 29 dny
This show seems like it’s going to bring so much, it’s kinda scary cause it could get super complicated 😅but marvel knows how to tell a story so I’m not that worried but these episodes are going to get a lot of rewatches for sure 😂
Mohammed Shafeeq
Mohammed Shafeeq Před 29 dny
Even thonos broke the timeline why aren't they arresting the avengers
Iced Chocolatina
Iced Chocolatina Před 29 dny
Why do I feel like at 7:27 it is Princess Leia
Visal Lee
Visal Lee Před 29 dny
I’m wondering if Loki broke the timeline what about Steve who went back in time and live his life with Peggy, does that break the timeline too?
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson Před měsícem
The sheer capacity of utter excitement and anticipation I have for this series surpasses all others so far, this review really helped give great context for what's to come
leuteris kizakis
leuteris kizakis Před měsícem
This is gonna be the greatest series in history
Gurjashan Singh
Gurjashan Singh Před měsícem
Did the timeline changed in endgame when nebula killed herself (2014 nebula)?
Kalyan Pechetti
Kalyan Pechetti Před měsícem
I love to see the timeline graphs when Thanos entered the earth 😁
Bibboyf Af
Bibboyf Af Před měsícem
Wait guys guess what I think the guy that was interrogating Loki is lightning McQueen
vikun Před měsícem
I like how in first avengers tony told loki," there's no version of it where you come out on top". And here we may have exactly that version shown in the show.
Sekkun -
Sekkun - Před měsícem
1:45 am i the only one who cant read that?
Mike Maniaci
Mike Maniaci Před měsícem
The elevator takes them to portal to different time lines powered by the tesseract
Aryan Nagpal
Aryan Nagpal Před měsícem
One thing i like the most about loki is: Loki
Carlo Faustino
Carlo Faustino Před měsícem
just hear me out.... I think TVA decided to arrest Loki AFTER messing up the timeline: meaning when Loki took the Tesseract and escape, some events occurred and TVA had to intervene and they went at a certain point in time where they can arrest Loki easily. and since there are variations of Loki due to the mess in timeline, Loki would eventually meet the Loki that messed up the timeline.
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz Před měsícem
@TheCanadianLad if you continue reading the Marvel Wiki Page you referenced in your video on the Time Keepers, it goes on to say that there was a fourth 'unknown' Time Keeper that was banished all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Knowing that information, it's almost 100% safe to say that who they are referring to and Marvel will most definitely introduce using this plot point is Kang The Conquerer. We know his origin story dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Definitely a connection here.
Noctis. Před měsícem
I hope they don't make Loki go back to the main timeline and accept his fate.
h2ldn_ Před měsícem
Jesus died on the cross for our sins he payed the price we deserved so we could spend eternity with him it’s all about grace
Jetting Chen
Jetting Chen Před měsícem
You made a video about watching a trailer at 0.25x? You just earned a new subscriber (me).
Keri Webb
Keri Webb Před měsícem
Is the cat a Flerkin??? Is it Goose?
Ayushmaan Singh
Ayushmaan Singh Před měsícem
You forget Rhodey's password with all X's capital.
Nathan.w Před měsícem
About so called female Loki who appeared in this trailer are you sure its not enchantress?
Brennan Smith
Brennan Smith Před měsícem
I know it's not gonna happen, but I'd love to see Deadpool cameo as a variant from a discarded timeline. It would explain how he makes it into the MCU!
Kovalan Kalamohan
Kovalan Kalamohan Před měsícem
9:52 the changing fonts in the name “LOKI” make me think there are like you said many versions of Loki and maybe they will all come together to accomplish something.
Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Před měsícem
how about cap going back in the past?