I Watched Loki Trailer in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: Loki Trailer (15 New Details).
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19. 12. 2020





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
I do realize that I made a mistake by saying this Loki should have known about "time working differently on different places" because this version of Loki is yet to explore the life around Sakaar!
Riden Gaming
Riden Gaming Před dnem
Yeah this version of Loki is the one from Avengers 1 and the Loki in Ragnarok is way past that
Geek E Media
Geek E Media Před dnem
I was coming to say this
qwertty Před 2 dny
@Alex Martin I really like the Dan Cooper mystery
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Před 2 dny
@qwertty A lot of explanation for probably a throw away scene...
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Před 2 dny
@Heera Surkheti Its an oversight... Best way to put it in to context without dumping all over the writing is that she panicked and didn’t remember to press her marker.. She was concentrating on warning Clint and Natasha..
Ulanka Chingun
Ulanka Chingun Před 7 hodinami
Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman Před 12 hodinami
Is canadian lad... Hindi available
Kieran Riley
Kieran Riley Před 17 hodinami
Loki doesn't know about altered time coz its the 2012 loki, he has a different path to the loki we know of
RageGamer 15
RageGamer 15 Před 22 hodinami
Watch this video in 0.25x speed
Jayant Nikam
Jayant Nikam Před 23 hodinami
hammer looks like thorion
PW _ryan
PW _ryan Před dnem
the way i see it is that he will go through all these things working for teh time people and as a reward he will gain memories of his former dead self and we will get good loki back
Derek Logan
Derek Logan Před dnem
2:10 the time question you had is the Loki that was killed by Thanos this version of Loki never had that experience in point of fact he's never been through the rest of the time line events after the first avengers movie and the first Thor movie.
Avinash Dubey
Avinash Dubey Před dnem
Also that thumbnail shot shows Loki standing in the stark tower You can see the same mirror when Coulson comes to tell about the tesseract in the first Avengers movie
razer gaming
razer gaming Před dnem
I think loki will be before wandavision cause vision's mind stone was destroyedand i think wanda might have taken the mind stone from the sectar
Kenneth N.
Kenneth N. Před dnem
FBI working the D.B. Cooper case. Call marvel now and tell them we want to talk with this Loki person!
elanarquista1995 Před dnem
is loki traveling through hexagons in the 0:52 minute in your video?
luna gaming
luna gaming Před dnem
he doesnt know becouse its not the same loki from the ragnarok timeline its loki from avengers 2012 timeline
Ricky the rat
Ricky the rat Před dnem
Braydon Cassidy
Braydon Cassidy Před dnem
so did no one notice when loki got smacked by that bootleg hammer, there was a second loki in the background?
Well that's unfortunate
Blackmonjet Před dnem
Loki cant pick up Mjolnir so I doubt he is using it to fly?
Boris Markovic
Boris Markovic Před dnem
2:10 he asked that because this looki never been on sacar
Kevin Marks
Kevin Marks Před 2 dny
It's not Kang it's a Timekeeper. There's 3 of them.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Před 2 dny
He is gonna make a loki army
herobrine x 2.0
herobrine x 2.0 Před 2 dny
Loki was from 2017 so he didnt experience thor ragnorok yet
Mdautkreix -
Mdautkreix - Před 2 dny
1:47 I’m sure someone else has already pointed this out but the simple explanation is the Loki from Ragnarok is dead and the Loki in the TVA has no experience with planets with non-linear time.
Twisted Logic973
Twisted Logic973 Před 2 dny
“Loki knows that time passes differently, because he experienced that in Thor Ragnarok.” Remember, this is a Loki taken from a timeline during the events of the first Avengers movie. He hasn’t experienced Thor Ragnarok yet. You yourself mention this fact later on, so it’s perplexing that you forgot it when making this point.
Grandy Maddhav
Grandy Maddhav Před 2 dny
anyone can please confirm this?, 3000 "I love you 3000" is it a foreshadowing of kang the conqueror entering and dominating the MCU???
meenatchi santhanam
In the ending it has a famous arcade game known as polibius
YOYO Před 3 dny
he asks what is that supposed to mean because thor ragnorok in that universe hasn't happened yet, only avengers 1.
Mithun shibu
Mithun shibu Před 3 dny
Didn't Ragnarok happen after the first avengers then how does he know about the time difference?
pakvaišėlis LT
pakvaišėlis LT Před 3 dny
Loki didnt know about how the time works differently because in that universe ragnarok didnt happen yet
Mr. Superhero
Mr. Superhero Před 3 dny
The Loki in this series is from avenger 1 timeline, so he wouldn't know what does Time spending differently means cuz he the event of rangarok didn't happened to him yet...
jus symple
jus symple Před 3 dny
I’m pretty sure he’s not the same Loki as the one in Ragnarok so that’s why he was confused about the time thing.
Anna Petrea Madsen
Anna Petrea Madsen Před 21 hodinou
Ragnarok hadn’t even happened yet
Zaconrye Před 3 dny
Problem with the db cooper thing, it was in the dead of night with two fighter escorting the plane
Jimins Bean
Jimins Bean Před 3 dny
I would just like to say I have a crush on both Loki’s
J M Před 3 dny
Richard e grant is the epitome of perfect casting for older loki
Surya Vamsi
Surya Vamsi Před 3 dny
2:16 or maybe this version of LOKI just didn't go to that planet as this is the alternate LOKI in the first place!
Kamen42 Před 4 dny
1:42 This version of Loki is pre-Ragnarok. He was never on Sakaar.
Shadow Prar
Shadow Prar Před 4 dny
1:05 feb,like,not ,sure,not sure,not sure,BFG,that what they look like
Aaditya Aaryan soni
He made a 8 minutes video from a 2 minutes teaser. How can we not call him a Legend?
Tushar Agrawal
Tushar Agrawal Před 4 dny
sometimes watch that at normal speed also man!
A&A Bell Marquee Hire Ltd
Me think what might TVA mean what about tv who is in a tv show hmmmm wanda vision A hmmmm anomaly who is in a anomaly Wanda vision what does and In the TVA time works differently what else works differently hmmmm wanda vision in the anomaly so what does this mean why did they pick TVA they could of picked something like JKR I wonder why they picked this honestly
Hannah Pacuraru
Hannah Pacuraru Před 5 dny
Don't know about the green, but the green infinity stone does represent time.
Paul Douris
Paul Douris Před 5 dny
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin
Chrymano Před 5 dny
2:05 the explanation to why Loki asks "what does that mean" is because Thor Ragnarok came out in the year 2017 when he got teleported in the year 2012 so he hasn't experienced time working differently yet so that why he asks. You're welcome.
ranting with spectre
This loki is after the first avengers so this loki hasnt seen or experienced anything after the first avengers
athenearosa Před 6 dny
That Loki pose is also the statue he made for ragnorock.
kapil gupta
kapil gupta Před 6 dny
You says Loki should know about the place where time passes diff with Ragnarok reference. I think the reason is it's not the same Loki as the one in Ragnarok.
Not Mr. Nikita
Not Mr. Nikita Před 6 dny
1:42 he ask becouse he is past Loki not Future loki
Rexus the Valiant
Rexus the Valiant Před 7 dny
This Loki never went to War World
Snehasis Chatterjee
Man.. u r amazing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah Před 7 dny
but LOKI isn't a mutant. What is the logic behind putting a collar on him here? his powers aren't to be dampened by a mere human made machine. humans havent done any research on LOKI to figure out dampening a god's power!!!! wth
For Game
For Game Před 7 dny
If it is mjolnir that means Loki's doing stuff to make him Worthy so that adds more conclusion to your fighting different Loki from different time lines
James Isip
James Isip Před 7 dny
Can I ask did the movie release now?
Kabir Kansagara
Kabir Kansagara Před 8 dny
He asked to mobius what does it mean because this is 2012 and ragnarok has not came
Lucifronz Před 8 dny
I'm excited for this show. It'll be nice to have more Loki content, especially one centered around the character. Shame it's a little ways away, though. At least we've got some other content to entertain ourselves with in the meantime. Though WandaVision's release schedule is killing me with how slow it is.
1:41 he asked becuz he is the loki which ran away from the Avengers 1 so in that case Raganarok never happened so maybe that is the reason that he asked mobius that what does that mean
04_Kong Před 8 dny
4:47 you can see the black powder on the floor it kinda looks like explosion
Jimmy Jimjoe
Jimmy Jimjoe Před 8 dny
Loki isn’t familiar with time being different because he hasn’t been to planet in rognorok yet
Sarthak Chandvaria
Sarthak Chandvaria Před 9 dny
1:35 this loki is not the one who witnessed planet Sakaar
Igor Czajkowski
Igor Czajkowski Před 9 dny
That is Loki from 2012 no from Thor Ragnarok that's why he doesn't rememb er .
ExDreamBeam Před 9 dny
Green light could be Time Stone :)
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh Před 9 dny
But ragnarok happened after avenger so that loki dont know about "time passes different".....because he hasnt seen ragnarok yet,,,am I wrong???
Vikanug Před 9 dny
Loki wouldn't know what the "Time moves differently" means, because that was a different Loki.
Milenka Moon
Milenka Moon Před 10 dny
um im sorry i just cracked up when you said goo goo abathara
Matt Tyerman
Matt Tyerman Před 10 dny
It’s a different Loki from Thor ragnorock dumb ass
Zhongyi Ding
Zhongyi Ding Před 10 dny
i understand that reference, DB Cooper. His real name is Charles Westmorland. He died in fox river penitentiary breakout.
Dovydas Lreu5
Dovydas Lreu5 Před 10 dny
Im realize im not subcribe for like 2 months
Stigmatogaster Před 11 dny
What's a lady Loki?
yolol Před 9 dny
Lady Loki is another version of Loki AKA Multiverse
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Před 10 dny
Loki , but with a 😻
WooFy Před 11 dny
that loki from avenger 1 that escaped doesn't have memory of loki from thor ragnarok , so he doesn't know about time flow there , cmiiw
maxju Mix
maxju Mix Před 11 dny
1:50 No, he actually doesn't know that because he didn't experienced this timeline. The Loki who did is now dead
Charlie Před 11 dny
This is 2012 Loki, so he hasn't been on Sakkar
Nabin Chand
Nabin Chand Před 11 dny
1:40 Loki doesn't know about that planet because he's the loki from 2012 not 2018. He hasn't experienced ragnarok yet or he hasn't been to sacar so he doesn't know about passing of time differently in a planet.
Marlene Vox
Marlene Vox Před 11 dny
Yes, yes, yes! Blond female Loki to cosplay😃
Bhaarat Sundhesha
Bhaarat Sundhesha Před 11 dny
: loki was not known to the time difference during the frost untill the thor rajnatik in main timeline and this one is the another timeline just after 2012 so it's really relevant to show him unaware about the time lapse..
Logan Howlett
Logan Howlett Před 11 dny
U are tough competitor for mcu brother😂
I'm the one
I'm the one Před 11 dny
2:18 he was 2012 loki bro He hasn't met Grandmaster yet
vltagebeans Před 11 dny
My theory for why Loki seemed surprised that time worked differently is because, in this timeline, Loki never when to Sakaar because he got the tesseract and went to this new place during the time heist in endgame
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson Před 11 dny
Bifrost tunnel looks like it’s made of hexagons, relation to Wandavision?
Mohak MuzicFreak
Mohak MuzicFreak Před 11 dny
Man this guy is a genius and the last clue is the best one u found🔥🔥🔥
SePtic Toad
SePtic Toad Před 11 dny
The avengers Loki hasn’t experienced sakar yet so that’s why he asks what it means
Delu Dx
Delu Dx Před 12 dny
My Question is why Loki moved only his right eye after crash landing ???
Kyle Leahy
Kyle Leahy Před 12 dny
A little late to the party, but the thing you comment resembles a hammer- its an engine piston. You can see the loop at the end of the rod.
Abdullah Hardy
Abdullah Hardy Před 12 dny
Abdullah Hardy
Abdullah Hardy Před 12 dny
But when he took the stone ! Where did the stone go after Loki transported
Zaid Shabir
Zaid Shabir Před 12 dny
The loki in thor Ragnarok is different and the one in the movie is a different one
Zaid Shabir
Zaid Shabir Před 12 dny
You got it all wrong man
Rikki Liang
Rikki Liang Před 12 dny
How can a trailer be just as long as the movies in 0.25x speed?
Evan not HD
Evan not HD Před 12 dny
It's the legend 27
Makarov Fox
Makarov Fox Před 12 dny
1:44 how he will known that if this loki is pre raganrok
Makarov Fox
Makarov Fox Před 12 dny
so sad this loki is the old loki and not the redim loki of infinity war
Makarov Fox
Makarov Fox Před 12 dny
the white hair dude is very similar to tony's dad
Jonte on game
Jonte on game Před 12 dny
allto d.b copper jumped at night and the plane was escorted by two jets
Lydia Wagdi
Lydia Wagdi Před 12 dny
At 2:06 loki doesn't know because this is the loki version from new York 2012 and never went to sekar ( i don't know how to spell it😅)
Mikael Před 13 dny
Premise I got Loki Bifrost blasted by Heimdall and the tesseract taken by Heimdall or someone retrieving it, he got bifrosted elsewhere as soon as he escaped Thor and saw loki escape his crimes. TVA Captures Loki among a different timeline after having escaped. Surpresses his powers to stop escape. Loki taken to "Time Court" To face justice for the crimes of the infinity stones/time heist reason (Technically Odin, Thor and loki were guilty as three infinity stones were brought on earth (mind, space, reality), but loki being solely responsible for leading thanos to earth. He faces crimes and is told/made to become a TVA Member and do the work of fixing the timelines he screwed up by leaving,aswell as search for who caused the time heist. Loki fights alternate versions of himself to correct the timelines, so his alternate selves will be literally villains. Alternate Loki (Lady Loki) Will be a heroine most likely among the chaos. ,theres going to be some talking amongst both Lady Loki and AT Loki Loki eventually turns hero and realises everything he does or will do in his time line or the main MCU timeline, and fights in other timelines to save the remainders of whats left. AT Loki escapes the TVA under the premise of D.B.Cooper and goes back to his own timeline, "Brother, Heimdall, I hope your ready"
AequitasVeritas Před 13 dny
1:30 but this loki its from time before ragnarok
He’d still know that time passes differently for different places, I doubt that asgardian education of the royal family would miss that
Tor Iver Wilhelmsen
Tor Iver Wilhelmsen Před 13 dny
Now make another video where you analyze the origin of every letter they shift through for the logo. :)
Danger X69
Danger X69 Před 13 dny
Marvel turned Loki into DB Cooper...i can't be more amazed than that
N S Před 13 dny
It can also be lady Loki with the fire lantern because in the super bowl promo last year he said “I’m going to burn this place to the ground”
Chramo Bad
Chramo Bad Před 13 dny
yo lowkey I love loki
The NUWE 2060 Series
This Loki is younger than the Ragnarok Loki that’s why he doesn’t know what that means
mahrukh khan
mahrukh khan Před 14 dny
Your insights are crazy!!
Shabnum faisal
Shabnum faisal Před 14 dny
Loki was surprised cause this is the Loki from avengers and hasn't been in thor ragnarok
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