I Watched Logan in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: Logan (2017) with 20 new details.
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28. 01. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 28 dny
Get Your Displates (Posters) Here: displate.com/thecanadianlad?art=5fd3ea2fba02d WandaVision Episode 4 in 0.25x Speed Coming Tomorrow! :)
C Drake
C Drake Před 10 dny
We need Logan in The last of us movie now!! Look if you don't agree 2:13
abitofcraic yt
abitofcraic yt Před 12 dny
Have you done the wolverine in 0.25x speed
Wendy Field
Wendy Field Před 12 dny
@The Canadian Lad these are my favorite vids
Shirly Carter
Shirly Carter Před 26 dny
Wait... you are Kevin hart WTF
Shirly Carter
Shirly Carter Před 26 dny
Neo On PC
Neo On PC Před 11 hodinami
this movie is the most brutal marvel movie i have ever seen....
Jack Gallagher
Jack Gallagher Před dnem
I thought the Rogers gravestone said pogers
Vir Silvam Survival
video starts at 01:22
TDSD Gaming
TDSD Gaming Před dnem
Lol, you wrote 2023 and 2029 instead of 2013 and 2019
Dieckman Tenir
Dieckman Tenir Před dnem
It's extremely difficult for Logan to have a hangover just like how his healing factor protects him from curses.
Hazmat Guy
Hazmat Guy Před dnem
Maybe it's because I don't like kids, but I found Laura very very annoying. I have loud siblings so I get headaches easily, but she just made me not like the movie at all.
BareIsRare ?
BareIsRare ? Před dnem
Logan film has a lot similarity like the last of us 1 and 2, one of the similarity is Logan take care his daughter like Joel take care Ellie
Cole Duffy
Cole Duffy Před 2 dny
Ah yes. Pump no. 7 killed him. What is with the shitty thumbnail?
Matyáš Vencel
Matyáš Vencel Před 2 dny
nope the grave clearly says pogers not rogers :D
Ches Ches
Ches Ches Před 2 dny
I have another one to add... When Charles has his seizure in the casino and logan was on his way there. Someone still move at the side playing one of the games there in the casino while everyone wqs still frozen
Prasad Gujar
Prasad Gujar Před 2 dny
This is a superhero movie we all deserved
ojani morris
ojani morris Před 3 dny
Me watching this in February 23 oh shit no discount
Rocket league gamer_ttv
Loagan pual or wovrine
Hannah Fuzzy
Hannah Fuzzy Před 4 dny
Anyone else realize how much time he has spent watching movies? Watching a movie twice, once at quater speed, is the same as watching 5 movies time wise
Akshaj Gupta
Akshaj Gupta Před 4 dny
Detail no.12 I am impressed But I think you are wrong with 2 reasons 1. If the grave says Rogers that does not mean its should be Cap.America. It can be another person with a surname Roger's. 2.If that was Steve Roger, Its not nessecery that Steve Rogers died kn 2029. He could have died between 2023-2029 If one of these points exactly correct then You are wrong
Spider-Man Ps4
Spider-Man Ps4 Před 4 dny
jai sharda
jai sharda Před 4 dny
When you watch x-men days of future past when p-x,beast,Logan visit quick silver the mail box says maximoff petro maximoff and when they get out of the Car you will here a whoosh and that’s how he knows that there were not cops
Fuzysnoman6 Před 4 dny
You need 1mil subscribers
I FOUND A NEW DETAIL. In Days of Future past Charles tells Logan to f off he does the same in this film for the proving X-Men will die
youBENtube25 Před 4 dny
Who else watches Canadian Lad videos in x0.25 speed?
Oscar Soto
Oscar Soto Před 4 dny
I guess that’s the biggest tragedy of the X-Men films. No matter Days of Future Past, the timeline always resets itself toward doom for all mutants. =[
Puppy Girl 9
Puppy Girl 9 Před 4 dny
I know all about WandaVision see your
Puppy Girl 9
Puppy Girl 9 Před 4 dny
I know all about WandaVision
MOಠ_ಠ Před 5 dny
5:08 what movie is that?
Matthew Koonce
Matthew Koonce Před 5 dny
Logan also had a katana in his room near the water tank which is an obvious Easter egg to the movie “The Wolverine”
Juan Garza
Juan Garza Před 5 dny
Holy fuck with that corn syrup cure shit 🤯🤯🤯🤯, guarantee the government is doing stuff to us now with everything
Captain America
Captain America Před 6 dny
Am I dead?...😳
Deon White
Deon White Před 6 dny
why did logan have to die
Brandon Parr
Brandon Parr Před 6 dny
I created X-32 Dec 5th 1995. Only the people who was at the City Night Club in Portland Oregon, world ever see the original X-32 for my Teen Drag queen 👑 friend's shows. Itvwas up for about 6 years, i lost tje original pictures of X-32 n only one of my friends who are left can vet it wad mt creation. I loved Logan.
Rare_Ayk Před 7 dny
Still and will always be my favorite marvel character, Wolverine
Carlo Cusimano
Carlo Cusimano Před 7 dny
I watched my life in 0,25 x speed, and here’s what I found... “🖕”
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer Před 7 dny
You're Kevin Hart?
STG RYKON Před 7 dny
Btw it’s not X avier you say zavier but it’s spelled Xavier cuz that’s my name
Gonzalo Fuentes
Gonzalo Fuentes Před 7 dny
How much X references do you want? The director: Yes
Owen Wade
Owen Wade Před 8 dny
The unusual equipment broadly report because sleep aerobically deserve in a discreet nurse. omniscient, confused tablecloth
[ HENROS ] Před 8 dny
I saw the chrome shards/dust but I thought it was from Logan’s animantium skeleton.
Tommy Indra
Tommy Indra Před 8 dny
Logan is the most beautiful Superhero movie ever period
MADHU VIMAL Před 8 dny
No one can able to stop wolverine No one can try to stop their tears when wolverine died by holding his heart 🙁🙁🙁😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
K Cope
K Cope Před 9 dny
They need to have a meta wolverine vs wolverine made by Dr?
Popular Jack
Popular Jack Před 9 dny
man your vids are golden
Scales 009
Scales 009 Před 9 dny
Gween sween🤣
Almir Kalac
Almir Kalac Před 9 dny
I doubt I'll drink beer ever after seeing this
pathetic Před 9 dny
Imagine being danfe keen and being able to say "yeah i was in logan" causally at school or summin
Anirudha Chakri
Anirudha Chakri Před 10 dny
You said "I'm Kevin Hart" in the end.... But I dont think you'd watch Jumanji in 0.25x
C Drake
C Drake Před 10 dny
We need Logan in The last of us movie now!! Look if you don't agree 2:13
Ram S
Ram S Před 10 dny
Thank you Canadian Lad!
Oddball Před 10 dny
This movie made me beyond sad.
Charles Forbin
Charles Forbin Před 11 dny
Nice work!
Benjamin Speiser
Benjamin Speiser Před 11 dny
Tom Johnson Springsteen is the real Charles Xavier.
Benjamin Speiser
Benjamin Speiser Před 11 dny
mostel. Bub I'm logan burger
Benjamin Speiser
Benjamin Speiser Před 11 dny
I got a limp as well veary old torn mustel.
Benjamin Speiser
Benjamin Speiser Před 11 dny
Anna rose Williams is lorae x23 I'm 37=10is wepenx
PhirePlayz Před 11 dny
8:20 there is an X on Laura's forehead
Peter Lebonzo
Peter Lebonzo Před 11 dny
You should do the X-men series next
AAN Farm
AAN Farm Před 12 dny
Chamomile Před 12 dny
You should do Godzilla and Kong films the monster verse ones
Kenzo Poe
Kenzo Poe Před 12 dny
P.S.- I hope they make a Daken vs X-23 film.
Kenzo Poe
Kenzo Poe Před 12 dny
Even though I love the films, I gotta admit, I'm pretty bummed that we'll never get to see some of the great stories in the comics with Hugh as Wolverine.
mike edwards
mike edwards Před 12 dny
That movie was so good it brought me pain. It was a work of art and if Jackman didn’t get an Oscar they shouldn’t even give them out
boutong zheng
boutong zheng Před 12 dny
The knowledgeable epoch consequently plant because cod hisologically drag following a far impulse. heartbreaking, nondescript colombia
Accutronitis The 2nd
One of the best movies ever!
Astera Fella
Astera Fella Před 13 dny
You really are our personal nerd 😂 Love your content! It's so satisfying to know some detail thing in a movie
Robot Killer
Robot Killer Před 13 dny
The scared yacht conformably boil because locust ethically peck like a superb sarah. nappy, glistening glorious acknowledgment
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago Před 13 dny
El Jerado
El Jerado Před 13 dny
I worked at the company that made the 1000 mile boots. Its in big rapids michigan and there not called wolverine anymore its original footwear
Mitchell Tully
Mitchell Tully Před 13 dny
Wolverine has been my favorite marvel character since his he was in the portrayed in the animated series. Watching you favorite fictional character actually die was heart breaking.
Lord Cookz
Lord Cookz Před 13 dny
they gonna put the vaccine in corn syrup
Ryan Maddugal
Ryan Maddugal Před 14 dny
When X-24 appears,he is dressed (in black plus same haircut) like how *sabretooth* looked like before,in the movie *Wolverine origins* 🤔
Polkop90 Před 14 dny
5:10 No.. I dont think i will.
Projection Park
Projection Park Před 14 dny
Imagine watching these movies in 0.25x but you don't find a single interesting detail/easter eggs... ugh. Thats 9 hours and 21 minutes for Logan
Eddie Mendez
Eddie Mendez Před 14 dny
yukio did not know logan would be holding laura’s hand. she thought it would have been his actual heart
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus Před 14 dny
Are you really Canadian? 'Cause you sound more Scandinavian than Canadian. Source: I'm from Edmonton.
RonDawg 69
RonDawg 69 Před 14 dny
How does she reach the pedals
daniel forber
daniel forber Před 14 dny
maybe the extra swear words are for prepation for logan tomeet deadpool wade wilson in mcu
Logan MarX
Logan MarX Před 14 dny
Personally I don't think the director meant for yukio to reference the death scene, but possibly decided to run with it when the theory was put together, or something of the sort. I could swear when logan was operating on himself Yukio mentioned that she saw him die in a room like the one he was in, and it's obvious that he's not in any kind of room when he dies. Also, even if I'm remembering wrong, why would she have been so adamant about him not trying to pull the parasite out himself of she knew that wasn't what would kill him? I know it's not a very recent video but PLEASE RESPOND!!
Alan Hurt
Alan Hurt Před 15 dny
How the hell can Laura drive?!?!?!?!
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson Před 15 dny
I have disagree with this the serum prevent Mutants and Anomalous Humans to have Off Springs/ Children who are Mutants. Suppress the X-gene but it doesn't effect the Mutants Species itself.
Dean Chiasson
Dean Chiasson Před 15 dny
Yea well my dads not Odin
kenobi mendoza
kenobi mendoza Před 15 dny
1:38 no shit sherlock
Never Right
Never Right Před 15 dny
You missed that after they took the lug nuts off logans limo he was still able to drive of with no problems.
Cyprian Crush
Cyprian Crush Před 15 dny
I’m sorry, Did he say “I’m kevin hart” 9:58
Der Unwillkommene
Der Unwillkommene Před 16 dny
this film was so sad.
Salroth Před 16 dny
I watched without a paddle at .25x speed and I found insanity!
Matthew B
Matthew B Před 16 dny
These details are too obvious to be amused by, seems like a lazy way to obtain followers sorry but this video was weak
Arkham Knight 95
Arkham Knight 95 Před 16 dny
Why do the X-Men always die and then comeback
Drew The Underground
.25? Musta been one long movie.
Maroon136 Před 16 dny
Makes you wonder...when the construction leaves his system, does he revive? He has revived from multiple deaths before, and "cures" are rarely perminant. Might take a while though.
Shades Walker
Shades Walker Před 16 dny
Only 35? How many were in pulp fiction?
Heartless DMNZ
Heartless DMNZ Před 16 dny
Logan is apart of the mcu
Jamie Mendoza
Jamie Mendoza Před 17 dny
We want another R rated marvel movie
Corn Corn
Corn Corn Před 17 dny
Does all X-men died in Logan film?
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Před 17 dny
Mutant blood injected to give one extreme aggression and virility (Adrenochrome) The cure (poison) added to every day food and drinks to eliminate super powers... Some pretty heavy *wink winks* goin' on there, eh Marvel?
Anodos Arcade
Anodos Arcade Před 17 dny
Who was Lauras body double? I cant find her anywhere
Alpha Trevon
Alpha Trevon Před 17 dny
I might have a corny hair cut but that joke is corny so is mine
Anodos Arcade
Anodos Arcade Před 17 dny
I thought the corn syrup cure was stopping mutants being born, not killing or curing the ones that already exist....
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson Před 15 dny
It suppress the X-gene in Mutants.
Huncho John
Huncho John Před 17 dny
Hold up Did he just say his name is Kevin Hart at 09:57 ?
biglollol Před 17 dny
>the director has confirmed about the black/white clothing So you're saying you didn't watch it on 0.25x speed? And basically just summarize trivia?
Nikolas Titovas
Nikolas Titovas Před 17 dny
1:44 there is no 13th floor
ph1f1 Před 18 dny
Mixing the mutant cure into everydays life directly relates to mixing fluorids into ours, except - its not a cure in reality
Jashen Playz
Jashen Playz Před 18 dny
4 ours ago
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