I Watched John Wick 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Today's Edition of I Watched in 0.25x Speed: John Wick Chapter 2
Coming up next: John Wick Chapter 3.
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14. 12. 2020





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
The Boogeyman!
Critical Event
Critical Event Před 14 dny
What speed do I have to watch it to no see any scenes with that hack, Ruby Rose?
Biswajit Talukdar
Biswajit Talukdar Před 15 dny
@Kryptokj Tv nobody cares😂
the eyes of god
the eyes of god Před 26 dny
@Kryptokj Tv no one cares
Achronic Deth
Achronic Deth Před měsícem
John Wick is NEO after he got put back into the MATRIX to save his life or Conciseness after his final fight at the end of the movie the programmed a new world to keep him busy with less chance of him re discovering the truth meanwhile the system can use him to eliminate those it needs to
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki Před měsícem
@Yeshua Concepcion and no
Aashray Jain
Aashray Jain Před 54 minutami
I saw this youtube video at 0.25x speed and fell asleep.
Minecraft Shorts
Minecraft Shorts Před 8 hodinami
Meanwhile our Bollywood:-
Akbar Adt
Akbar Adt Před 12 hodinami
Parabelum. John's got stab wound after library fight, and he came to the doctor to stitch it. But when he open his shirt to get "the ticket" at Russian Theatre, the wound is complete gone
Tevin Taylor
Tevin Taylor Před 13 hodinami
In the scene where John kills the 7 guys with the 7 bullets he had. When he shot the 7th guy, the blood splatter made the number 7 on the statue to the left where the guy was shot. Signifying the 7 bullets he only had
Nate H
Nate H Před 18 hodinami
I love two of my favorite movies so much more now!
that1g_u_y Před 20 hodinami
2:05 It was actually a few weeks after the first, the mustang would’ve been long gone after 3 years
milch_knoppers Před dnem
is this a video about john wick? or about mens losing hairs? dislike disfollow.
Chris Lilly
Chris Lilly Před dnem
Nope sorry... Watched way too many times nothing new. Great movie
Lars Ganther
Lars Ganther Před dnem
What i observed during watching: Every person in this films seems to be a killer, just watch the end of John Wick 2. But everybody pretends it's a secret.
T111 Před dnem
keanu reeves is a trained killer now lol
Sushil Dixith
Sushil Dixith Před 2 dny
8:05 another reference that he's a fighter, check his ears
A_Razz Před 3 dny
5:03 best detail in the video
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Před 3 dny
Even thanos couldn't stop his. He isn't wrong you know. 😂😂
john toole
john toole Před 5 dny
Benjamin Garrett
Benjamin Garrett Před 6 dny
In a 30 round magazine, you typically only load 25. A full 30 puts too much tension on the springs, degrading it's ability properly load a round in the chamber. But I suppose preserving ones equipment isn't important when you have complete confidence in your enemies equipment.
OdinsGuard_TTV Před 7 dny
These were obvious details even without it slowed down....
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez Před 7 dny
thatsimracer 666
thatsimracer 666 Před 8 dny
John wick is over about 4 weeks from 1 to 3 which is why you see somethings cross over
90Day Warranty
90Day Warranty Před 9 dny
#18. It would be accurate except that his magazines have a Taran Tactical magazine extension and those extensions are rated +5/6. His magazine capacity would then be 35/36. You don't put on an extension just so you can down-load by five rounds.
SPECTER GT Před 9 dny
Anyone at the end notice that he said the next one in slow motion?
obi wan
obi wan Před 12 dny
v0ffka1 Před 14 dny
I wish 3rd part would not be such a garbage.
pumpkin91ful Před 14 dny
Thanks for the courtesy John , italians don't like american cofee XD.
turgsh01 Před 15 dny
Thumbs down for the excessive ad bullshit.
The Green Teabagger
The Green Teabagger Před 16 dny
here's what i found its a good series
braxton christensen
braxton christensen Před 16 dny
these films timelines were within weeks of each other
thanks kips for sponsoring lmao 🤣
Justus Stern
Justus Stern Před 18 dny
Forget about this bullshit "product".... and just use WALNUT-OIL !!! Oh dear... --,-- !!!
Sciss0rman Před 18 dny
Well... The way John Abruzzi tells the story is better imo - I mean, it's friggin' John Abruzzi, man :D
Zhu Kevin
Zhu Kevin Před 19 dny
The typical taurus conservatively stay because anime yearly guarantee to a workable sofa. tearful, debonair var verbs = [aardvark
Jon Hunt
Jon Hunt Před 19 dny
There are some glaring inconsistencies. Despite it being forbidden to conduct business on Continental grounds, the chick in the first movie is surprisingly willing to break that cardinal rule. Then when the concierge calls Wick’s room to inform him he’s disturbing other guests, Wick tells him he has an uninvited guest. The concierge then offers to make him a dinner reservation- code for body disposal- but it is forbidden to conduct any business on Continental grounds, so that in itself is highly unlikely, and one would think that Hotel security and the manager would both investigate immediately. Next, in the third movie an adjudicator is dispatched practically immediately to remedy the fact that Winston permitted Wick an hour of grace before the excommunicado became effective. However no adjudication was performed for the fact that Vigo offered double value on a contract if it were performed on Continental grounds. Also the Bowery King was adjudicated, despite the fact that the contract was optional, and none of the seven rounds provided were used in the Continental. However the adjudicator determined that the brother was downed with 45acp the caliber of the gun provided by the Bowery King. Further, the Brother committed an offence against the high table by contracting Wick to kill his sister who sat at the table. The adjudicator however did not take this into consideration, and if she had, she would know that Wick had actually served the table - albeit on Continental grounds, but he should have been excommunicado for this offence.
Bryan Schmidt
Bryan Schmidt Před 19 dny
Alright, I enjoyed that video.
TheLycanHunter Před 19 dny
The iPhone is because Apple does not allow "bad guys" to use them, check all other films hahaha its quite odd.
Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton Před 19 dny
Nobody cares except idiots
Tnuts Space
Tnuts Space Před 19 dny
The details can make or break just about anything
Lucas Bear
Lucas Bear Před 19 dny
standard magazine size....for that pistol.
Spy Warehouse
Spy Warehouse Před 20 dny
"even Thanos couldn't stop his hairloss" hahaha
Alexander Mikrievskij
dude, you got eagle eyes ^^
insaneengine Před 20 dny
Have you considered that maybe she isn't mute but instead maybe deaf and that would explain the voice, although making it really harder to exercise her job.
ramm cascante
ramm cascante Před 20 dny
i have a mute cousin, even she grunts when doing sports. keep that in mind. mute people cannot speak but it doesn't mean that they cannot make any sound at all.
EveningForsaken Před 21 dnem
Mans really said "he had seven bullets and shot seven times" as if that was significant like is he supposed to shoot more than seven times?
Marco Antonio Fonseca
Marco Antonio Fonseca Před 21 dnem
I think you are actually the lockpicking lawyer
Bik Zippo
Bik Zippo Před 21 dnem
The biggest problem I have is with Ruby Rose being a major protagonist. I mean no offense to anyone but she would last about 4 seconds against a guy Keanu's size.
Beck Před 22 dny
That lady friendly firing his team imho is just stupid... You were 2v1, now you*re 1v1 out of your own fault...mh....
Danielle Riley
Danielle Riley Před 22 dny
All that effort with continuity is maybe why the movie is so good.
Papa Panda
Papa Panda Před 22 dny
I hope keeps discount i can use it when im 35
Matt Stew
Matt Stew Před 22 dny
Santino d'antonio said that john was "never one to waste words"
Devang Gadani
Devang Gadani Před 22 dny
Please watch Harry Potter series in 0.25x speed
Karmakkaze Před 22 dny
The Matrix phone! Great catch!
Mugly Punt
Mugly Punt Před 23 dny
Your defo not a Canadian your clearly an Indian or somewhere around there....your name is an insult
Emerald-Archer Před 23 dny
Nice thing is that all john wicks so far have taken within 2 weeks
Zeke Gaming
Zeke Gaming Před 23 dny
i am a mute but what i have know we can grunt or make some noises. (grunts, groans etc) never got around to learning sign language tho i just use a note pad lol.
Rk Kr
Rk Kr Před 23 dny
Ryan Johnson just stated awhile ago that Apple won‘t allow the depiction of bad guys using their devices for image reasons. And since every enemy of John wick is considered a bad guy only those two have one
John Před 23 dny
7:48, just like my hoodies! Love it!
Anthony Paiz
Anthony Paiz Před 23 dny
John Wick finishes other people's sentences
Conor Kiernan
Conor Kiernan Před 23 dny
When John Wick said "Finished it." as he killed in the continental, i believe he meant the whole assassins guild thing they have going. or at least their hold over him
Richard Black
Richard Black Před 23 dny
Pointless information,click bait.
Patrick Boyle
Patrick Boyle Před 23 dny
Why Keanu Reeves? I always figured the most successful movie stars were those who chose the best material. Some others turned down The Matrix. How about Speed or John Wick? Were these scripts circulating around LA and only Reeves was clever enough to choose them?
Григорий Табакаев
3:00 That's a stretch. You can see that the henchman catches a bullet in his head from John. He could've died because he crossed the line of fire of the mute, but that's clearly not it. Mute is complete locked on to John. Probably a mistake from scene coordinator
Bruce Graham
Bruce Graham Před 24 dny
I've watched JW several times and I noticed it's a fictional movie, so reality gets suspended by the viewer. All the details are fictional, so they do not effect anything in reality.
David Crofts
David Crofts Před 24 dny
In john wick 2 what did you notice on the top of the marker and what does crown represent.
MR Ian Firth
MR Ian Firth Před 24 dny
Keanu Reeves is one of the worst actors, i've ever seen last in Hollywood.
lll_lx_lll_v 3935
lll_lx_lll_v 3935 Před 24 dny
Dave Job
Dave Job Před 24 dny
How you get so many subscribers with such shitty content is beyond me.
68pointbreak Před 24 dny
John Wick, he's a man of focus
Василий Волобуев
About interrupting antagonist 6:40 is pretty much finished sentence/profanity If it was "Idi na..." -- yes, interrupted. But we heard short version of "Stroll towards male's genitalia" and it is hard to interrupt P.S.: watched it again -- the third word of "idi na ..." sharply audible
Ian Puddick
Ian Puddick Před 25 dny
Blanton’s bourbon in both films
SufiPlayGames Před 25 dny
I Watched This Video on 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 🤣😂😂
Blair Mcfaull
Blair Mcfaull Před 26 dny
The 3 guns he gets are actually props of his real 3 gun setup as well as the belt
SENATORPAIN1 Před 26 dny
i noticed a detail that you overlooked which is precisely as the movie begins keanu reeves cant act.
Anime King
Anime King Před 27 dny
You needed to stop or slow down to see all these? Man are you a shitty movie watcher.
Michael W
Michael W Před 27 dny
Ares isn't mute, she's deaf.
Ron McGill
Ron McGill Před 27 dny
Kips? Who is Kips?
Calvin Westbrook
Calvin Westbrook Před 28 dny
This Canadian almost sounds like he's from India
Marko R
Marko R Před 28 dny
So much bullshit
Warthrax Před 28 dny
the scene of the roto phone, no call out to the ever elusive Blantons Bourbon next to it? lol
Joe Dollar Biden
Joe Dollar Biden Před 29 dny
Be born with baldness instead of dealing with hair. You'll thank me later
Hazizviltsu Před 29 dny
lord of the rings episode be like "for the last week i watched one movie"
John Wick
John Wick Před 29 dny
Well I speak russian and in john wick 1"idi na huy" means fuck you
French Duce
French Duce Před 29 dny
John Wick is the Grand Theft Auto V of movies. Change my mind !
Julian Sloman
Julian Sloman Před 29 dny
ironically I watched this at 2.5 speed :D
Reliquary87 Před 29 dny
That Segway :D
Micky Pinestraw
Micky Pinestraw Před 29 dny
Dan Wolfe
Dan Wolfe Před 29 dny
Benedek Sz
Benedek Sz Před měsícem
6:50 He couldn't have a cartridge in the chamber if he had to press the bolt release.
zhain0 Před měsícem
the gunplay in these movies, for hollywood, is fucking top notch
Heta Benayoun
Heta Benayoun Před měsícem
These video's really make me appreciate John Wick more...but, I think we can all agree 'John Wick 3' was just unnecessary. The first film was good, the second and third didn't really provide anything new or interesting. But, there is a kind of craftsmanship to the films, which these excellent video's highlight. But...
jacob harris
jacob harris Před měsícem
Actually there few days not years between John wick 1 and 2
Jan Fulton
Jan Fulton Před měsícem
I think he meant there was a three year gap between production of both movies.
skyflysky1919 Před měsícem
2:47 Based on the direction of the blood splatter, it seems to me it was John who shot the guy.
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki Před měsícem
My dad needed to sponsor a long time ago the man is almost bald the center of his head is bold the rest of it is hair what is sad thing at least he's not Homer Simpson.
Kevin Cicala
Kevin Cicala Před měsícem
What is causing the noise through out this video that sounds like a trash truck picking up a trash-dumpster and being emptied down the street?
HeteRex Před měsícem
Damn, they really paid attention to every detail. This is what makes these movies so good
Daniel Unknown
Daniel Unknown Před měsícem
I’m confused does she refuse to speak? Or can she not speak?
Amelyn Dellava
Amelyn Dellava Před měsícem
I thought only youtube had ads, as well as content maker .
kuusteist Před měsícem
Lead as in the metal the bullets are made of.
Thommy Kane
Thommy Kane Před měsícem
"Hey John. I have an idea. Let's run down there and kill one of those guys." John: "I have a better idea. Let's walk down and kill them all."
Bubbanator Před měsícem
Shame you didn't bring up the Payday 2 Easteregg posters on the walls since John Wick is a character in the Video Game.
Tuhin Doley
Tuhin Doley Před měsícem
Ruby rose looks so much like a 3d hentai character
UNDEADNINJA Před měsícem
TENET 0.25X :)
PillowSmeller Před měsícem
About the hair loss, they usually prescribe minoxidil, but it has a side effect of giving guys boobies. Sooo Ill stick with the baldness.
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