I Watched Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 6 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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This breakdown marks the end of #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier and I must say, Marvel exceeded our expectations once again!
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25. 04. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 22 dny
Let's celebrate 1 million subscribers with this video! This one has some amazing details throughout, make sure to watch till the end. :)
Micheal Villarreal
Micheal Villarreal Před 7 dny
that bucky's arm is the color as the cousin of black panther i mean the suit
HEll0 Před 16 dny
the name could be Eagle like the american eagle
F1 Fan1234
F1 Fan1234 Před 16 dny
It is true a solo of getting help and congrats of getting 1 million subscribers and one of them is me
Rene Alc
Rene Alc Před 17 dny
Big fan of your work! Would you please cover Invincible 🙏 your eye to detail would be amazing for this show.
Kd8x warrior
Kd8x warrior Před 17 dny
@The Canadian Lad But now there is no new content in the avengers. So plz make a monster verse 0.25x speed only has 4 movies plz
jagan jith
jagan jith Před 18 hodinami
At a shot when Bucky looks Leah... She got a white wolf in her heart(dress).
Steven Před 19 hodinami
I've found one detail that Bucky will become a white wolf, that is when he has confessed that he is a killer of Yori's child and he returns to the bar and sees Yori sit with Leah, you can see on Leah's shirt there is a picture of a white wolf, maybe easter eggs?
Doonkle Bean
Doonkle Bean Před dnem
Sam’s alt name “American Eagle”.
Andi Xavier
Andi Xavier Před dnem
Meat ball
Black Captain America😭
Sarnil Angcon
Sarnil Angcon Před dnem
Congrats to you 1M Subscriber Lad
iiAn Was
iiAn Was Před dnem
Fantom is ridge if you know what i mean then you know what i mean
Frosty Před 2 dny
Here since 200k
Zen Kun
Zen Kun Před 2 dny
Upload more please 🙏☺
ShadowShark _710
ShadowShark _710 Před 2 dny
Me when my parents tell me to change my clothes Me: 14:53 it's the same..........but black
KittyChanU2 Před 2 dny
Hey don't forget us lasses lol. We love you too eh.
Cyberjack Παλ
Cyberjack Παλ Před 3 dny
Its been Sharon all along and she killed Badrog too🤣🤣 I don't think there is a marvel fun who can stop laughing after that
Madan Shrestha
Madan Shrestha Před 3 dny
Omg goat gsp😘
Damian Jose Rivera
Damian Jose Rivera Před 3 dny
I'm surprised that u didn't mention the scuff of paint that came off of John's shield after Carly kicked it
Christian Ngumbau
Christian Ngumbau Před 3 dny
Alright lets be serious,what kind of Spiderman fan didn't notice the the Green Goblin Pumpkin Grenade.
Christian Ngumbau
Christian Ngumbau Před 3 dny
Hans Diamante
Hans Diamante Před 3 dny
12:24 tokyo ghoul flashbacks
Hans Diamante
Hans Diamante Před 3 dny
i dont get it tho, if sharon wanted super soldiers why did she help them find nagel if he was under her. was the US pardon better than the serum?
OfficialDarus94 Před 3 dny
sharon is a skrull i think or mind controllled by someone or work for nick
Sue Robbins
Sue Robbins Před 3 dny
12:32 @The Game Theorists thought that since episode 1 lol
Enders Game
Enders Game Před 3 dny
If you didnt smile while reading 'Captain America and Winter Soldier' you are not really a marvel fan
MajoiLat OG
MajoiLat OG Před 4 dny
10:19 in that scene before the wings dug into the ground his foot actually started to slide back a little but it stopped instantly when the wings hit the ground
naethen george
naethen george Před 4 dny
i bet other utubers are jealous that so many companies are sponsoring him
Kennedy Před 4 dny
Yoooo i missed that title, being the falcon is change to Captain America, i was literally crying out of joy after the episode
Francois Boonzaaier
I was expecting the end title would be Captain America and the White Wolf, since Bucky is no longer the Winter Soldier. All of Bucky's therapy and good deeds was to become of the Winter Soldier.
KingMunik 07
KingMunik 07 Před 4 dny
I think the Abraham Lincoln line was a reference to Captain America : Civil America bcoz everybody knows Abraham Lincoln was president during the American Civil War .
rishav roy
rishav roy Před 4 dny
William Adventure
William Adventure Před 4 dny
Yo Bucky got rest by sams nephew LOL
shekar.m Před 4 dny
cmon cap falcon and falcon americaa i was thinking abt it after this ended
Bacons United
Bacons United Před 5 dny
Sam's code-name should be; The Bald Eagle
Andrew Hobbs
Andrew Hobbs Před 5 dny
160$ for the wallet n tracker get fucked
Jawwad Al Hoque
Jawwad Al Hoque Před 5 dny
Want a face reveal, please.
Mike Casey
Mike Casey Před 6 dny
I’m with you my LAD!
Emmanuel Barker
Emmanuel Barker Před 6 dny
Someone should watch this video in 0.25 to see if he missed any details
Vibe Před 6 dny
Hey the scene where’s Josh saves the car the music is actually the same music from civil war where Bucky gets his arm blew off by iron man...
Vibe Před 6 dny
Cool fact: The music that plays when josh saves try’s to save the car is actually the same music that played when Bucky got his arm blew off in captain America civil war!
Edward Ness
Edward Ness Před 6 dny
Capt America and Winter Soldier... sadly, Should've been Capt America and the White Wolf... leaving the book was his closure away from the Winter Soldier, felt like the name needed a change as well...
ChayHok Kork
ChayHok Kork Před 6 dny
i really get pissed when someone like john can't beat karli, like are you serious ? three awarded medals soilder can't beat a little girl ?
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Před 7 dny
d3at45tr0k3 Před 7 dny
5:28 are you an english teacher by any chance? It's glowing because it's reflective surface. That is. Only that.
dbzlegend carlos
dbzlegend carlos Před 7 dny
Sorry for watching this so late I hadn't had time watch the episode so ya well done with theses vids
TeriyakiKusunoki Před 7 dny
one cute detail that you missed is that there is one guy said "that is black falcon!" which a nod to a kid in previous episode saying that sam was "black falcon".
Ghost Reaper 115
Ghost Reaper 115 Před 7 dny
So the way to know if there a bad guy is from there phone
Angela Saunders
Angela Saunders Před 8 dny
Love your Breakdown technique.
ProB Music
ProB Music Před 8 dny
Is it only me who felt joy when Karli was killed?
Arya416 Před 8 dny
14:30 so let get this straight, you’re telling me people who use apple a good.. people? Ok..
Mohamed Abdirahman sheikh
I watched all the episodes of the falcon and the winter solider
Jethro Tan
Jethro Tan Před 8 dny
The fact that they hate John walker for killing someone but when Falcon did it its fine kinda triggers me. Do you think its ok when falcon toss those guys in the air and they will not die falling down? Hypocrites everywhere in MCU
And i watched your video at 0.25x speed😂😂😂
Shivans Kumur
Shivans Kumur Před 8 dny
In the speech he blink his eyes to many times because of the light
Zachary Stewart
Zachary Stewart Před 9 dny
Me who supported the flag smashers at first and empathize/felt bad for Karli the whole time :!WAIT, WHAT!?!?!?)? A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T LIKE HER!?!?!?!?
Hound Solo
Hound Solo Před 9 dny
you should also include the soldier who greeted "Sgt.Barnes" when bucky entered the scene.
Shadowed Enderman
Shadowed Enderman Před 9 dny
John walker, aka: evil captain America, aka: Solder sent from the government, aka: the guy that no one likes.
Trevor Ellis
Trevor Ellis Před 10 dny
Does anyone know if they are making anymore episodes because ive been waiting for another episode for awhile and i dont wanna just be stupid, Waiting for a episode that isnt even gonna be coming out.....I need someones help
joshua areta
joshua areta Před 9 dny
There are no more episodes but there are rumors of a second season. Which i don't think has been confirmed yet.
Adventurer504 Před 10 dny
Please, can we all appreciate the effort this guy puts in for us? At 0.25 speed for 50 min episodes, that must take hours. These are quality uploads, and keep it up for Loki if you can!
I noticed most of the stuff he points out before I even watch his videos. Watching at 0.25x speed is just a gimmick.
Brayan Před 10 dny
Indian fans life 👇
vishnu chitudu
vishnu chitudu Před 10 dny
make a special video for 1mill subs
Matthew Barbour
Matthew Barbour Před 10 dny
You missed how Bucky ate some of the oreos off the Coldstone cake, they were placed differently like it was rushed.
Amari Angeline D.
Amari Angeline D. Před 10 dny
Its just cool that when falcon/new cap can just fly to his shield when he threw it to high up in the sky.
Amogh Manuachar
Amogh Manuachar Před 10 dny
The scene with Isaiah Bradley reacting to the statue dedicated to him was actually an emotional one
Ahmed Xaid
Ahmed Xaid Před 10 dny
you missed the medal of honour under walker's shield
Mako Ent
Mako Ent Před 10 dny
Ok, I need a Fantom Wallet.
anggitssaurus Před 10 dny
Congrats lad, for the 1 million subscribers 👏
DeviDaylight Před 11 dny
5:28 No veins in bucky's arm red reflections on the metal from the red light on top of the ambulance. You're over analyzing and seeing what you want to see. The mind is strong on this one.
crybaby Před 11 dny
I loved the part in the beginning when the police officer refers to him as Sergeant Barnes bc it shows how they recognize him as a WWII veteran.
sponkasaurus goose
sponkasaurus goose Před 11 dny
when watching his falcon breakdowns at 0.25 speed, I noticed he says mantel at least 50 times
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson Před 11 dny
I hope you have a great life(never watch screen culture he is the opposite of you and clickbait dont give him a view)
arr1zion Před 11 dny
I have a detail to... when Red Wing fires a laser at the truck, it makes the same sound as visions mind stone laser ;)
Vincent Jodoin
Vincent Jodoin Před 11 dny
John Walker might be Captain Hydra no ???
John Reynolds
John Reynolds Před 11 dny
Just to point out that Sharon doesn't ACTUALLY say that she is the Power Broker. She says that the Power Broker has more power than Kali, and it is Batroc who then voices his conclusion that Sharon Is The Power Broker. Sharon neither confirms nor denies his statement, and neither does Kali.
sanskra monu
sanskra monu Před 11 dny
is Sam worthy
Dave Scowen
Dave Scowen Před 11 dny
I'm with you til the end of the line.
Holmes Holmes.
Holmes Holmes. Před 11 dny
honestly white wolf is the coolest and most badass name for a super soldier from marvel universe
The Jear Bear
The Jear Bear Před 12 dny
The only easter egg I disagree with is 5:20 where The Canadian Lad claims that Bucky pushed his Vibranium arm to the limit punching the lock. In my opinion the red shine to the arm is just a red light reflecting off the surface. If it were to glow from exertion it would be like Black Panther's suit glowing all over, plus that would be incredibly weak for his mechanical arm to be almost breaking from only that little amount of stress compared to what it had be through in previous movies
Fifteen23 Před 12 dny
This is a comment.
Commander_Appo10 Před 12 dny
4:49 with the wings making a vibranium seal, Sam's previous wings, also made the same maneuver in Episode 1, but making an interlocking shield with his wings. It's a bit of a callback, or should I say it's a freaking upgrade.
Gouri Prem
Gouri Prem Před 12 dny
Seeing old scenes from other films made me shed🥲
No Idea
No Idea Před 12 dny
Here thor is replaced by bike. Get help
DEKER GAMER 26 Před 12 dny
Your welcome
Dhour Abraham
Dhour Abraham Před 12 dny
Ummm am I the only guy who heard before I began in 0:26
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari Před 12 dny
This is amazing. we normally miss so many details. we are Glad we have u. people think marvel is an action Genre only but they don't see the other aspects. Marvel is successful because it really works on its character. Also puts a fine blend of every emotion
B_Drizzle38 Před 13 dny
"Just spare me 40 seconds" Me: tap tap tap tap tap*
Wesley Redman
Wesley Redman Před 13 dny
Will i would call him captain falcon
Anusha Sanjeewani
Anusha Sanjeewani Před 13 dny
Sharon’s face mask could have been made by someone else (like a secret guy?) because her mask looks a bit sticky while taking off , but Natasha’s one is more easily less sticky
Izanne Strauss
Izanne Strauss Před 12 dny
Their technology did upgrade *(SHIELD)* so that's why it's so realistic because that's why Black Widow's mask was in 2014 and Sharon's mask was in 2025
Siddhesh Shinde
Siddhesh Shinde Před 13 dny
I want him to watch all Harry Potter movies in 0.25x speed to give us some amazing details
Izanne Strauss
Izanne Strauss Před 13 dny
Why hary porter,it's so old and it has bad vison and it's just mostly dark scenes,he must what Annabelle,Pennywise,The Nun and more
Bharat Dugar
Bharat Dugar Před 13 dny
Hey Canadian lad , I found a small detail in avengers endgame . As you remember in infinity war when black order first visited New York and we got to see iron man new suit , he created a shield from nanoparticles coming from his suit but later in the movie when iron man was fighting Thanos , due to Thanos blows his nano particles were getting destroyed slowly and at the end he only had little amount of them to complete the suit but in endgame during the gauntlet wearing scene we see his shield wasn't made from nano particles infact they were some blue tinted force field or whatever so that his nano particles don't get destroyed and become less in number And as we know Tony always learned from his mistakes so he improved upon it !! I hope you like this detail
River PB
River PB Před 13 dny
@the canadian lad i think the one important detail you've missed in this whole series is how you never mentioned lamar being battlestar.
Rebecca Paige
Rebecca Paige Před 13 dny
Do all Canadians pronounce it "Amewrica"?
Liam Sutherland
Liam Sutherland Před 13 dny
Turns out they go full forest gump and start fishing shrimp. But who loses the legs?
Poble Před 13 dny
When he made that promised, it was so heart warming, especially when he called us his lads. 🥰
Basanti Devi
Basanti Devi Před 13 dny
I hate carly
SKULLY Před 14 dny
i just realized, watching this episode woukd take 3 hours and end game woukd take 12, damn
Solution Před 14 dny
My favourite detail is when Bucky arrives on the scene an officer (I think) refers to him as Sargent Barnes.
Lord Maurus
Lord Maurus Před 14 dny
Congrats on the 1M!!! I love your content, keep it up!!
Stelin Wahlang
Stelin Wahlang Před 14 dny
I have to say the Indian representative in this episode do not sound Indian at all..not even American Indian..more like South American.
KaiserWilhelm Před 14 dny
14:30 I INSTANTLY noticed that too and told my friends about it
Reign Drops
Reign Drops Před 14 dny
What about when Bucky catches that spear that was thrown at him is that not a callback to steve catching the spear in his entrance at infinity war
Izanne Strauss
Izanne Strauss Před 13 dny
If i *subscribe* too your CSshows channel would you do the same
Izanne Strauss
Izanne Strauss Před 13 dny
It is
Yash Kalia
Yash Kalia Před 14 dny
Canadian Lad: to the highest beeder!
Maximus The Explorer
Finally a show that showed the race problem without the cringy social justice bs. Honestly that makes the person look weaker. THIS, this adds strength to the character.
John Rey Guerrero
John Rey Guerrero Před 14 dny
This movie is not about Sam carrying on the legacy of steve, but also to stop racism.
Izanne Strauss
Izanne Strauss Před 13 dny
Marvel did put it in to stop *racism* because Marvel is a big company and it's not a movie it's a *SERIES*