I Watched Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 5 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Here goes my breakdown of #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier Episode 5 in 0.25x Speed.
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18. 04. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 29 dny
I hope I didn't disappoint you with this one. If I did, I'll probably nail it with the final episode! ;P
Aarush Guru
Aarush Guru Před 13 hodinami
@Tito Animates .
Aman Dash
Aman Dash Před 2 dny
The ending only was enough to put a like.
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari Před 13 dny
Big fan of yours too ❤️, love from india
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari Před 13 dny
You can never
N7 CARTMAN GH Před 22 dny
You watch everything in 0.25 speed
Something Quite Atrocious
Something Quite Atrocious Před 2 hodinami
Until then, *_-I am captain america-_* sHut uP biTch! Lmao I died
George Larson
George Larson Před dnem
I always laugh at welding scenes in shows/movies. I think I've only ever seen one welding scene in any movie or show where it looked like someone knew what they were doing. That was some bird shit welding going on there. Fucking Elmer's glue would hold that shield together better. Jesus with the budget and amount of effort that goes in to Marvel shows you'd think they could get someone that actually know how to weld to double in that scene. That would probably be easiest as you dont see the actor's face. Or get a welder to spend 5 minutes with the actor so they dont look like an absolute moron.
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S Před 2 dny
I feel like the new captain America is get insulted by all.😔😐
Mungus Před 2 dny
Dark Avengers? Anyone?
Venus Kuellar
Venus Kuellar Před 3 dny
Can’t wait to see how walker realizes his shield won’t magically come back the way the original did
OfficialDarus94 Před 3 dny
11:02 you r amazing
Mossa Maculove
Mossa Maculove Před 5 dny
Big S/O to The Canadian Lad, I watched the series first before watching his breakdowns and he is super accurate.
Bharat Gupta
Bharat Gupta Před 6 dny
14:49 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bharat Gupta
Bharat Gupta Před 6 dny
............ Best
Stealth Fox
Stealth Fox Před 10 dny
14:42 great content
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar Před 10 dny
Is there season 2 for these web series
babyemis Před 11 dny
point 2 furbex speed
Ghost Taco
Ghost Taco Před 11 dny
Love the scene with the kids playing with the shield and Bucky smiling
Cultured Slav
Cultured Slav Před 13 dny
Idk about you but I was staring a Bucky’s arm
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari Před 13 dny
Canadian lad. Love you bro. After each marvel movies or webseries I come her to watch explanation. Never missed
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari Před 13 dny
Marvel casting is always incredible. Russel aka John Walker has played the character in an amazing way. The intensity of the scene can be felt when ever he appears.
Ghanshyam Saritha
Ghanshyam Saritha Před 13 dny
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Před 14 dny
5:08 zemo wasn’t afraid he thought he was finally going to see his family
Pasta Shack
Pasta Shack Před 14 dny
Alternate title: "Local Lad Misuses the Word 'Literally' for 15 Minutes"
ʄʀօֆȶ_ɮɨȶɛ Před 14 dny
No our friendly neighborhood canadian lad sweared. 😥💀 And i °°p.
Moaz Khan
Moaz Khan Před 14 dny
SI Production's
SI Production's Před 14 dny
Ya so mush attention that they change the Actor of Captain America
John Walker isn't evil, the Flag Smashers are. Pay better attention.
Praveen HB
Praveen HB Před 15 dny
Canadian lad: Shut up B**ch Captain America : Language
Yoongi's Gummy Smile
The thing you said about paying all the attention to John walker when he is in the room is so true. He is a fabulous actor
Rowel Quitoles
Rowel Quitoles Před 15 dny
Steve: Jonathan Bucky: Walker
sprouttt Před 15 dny
7:35 Bucky spent too much time in Wakanda..
Daniel Lua
Daniel Lua Před 16 dny
Only the wings are made of vibranium
Daniela Alvarez
Daniela Alvarez Před 16 dny
John is the true face of America.
LKN Oni-Gami
LKN Oni-Gami Před 16 dny
I feel the trailer didnt do this show justice.
Philasande Zuma
Philasande Zuma Před 16 dny
Actually Anthony Mackie is the best actor in this whole series🙄
Shining Fractal
Shining Fractal Před 16 dny
4:30 That statement couldn't be further from the truth.
Cat Před 16 dny
In the finale bucky was lowkey showing off his future stepfather skills.
Sristy Dey
Sristy Dey Před 16 dny
Any friend of my brother try to talk with me My Brother: Don't flirt with my sister.
Stevenson Barla
Stevenson Barla Před 17 dny
Where did you get the picture of Captain America on the moon😂😂😂
Reynald Cloma
Reynald Cloma Před 17 dny
"They're walking away from each other in different direction, but they're finally on the same path." This is the most interesting line I've ever heard. Kudos to this man who own the channel 🙇‍♂️
Patrol Pilot
Patrol Pilot Před 17 dny
The moment race got involved, I noped out of the entire show
C0unterAc3 Před 18 dny
They did a good job pointing out the oppression but ALSO simultaneously, How over the top the mob has gotten with it by addressing karli as "Misguided teenager"
Lewe S
Lewe S Před 18 dny
The thing is there is no oppression against blacks in today’s society, stfu lol. Before yes but now no, the only second class citizens are people who don’t work for what they want.
Kiano Sorrelhorse
Kiano Sorrelhorse Před 18 dny
Omg lol the ending I AM CAPTAN AMERICA shut up bitch
It’s Me
It’s Me Před 18 dny
Anyone else realize that Steve’s moms name was Sara. As well as sams sister.
Dat boi
Dat boi Před 18 dny
7:24 the briefcase look like mark 5 iron man armor
Anirudhra Dabas
Anirudhra Dabas Před 18 dny
ending "shutup bitch"🤣🤣🤣🤣
felipe387 Před 19 dny
Hes stealing the scene just as the actor that played joffrey baratheon. They nailed it, everybody hates their characters.
raphallusek Před 19 dny
I also watched it at 0.25x and I've found out something amazing. The episode happened to be four times longer!
DATYODA Před 19 dny
Your last line killed me. Lolololol
Nayops 20
Nayops 20 Před 19 dny
11:48 , 13:17 Love these scenes❗️👏🏼
Anand M
Anand M Před 19 dny
Bucky is somewhat close to the name SARAH, while he was remembering Steve's mom's name in Civil War, it was "SARAH" there as well.
Hansa Prajapati
Hansa Prajapati Před 19 dny
Can someone please explain how Steve Rogers got to moon and its where in Wanda vision or in Falcon?
Ukie TheOverlord
Ukie TheOverlord Před 19 dny
3 movies... Sam never once gave a damn about skin color.. 2020 happens... now Sam's woke as ever.. LAZY WRITING... keep your politics out my marvel movies
T-800 CSM-101
T-800 CSM-101 Před 19 dny
"It's not about being Liberal or Conservative, it's about what's right." I get the sentiment. But which side do you see trying to shove their view of "what's right" down our throats every time they get in front of a camera?
Varaprasad Korada
Varaprasad Korada Před 19 dny
JW: I'm Captain America Some background voice : Shut up bitch😂😂
Becky Monte
Becky Monte Před 20 dny
Haven't seen it yet, but that John dude looks like what Mr. Incredible would've looked like in his youth.
Cupid Jones
Cupid Jones Před 20 dny
Falcon has to use two hands to catch the shield
Kiri SGD
Kiri SGD Před 20 dny
Considering how they did black panther, since i'm italian i was sure the first marvel italian superhero would have the "pasta superpowers" or would wear a "chef coat"
Raff Raza
Raff Raza Před 20 dny
I am captain America shut up ****** wkwkwkwkkw
DeclanHugo RS
DeclanHugo RS Před 20 dny
How I thought this series would be: -Falcon takes the shield -Him and bucky team up -They kick ass with Sharon and Zemo -The end
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez Před 20 dny
Russel has done an outstanding job for the series, but let’s be real and recognise the mega work that Sebastian Stan has done since day 1, and how committed he still is to the character even after 10 years. In my opinion, Sebastian Stan has been the best actor in the whole MCU
Luca Pegrucci
Luca Pegrucci Před 21 dnem
Wait that means Steve Roger's is with Stan Lee (RIP) at the moon.
Jesus Mervilus
Jesus Mervilus Před 21 dnem
I am Groot
I am Groot Před 21 dnem
Many don't know but I think it's more than a coincidence. John Walker attaches a small golden Star at the back of the sheild he made. This actually is a reference to Lemar as he said in EP 2, that he was also called Battlestar. Get it?
sillyking1991 Před 21 dnem
hmmm, i didn't feel like zemo was scared. i thought that that look was zemo being like 'finally'
Muhammadh Shifas
Muhammadh Shifas Před 21 dnem
klo htoo
klo htoo Před 21 dnem
Guy this movie is tv show or full movie?
Ellice McFarlane
Ellice McFarlane Před 21 dnem
When I watched it and Isaiah were talking. I never saw the experimenting on Isaiah was because he was black but because the serum worked on him and they wanted to know why so they could replicate it. Never saw it as a black and white issue.
Exo Před 21 dnem
The issue is not that scene its episode 2 thats the main issue
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Před 22 dny
You missed one detail. When Sam was training with the shield, in the running scenes he left room on his left for Steve
Atomicrc Před 22 dny
Remember the doctors words in the first avenger: "Good becomes great...bad becomes evil" (or something like that) He took the serum and......you saw what happened
Atomicrc Před 21 dnem
@asioe kiou out?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Před 22 dny
bro where is episode 6 man
Michael Richards
Michael Richards Před 22 dny
As a black person seeing them address the issue of a black person holding the shield, something I myself questioned if that would actually happen on screen is amazing. I didn't expect them to actually be verbal about it. I'm not American so neither left nor right. So for its a black issue being addressed with care and some sort of realism
Ventrishero Před 22 dny
It’s been Allegra all along...
Slam! Před 22 dny
Yeah we get it, you are a fan of U.S. Agent. Good for you. He is kinda cool actually.
Xboy Rayos
Xboy Rayos Před 22 dny
Poor, Walker. He does everything right, but he makes one mistake, and then no one cares about all the good he has brought to the world, and what he has sacrificed.
TeAXIII Před 22 dny
From what I’ve seen of tfatws the “woke” parts are done well instead of being shoved down your throat, except the cop scene from ep2. The problem a lot of people have now though is that people are more alert to these sorts of things so they see all of it as “woke”, this is why subtlety is needed with these things
Rudra Patel
Rudra Patel Před 22 dny
When I watched this episode in normal speed i found that ... While training when sam is running just for a second one could see the injuries in his left hand which were caused due to training... A very good detail from marvel.... You missed it tho..
Gracie Sylvester
Gracie Sylvester Před 22 dny
He tries to fix the mistake of the blood on the shield by wiping it off but it seems hes only making it worse
Gracie Sylvester
Gracie Sylvester Před 22 dny
I love how when the complete breakdown came doen so did Sam in the background (coincidence or on purpose) 😂😂
Akash Reji
Akash Reji Před 22 dny
Well, his analysis was wrong that there would be new falcon and Sam chose to be only captain America
Uday Tandel
Uday Tandel Před 22 dny
John walker : if I am not able to be Captain America then I will be Tony stark
Flordeliza Vhon Russel
Marvel is Like mind blowing
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Před 23 dny
Bucky: " hey can you do me a favor? can you build a multi-billion dollar suit in two days, for my buddy?"
Isaiah Webb
Isaiah Webb Před 23 dny
My name is Isaiah
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Před 23 dny
captain America the winter Soldier, civil war, and falcon and the winter Soldier that whenever he is winter Soldier (I mean when he was being controlled) he always uses left
FINE Lyrics
FINE Lyrics Před 23 dny
Did Stan Lee appear in any ? I guess I saw a glimpse of blurred Stan Lee in 2 or 3
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Před 23 dny
You got one million subs keep the good work lad
Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor Před 23 dny
bro where is episode 6 man
Kawthar Alfetlawi
Kawthar Alfetlawi Před 23 dny
Figures out sharon really is the power broker. Me: Ohhh that BI*CH Also me: Lad truly is better than Erik voss 🙌🏻
average Gal
average Gal Před 23 dny
Im confused of what happens to cap
Joshua Mawuli
Joshua Mawuli Před 23 dny
Why does everyone think Zemo will ever agree to work with super villains
2wEntEe Před 23 dny
Bucky's been a bit of a bitch ever since he was un-brainwashed. He was an even match for Rodgers but can't even fight Walker
Bartosz Pastuszak
Bartosz Pastuszak Před 23 dny
Well i dont like the wokeness in this episode, but the situation is realistic, as it shows that goverment, or military is willing to go to any lenghts to get new weapons, or in this case is superserum.
miaton xd
miaton xd Před 23 dny
The ending hahaha
TheLazyArtistRalph Před 23 dny
Me who doesn't have disney plus. Watches CanadiadLad for the summary of the show, thank God we have you ♥️
Dcraft_TNT Před 23 dny
I personally feel like making a big deal about how giving the shield to a "Black man" really undermines the true weight of picking up the shield. It's not a racial thing, it's about filling the shoes of one of the most loved and respected people in History. It was never about there being a black Captain america, it was all about choosing to become the next Captain America and what ment to everyone else. So every time the mention "new cap can't be black" or "world not ready for black cap" just throws the true issue with picking up the shield out the window. And when Falcon chose to be Captain America and also a dope ass one at that, he showed the world that there can be a better Captain America, not because he's black, but because he put in the work to be a better Captain America.
Sling Slung
Sling Slung Před 23 dny
It would be cool if they used that time thing in EndGame and Steve comes back just to kick John walkers ass or maybe put sense into him, he’s kinda dumb ngl
Sling Slung
Sling Slung Před 23 dny
Not the actor the character
Perry S
Perry S Před 23 dny
Its great editing not so much camera work, just record than edit together from several sources
Sim Pxch
Sim Pxch Před 23 dny
waiting next episode
Absolute Sad Lad
Absolute Sad Lad Před 19 dny
@SwiftXD Episode 6 is the last and it aleady released, plus the original comment is a bot
SwiftXD Před 22 dny
@Clint Marton Marquez I’m pretty sure there is 1 or 2 more episodes left
Clint Marton Marquez
I thot that was the last.
Zsolt Bartus
Zsolt Bartus Před 23 dny
14:10 - big cameo my ass.
adharsh s
adharsh s Před 23 dny
Pov :. U thought bucky will shoot zemo
Tejaswani Kalavala
Tejaswani Kalavala Před 23 dny
A small detailing you might have missed That when Bucky says I am right handed and I always not think of left hand immediately It is not just for a joke We can observe from captain America the winter Soldier, civil war, and falcon and the winter Soldier that whenever he is winter Soldier (I mean when he was being controlled) he always uses left hand, but whenever he is Bucky ( I mean when he is himself and not being controlled by anyone) he uses right hand most of the times. I think it is a quite good detailing marvel had put into this character. You can also check this in few scenes from these movies and show
Three-legged possum
Three-legged possum Před 23 dny
Great observation!
Johnny Před 23 dny
Shut up bit*c... That cracked me up 🤣😅