I Watched Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 4 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Here goes my in-depth breakdown of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4 in 0.25x Speed with a lot of tiny easter eggs and details.
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11. 04. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před měsícem
Please watch till the end as more crucial details are towards the end. (Lemme know though if you liked the details I found) :) Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clik.cc/LR511 ✅ ANDROID: clik.cc/gqNbP ✅ PC: clik.cc/AGdG7 and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days!
_ Cap
_ Cap Před 3 dny
When the first dora milaje women threw that spear on John walker...see her face. She looks scared. Why is that ??
Sivadeep Kosaraju
Sivadeep Kosaraju Před 5 dny
In this episode when Bucky fix's his arm after fighting Doramaleje . He does it the same way after fighting with black widow in captain America and the winter soldier
deepakhbk Před 20 dny
deepakhbk Před 20 dny
deepakhbk Před 20 dny
cici song
cici song Před 12 minutami
_ Cap
_ Cap Před 3 dny
Imagine Steve Rogers negotiating with Karli 😥
Arvind Nath Yadav
Arvind Nath Yadav Před 3 dny
They - stupid held tilt thing My brain - wanda
Před 4 dny
ArnavJain 8B
ArnavJain 8B Před 5 dny
When ayo disarms Bucky there is an energy surge that goes through his arm every time she touches his arm. It's only visible for a few frames but it's a subtle detail.
Viswa adapa
Viswa adapa Před 5 dny
What do you want lady ******g likes 😂😂
J R G Prime
J R G Prime Před 5 dny
Cap had not pressed his sheild into Tony's arc reactor or Tony would have died
Rd warrior Gaming
Rd warrior Gaming Před 7 dny
missing Blackpanther
Aditya Chandra
Aditya Chandra Před 8 dny
When Ayo disarmed Bucky's arm just before it fell down there was some sort of light in the arm.
Mst Nirmal Manna
Mst Nirmal Manna Před 8 dny
Nobody tells rocket about the fail safe mode lol 😂😂
Ritty Douglas
Ritty Douglas Před 8 dny
Karli jumped to hit Bucky but Bucky want to just jump down
Ujwalten Patil
Ujwalten Patil Před 8 dny
Detail:- Ayo was trying to disarm Winter Soldier's arm with her spear, but she failed.. then she did it with her hands☠️🤪
Abdulla Shiran
Abdulla Shiran Před 9 dny
15:29what do you want lady? 😂😂😂
Sayed Zulal
Sayed Zulal Před 11 dny
When rnu gonna do a face reveal
Alison Bui
Alison Bui Před 12 dny
I couldn't help but thinking of Jessica Jones killing Reva Connors under the control of Kilgrave when Karli punched Lemar Hoskins in the chest so hard that he might have died from the punch instantly. It might indicate that Dr. Nagel's Super Soldier serum is more effective and powerful than the gene-editing experiment that Jessica went under.
Brandon Astris
Brandon Astris Před 12 dny
If you notice zemo tilts his head like Wanda so it might be a sokovian thing
Gouri Prem
Gouri Prem Před 12 dny
Whi all think that jhon walker looks like mr incredible 😅😅
Altonahk Před 13 dny
Your thing with the "black flag" is incorrect. What he had is a subdued flag. It is a two-tone flag made up of colors on the uniform in order to blend in. It is worn in the field and/or combat deployment so that it blend in. It's usually made of green and brown, black and brown, or a black printed on a camo background, but can be made of any two colors/shades. This type of flag is frequently worn by vets and active duty to simultaneously show patriotic support of the nation, and show their military experience. The flag is simply part of making his uniform show him being a more modern Captain America.
Akash Maiti
Akash Maiti Před 13 dny
kevin heart ??
Joyce Sarkodie
Joyce Sarkodie Před 14 dny
I think John Walker already prooved he was not Captain America because when winter soldier asks him whether he was made to jump over a bomb like in captain america the first avenger and he says no which prooved that although he was physically competent he just didn't have the spirit of captain america like steve Roger's did
Marvin Rick
Marvin Rick Před 14 dny
the face zemo makes when his tea got slammed into the wall is like "now im sad because i didnt got my tea"
B N Před 15 dny
Don't forget Bucky caught the blade with his RIGHT HAND.
B N Před 15 dny
The star in the window is the "Star of David", recognized as the symbol of Judaism & the Jewish faith. Baron Zemo is a former German soldier during WW2. Is it possible that Zemo knew of the underground tunnels for his escape because these windows were used to identify this location as a safehouse formerly used as an underground railroad to liberate Jews from Germany & since it is owned by Zemo, it shows that he assisted in their liberation from persecution? I think his belief that no one should have powers that only a "God" would possess, as well as his other beliefs, would be cause for him to rebel against the attempted genocide of an entire culture by someone possessing a "God" Complex as hitler had & forcing him on his path against powered individuals. He could find redemption in stopping another individual or group from rising to power and committing another such atrocity.
Fredal Fernandes
Fredal Fernandes Před 15 dny
16:32 why did he say Kevin Hart ?
Libi Gadi
Libi Gadi Před 15 dny
Raid is indeed an awesome game love it💗
BRUHH Před 15 dny
You’re Kevin hart lol
Rowel Quitoles
Rowel Quitoles Před 15 dny
The Way Bucky jump is for landing on the ground while Karli is on attacking that's why bucky loses.
Sam is definitely NOT the ONLY one worthy of taking up the Captain America mantle after Steve.
Having a "very fine people" moment? Gosh you canucks aren't too smart. Way to be easily manipulated by the media with an out of context quote.
Jaseem Jahfar
Jaseem Jahfar Před 17 dny
You missed the captain America landing of walker detail, when he was chasing the flagsmasher
Patrick Schardt
Patrick Schardt Před 18 dny
“What do you want lady? Fucking likes!” Yes. Some people are like that sadly Also the on both sides thing has already been debunked. Great video
Zero Silver
Zero Silver Před 18 dny
They should let bucky become the next black panther/proctor of wakanda but with the name white wolf 🐺
Dr varsha Bandi
Dr varsha Bandi Před 18 dny
John turned to the dark side
Zetrify YT
Zetrify YT Před 19 dny
I really won’t care if Carly dies tbh
Digitally Stephanie
Digitally Stephanie Před 19 dny
I love your videos, but I disagree with your assessment that Karli is stronger than Bucky due to adjustments with the SS serum. If you watch the footage, Bucky jumps straight down, while Karli vaults herself AT Bucky to get him out of the way. She increases her velocity this way. The tilt of her head has her looking straight at him and aiming to block him. He’s just looking down to where he’s going to land.
Олег Петренко
Captain *America* saying to Dora Milaje that they have no jurisdiction there, in Latvia, aka not America, was one of the funniest thing to me in this series.
Nayops 20
Nayops 20 Před 19 dny
12:08 ^ Sam did the same thing to a tree.... 13:05 ^ No, he clearly has a red beard....
lukmanul hakim mahmud
Capt amereca look so stupid..
SENPAI Před 19 dny
i watched this video in 0.25x speed and realized how much time and effort it takes to make one video
Avinash Rai
Avinash Rai Před 20 dny
@Canadian lad i really appreciate your work and skills in not only breaking down the whole series but also predicting LITERALLY everything successfully... Kudos to you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
joysclash Před 20 dny
You got one thing wrong 😉 the new serum is a recreation of the original serum it not better or optimised already stated in the previous episode...the reason Bucky was slow is because of his inner conflict as he dosent want to become the winter Soldier again and that's why all this time he fights holding back...also he only leaped off while the terrorist girl pushed on the ledge hence she was faster 👍🙏
Mr_ZeeBeastZeo Před 20 dny
azcomicgeek Před 20 dny
The music in the credits emphasized the weight of John Walker's action. That hit me as hard as the shield hit Nico.
Spicy Před 20 dny
3:27 let's appreciate how Zemo wore that biscuit on his finger before eating it
Chamudika Harischandra
5:39 the one behind to the captain america is look like to the girl buky dating. (Sorry for the bad english)
XBloodyBaneX Před 20 dny
9:37 That's not how that works, though. If they were trained in anything, they would have been trained in the use of their macguffin laser shields. Them knowing how to kickflip up CA shield would be like you knowing how to kickflip up a buckler shield. It is such an archaic technology to them that training in how to use it would be nearly entirely useless.
XBloodyBaneX Před 20 dny
9:37 That's not how that works, though. If they were trained in anything, they would have been trained in the use of their macguffin laser shields. Them knowing how to kickflip up CA shield would be like you knowing how to kickflip up a buckler shield. It is such an archaic technology to them that training in how to use it would be nearly entirely useless.
RcFoamFighters Před 20 dny
she new the password to buckys arm
Duck Master
Duck Master Před 21 dnem
Christian Williams
Christian Williams Před 21 dnem
The end this episode tho😐
Noah Foreman
Noah Foreman Před 21 dnem
or the stars behind Bucky might be a reference to the comics
I am Pan Too
I am Pan Too Před 21 dnem
Tarun Krishnan
Tarun Krishnan Před 21 dnem
In this episode when there is a conversation between Sam and Carley, she sits on a bench and sways her leg. This shows that she is not more than a kid, but is leaded wrongly.
Elgin Harris-Standing Cloud
9:07 best part of the video 🤣
Doin Johnson
Doin Johnson Před 22 dny
Matt G
Matt G Před 22 dny
Ya know, Zemo really wasn't all that bad of a guy through the series. Sure, he had his own plans that didn't work out, but he helped Sam and Bucky. Fed them, gave them a place to stay, saved them. I hate rooting for the bad guy, but..
Chris Před 22 dny
Kevin hart😂😂😂😂😁😘
PunKick Jack
PunKick Jack Před 22 dny
Actions scenes in the Marvel series seems so much better than in the movies. Keep it up.. it's not about speed it's about tempo
Gracie Sylvester
Gracie Sylvester Před 22 dny
Zemo looks directly at sam as well when he said there will never be another Steve Rogers this is only show for a split second tho
Iqbal Purnama
Iqbal Purnama Před 22 dny
9:55 why did you blur it out lmao
Marco Pohl
Marco Pohl Před 22 dny
Zemo escaped through the shitter, a man who knows his place!
animation rewind
animation rewind Před 22 dny
I love that this captain America is an actual comic character called the U.S.Agent
CB L Před 22 dny
I skipped a week then watched two back to back. Kinda like a movie.
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen Před 22 dny
John: *whines about being defeated by Dora Milaje* Sam: *holds his own against the Dora Milaje*
Ryan West
Ryan West Před 23 dny
When John was staring at the audience with the blood on his shield I thought he was gonna hit them with a good Ole Rick Grimes "Whauht?"
tyler cooper
tyler cooper Před 23 dny
Bucky should have been season 1 and then Sam.
grey bowling ball
grey bowling ball Před 23 dny
Did Bucky see the guy behind him through the reflection on the knife? 12:26
Raghvendra Singh
Raghvendra Singh Před 23 dny
Love the way you introduced yourself as your full name not by THE CANADIAN LAD in the end.😍
ggArbiter Před 23 dny
video titles like this are sad
Venice Zhayne
Venice Zhayne Před 23 dny
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Před 23 dny
at 15:24 to 15:30 that made me laugh. thank you. also keep up the great work
Lucindo Teixeira
Lucindo Teixeira Před 24 dny
Canadian Lad: "I'm Kevin Hart... and I'll see you lads in the NeXt Oooonne" Wow I had to watch this at .25x speed to catch that amazing easter egg/reference. Someone's a Mark Normand fan ehhh?
War Machine
War Machine Před 24 dny
5:38 do you know what's the greatest thing you forgot to say? He was a big fan of cap, but also he held Walker and Karli would execute him. He was ready to kill the Captain America without thinking twice
Luke Ritchie
Luke Ritchie Před 24 dny
Not sure about what you said about Karli being stronger because of the scene where she hits Bucky to the ground. Bucky is just trying to drop to the courtyard and Karli is trying to intercept him, so she has the advantage. Nagel's serum is optimised, so they get more strength with less excessive muscle mass. If she was as jacked as Captain America or the Winter Soldier I'm sure she'd be stronger in that case, but I'd say they're probably even. Nagel's serum seems to increase the strength of the persons existing muscle mass, while the previous serums increase the strength of they're muscles while also increasing the muscle mass.
MR. ICE Před 24 dny
15:25 lol you got me
Grizz Před 24 dny
I m impressed Steve Rogers AKA the real Captain America is so humble person I m literally melted of his kindness
OfTheHunt Před 24 dny
at 11:50 you miss understand the flag. US and NATO soldiers wear infrared (IR) or "suppressed" flags on their uniforms to identify themselves, and for moral. I wore a flag exactly like that and we certainly took prisoners. Now I don't know the point of wearing a suppressed flag in a red white and blue onesie, but he does have a SOF background so I'm not surprised he would keep it. The more interesting observation would be that he wears it on the opposite shoulder from US Servicemembers, but idk what that may signify.
BitBANANA Před 25 dny
That thumbnail is hilarious
HighEphant Před 25 dny
When John used the shield to kille guy I was genuinely shocked
Diego Vera
Diego Vera Před 25 dny
Ngl I really want to see daredevil fight John walker
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh Před 25 dny
This show has made me respect steve rogers so much
@CanadianLad Lamar represents the racist trope known as the Magical Negro aka Token Black Friend. Look it up😉
M A R K II Před 25 dny
May all this imbalance may create a new rhythm one day when every single episode is released..who knows .?😅
M A R K II Před 25 dny
Lamar reminds me of LENAAR........😂
neko Před 25 dny
i watched this video at 0.25x and noticed that he said "winter soldier " at 14:11
Sushrut Kane
Sushrut Kane Před 25 dny
On 5:59 we can see people taking photos and videos of famous cap,battle star, Bucky and sam
Tello Khakhane
Tello Khakhane Před 25 dny
1. In Zemo's apartment, one of the Dora Milaje throws her spear into pillar from the other side of the room, and stands there. Ayo and the other Dora walk in from another side. Ayo then hands John his ass to him. As the Dora that threw the spear moves in to attack Lemar, Ayo hurls her spear to her between Lemar and Sam and she catches it effortlessly. 2. I noticed when Bucky grabs Ayo's spear as soon as she turns her free hand went straight for Bucky's cybernetic shoulder
Dream Před 25 dny
Walker doesnt deserve the shield
Mr. Crazy
Mr. Crazy Před 25 dny
Why does everyone compare that civil war scene with this scene, that doesnt make any sense
Mr. Crazy
Mr. Crazy Před 25 dny
John should have killed carli instead of him
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem Před 25 dny
That is some details man
S.Vidhyardh Singh
S.Vidhyardh Singh Před 25 dny
Hey after Lemar was killed and John checking out if he was alive or not, the background music (slow crescendo noisy panic inducing music) when John was losing his mind was just like the one used for Point Dexter, a psychopathic sharp shooter, losing his mind, in Marvel Daredevil season three. 😜
get off my turf
get off my turf Před 25 dny
9:29 very punny
Sheldon Chettiar
Sheldon Chettiar Před 25 dny
I like John Walker's character....and the one which are saying that he is evil and bad they need to understand that we all need these type of characters for better storyline...
Sheldon Chettiar
Sheldon Chettiar Před 25 dny
But I don't think that John was bad before taking serum and post serum what he did was due his friend's loss.....
wilmer mayo
wilmer mayo Před 26 dny
Haha after watching the canadian lad in 0.25 x speed he did an ending with a "kevin hart". Sneeky sneeky! 😏
Jow babadook
Jow babadook Před 26 dny
3:40 I think sam was thinking of that one old guy who also got the serum then got put in jail for a while.
Draxler Gotham
Draxler Gotham Před 26 dny
Another detail was that bucky did the unwind arm movement after fixing his metal arm back, and he did that same movement after his arm was fixed in the winter soldier movie, that's great continuity
adam vorsino
adam vorsino Před 26 dny
Hey man love the content. I've been rewatching all the movies and I'm on Captain America: The first avenger and in the fight scene on the plane red skull says that he has scene the future a future with no flags. Could he have seen the flag smashers?