I Watched Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 2 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Here goes my breakdown of #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier Episode 2 in 0.25x Speed.
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27. 03. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před měsícem
This episode didn't have that many mind-bending easter eggs or details. But I think the show will pick up it's pace from the next episode. :) P.S: I just watched my video again and some of you might misunderstand the point that I'm trying to get across so I'm gonna clear it here. In no shape or form I am qualified to influence your political views. When I appreciated some of the things in this video, those are entirely my own opinions and in no way I'm gonna force them unto you. This is a free world and you're welcome to believe whatever you'd like. Of all things, the one thing that I never want is to have a divided audience. I create entertainment content for people in the left and people in the right. So don't worry, your personal nerd will never shove politics into your throats, in fact quite the opposite really. :)
Titanus Who
Titanus Who Před 23 dny
@jarvis friday I'd like him to do GvK
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA Před měsícem
Well episode 5 showed my remaining points to be true. So 6 out of 7 ain't bad.
Fallen Acolyte
Fallen Acolyte Před měsícem
Okay. Thank you.
Monster Plays
Monster Plays Před měsícem
I enjoy your content but you focused way to much on subtle messages about race things that are blatantly obvious not hidden easter eggs, which is why i watch your stuff i was greatly dissapointed today
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck Před měsícem
@Anubhav Dhananjai yeah his parents died in a plane crash and T'Chaka found him and took him under his wing I think because that's from my memory
HUNTER GAMING YT Před 8 hodinami
When sam get out frome that ocuard convercation his leg go through bucky.s leg
J.A.N.Y Před 3 dny
4:06 Everywhere I go,I see his face
Ankit Ladha
Ankit Ladha Před 4 dny
This channel is becoming mre irrelevant with theories that r not there at all ans now mostly he is jist saying what happens in the episode more than the facts...
Ignis Ardenti
Ignis Ardenti Před 4 dny
Sweet cheese, the race issue is the reason why I always skip Episode 2. Damn, Marvel/Disney r mixing in some realism arent they?
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Před 4 dny
Wait Bucky Also vanished when thanos snapped right!. So when the girl at the pub asked him how old is he why did he say 106?Is he older than Steve Rogers?
Aswin Arjun
Aswin Arjun Před 4 dny
Can you explain what is the white wolf really is
Edward Ness
Edward Ness Před 6 dny
People saying throughout this series that this show is going full "woke" as if this is something new for comics or art in general... i always feel that where ever the state of the world and politics are; art broke, or at least tried to break that barrier years or more often decades prior... i think because the MCU is played out in "real time" and with the sort of coverage through every sort of media related outlet, comic storylines being mainstream, people are drawing stronger parallels than ever before... like comic books are becoming victims of their own success, because while they are raising the same questions they have always raised, people all of a sudden started paying attention... art is needed to slowly and progressively change people's way of thinking, so that when related legislation is put forth it's met with agreeance, well, consider that propaganda if you will, but one would argue there is positive propaganda, perspective based it would seem, but just a level of human decency is the focus, difficult to put a positive spin on manipulation, maybe it's just best to not look at it as manipulation, just general positivity...
Cecil Sohn
Cecil Sohn Před 7 dny
So Canadian Lad, are black people mistreated in Canada? or are you saying this is only an American thing?
Ty Hobson
Ty Hobson Před 7 dny
John kill. A flagsmasher in episode 4
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres Před 8 dny
Yo bro whatever part of the CSshows community doesn't want u making longer videos is on thm deliver ur content to the best of ur ability AND desires I'm sure ur a relatable guy don't rush ur videos ur good at wat u do
Bucky had really a great landing in MCU 😆😆😆
Deadpool 123201
Deadpool 123201 Před 11 dny
I like how my name is Isaiah Bradley and there’s a marvel character named after me….
JoeJoe_TpT G
JoeJoe_TpT G Před 12 dny
4:26 Bruce still has the best landing. lmfao
Jonathan Před 12 dny
Starts talking about how powerful pandering is... yeah im out. Unsubed
Mr. Derpy
Mr. Derpy Před 12 dny
i thought the new cap is casey neistat 😅
Daniel Sampong
Daniel Sampong Před 12 dny
Stan Lee cameo mid right of 9:39
JoeNoodle Mobile
JoeNoodle Mobile Před 13 dny
This movie was too political, we watch these movie to escape reality, we don’t need this bullshit in it
Adeel Shahid
Adeel Shahid Před 13 dny
too bad this is a real problem for some people and not just a plot point. marvel has always been about grounding the characters with emotion, struggle and sacrifice. you just didnt want to see something real. too bad. wake up. the world is a hard place. racism is everywhere
Adeel Shahid
Adeel Shahid Před 13 dny
Michal Kavuljak
Michal Kavuljak Před 13 dny
Fun fact: as a citizen of Slovakia I can assure you, we don’t have yellow stripes on roads 😃
Achilles Arboleda
Achilles Arboleda Před 13 dny
4:08 yeah spiderman ik
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Před 14 dny
The resin marvel references Star Wars is because they make the comics
Spazz Před 14 dny
9:49 i’ve watch this video at 0.25x speed and i seen richard pryor or da left lol.
Keith Dunixi Macalaguim
Im filipino
Adriel Tan
Adriel Tan Před 14 dny
Damn that filipino qoute thoo
Killex ult
Killex ult Před 15 dny
Where is the real cap? 🥱
Anshuman Dewangan
Anshuman Dewangan Před 15 dny
"I always wanted to do that.." best line
Japheth Yang
Japheth Yang Před 16 dny
In episode 1 they hint that Falcon isn't good in small quarters during the first plane fight. In the second episode you can see Falcon fall to the issue that his wings are too big for the small space between the trucks
Servant Před 16 dny
I love that they're subtle about the introduction of the young avengers. Subtlety is one of the things I really admire and praise marvel with like damn. People thought this was just about giving solo movies each avengers. I mean WandaVision introduced 2 of the young avengers, Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced 1, Loki will introduce 1, Dr. Strange will introduce 1, I heard a hawkeye series/movie is coming which should probably introduce Kate Bishop. Before you know it, they're all introduced and you'll be like why is there a forced young avengers movie when they haven't introduced some of them yet?
Tiffany Spencer
Tiffany Spencer Před 17 dny
Walker's ego is the size of a planet😉😄
Buster Bear
Buster Bear Před 18 dny
Bucky: “no he’s not bothering me...anymore than usual.”
Alberto Imag
Alberto Imag Před 18 dny
Steve Roger's Capt. America carries a 1911 pistol, John Walker's Capt. America carries a 2011 pistol... He's the Capt. America - 2nd Generation.
Adeel Shahid
Adeel Shahid Před 13 dny
John Walker is fake cap
Bella Friska
Bella Friska Před 18 dny
I always see Popeye in John Walker 😬
Raven Genavia
Raven Genavia Před 20 dny
It's very unexpected to see a filipino version of the quote "One World, One People" for I am a filipino myself
Sayan Bagchi
Sayan Bagchi Před 20 dny
In the scene, where Bucky jumps from the plane with his left hand in his front is actually a reference to past where Bucky accidentally jumps up from the train during the fight sequence in Captain America: The First Avenger, where he managed to save himself from the fall by keeping his left hand in front of him.
Varaprasad Korada
Varaprasad Korada Před 20 dny
Making super soldiers is same as making mutants in Logan movie, and again a detail from x men 😉
Philipp Schmid
Philipp Schmid Před 21 dnem
isn't the prison at 14:07 the prison Bucky was in in civil war? Because that's not the raft, it's somewhere in Germany.
tahz 8002
tahz 8002 Před 21 dnem
the people in the graffiti had the same mask as zemo had
Dammitimmad Před 22 dny
It actually makes sense that Walker is capable of using the shield even without the serum and would become even better with it since in the comics it's known that John is actually a lot stronger than Steve
Lazy Patrol
Lazy Patrol Před 22 dny
11:32 man I love you but shut the hell up, TFTWS is shoving all that down our throats.
Adeel Shahid
Adeel Shahid Před 13 dny
don't watch it then. its a real struggle
PunKick Jack
PunKick Jack Před 22 dny
5:20 Falcon makes a Batman entrance.
Darth Caliginous
Darth Caliginous Před 22 dny
The racial commentary in this show was amazing
Suraj Sarkar
Suraj Sarkar Před 23 dny
Power broker ... Deadpool .... Francis.....
GamerVoltsy Před 23 dny
I'm imagining that sam and bucky where actually arguing about there powers without acting (sorry i forgot their irl names ....)
Anirudh Vadrevu
Anirudh Vadrevu Před 23 dny
3:22 bad became worse
RONALDO World Před 23 dny
I dont like the new captain america i rather see the old captain america aka steve rogers WHO IS REALLY WORTHY
Anonymous me
Anonymous me Před 23 dny
Quit CSshows
Vince Madarang
Vince Madarang Před 24 dny
From what I remember the serum only takes the person to peak superhuman and that it doesn’t matter how strong you were before the finish line is the same
USEvaseline -_-
USEvaseline -_- Před 24 dny
Thumbnail points at foot Ah yes to powerful
sneaky Crimsin
sneaky Crimsin Před 24 dny
You do know that police are more brutal against white people than black people.
Ian Dabre
Ian Dabre Před 25 dny
Black Widow To Steve in Civil War: DO you really wanna punch your way out of this? Lemar to John: You cant punch your way out of this one. I was wondering why that sounded so familiar. I still cant figure if there's any hidden meaning behind though.
FatalFist Před 25 dny
I didn’t even think about that, how else would John and Hoskins know to go after Karli.
Joshua Boulay
Joshua Boulay Před 25 dny
Gotta love how marvel creates racism in a TV show...... then people use that as an example to real racism. We need to stop doing this in movies and shows. Almost every single marvel fan can't wait for anthony Mackie to put on his version of the captain America suit. Good character development... good acting... everyone likes anthony Mackie. But this whole black experience in America...stop it. Get off the racism card. This country has done more to lift every type of immigrant up out of poverty. You think Jay z... nippsey hustle... suge knight Beyonce Eddie Murphy kevin hart... Barack Obama.. hell even louis farrakhan, would have had a platform of success anywhere else? America is racist? Lol where are the facts on that one?
The Man's Arc
The Man's Arc Před 25 dny
Mag ingay mga pilipino hahah😂👌
Lemuel Ecuacion
Lemuel Ecuacion Před 26 dny
I'm so surprised about the Filipino language they used. They even used a Filipino music for a scene in ep 3 and I loved it
Krenn Astoria
Krenn Astoria Před 26 dny
I don't think Erskine meant it multiplied physical capabilities, if that was the case, Bucky would be many times stronger than Steve with the serum, but they're the same. Erskine meant it in a more metaphorical, ethical sense.
Random Facts With PB
you see that he has his hand on his holster
ViCtor Gaming
ViCtor Gaming Před 26 dny
Your voice is so calm and smooth It is like Pubg Mobile on 60 fps Great job buddy :) love from Pakistan😍😍💯👍🏻
Drew Před 27 dny
People turned off the show because they hated that cop scene due to it being they are putting real world stuff in shows which isn't very entertaining
FalconFunds Před 27 dny
Cant believe mcu is trying to bring this crap into this. There trying to add race and police being bad guys. I mean wth is that. Now there trying to make all police bad and there trying to say blm without having to say it
Sister Phister
Sister Phister Před 27 dny
keep the race bullshit out of your videos
Mr.L_22O Před 27 dny
You know when I saw Jhon I kinda like him Of course he will never be as good as Steve but he seemed to know what role he took and the consequences But after EP 5 Man he sucks (Jhon walker not the actor stop the hate >:/)
Joel Michael Viado
Joel Michael Viado Před 27 dny
Ha, Bucky caught the shield using his regular arm, one-handed without looking.
ADA Před 27 dny
He also watches skill share in 0.25x speed
Redneck_Moonman Před 27 dny
Enjoyed the video until the blm bullshit. Don't support hate groups
Crusader Cats
Crusader Cats Před 21 dnem
Bro BLM isn’t a hate group it’s just trying to stop police brutality and racism in general. Even though you probably think your not being racist you are. No racist man or women thinks they are racist.
h Před 27 dny
Your thumbnails make no damn sense
OG Topson
OG Topson Před 27 dny
The super shoulder are weaker and weaker
Charlon MLs
Charlon MLs Před 27 dny
14:44 wait so you guys used Filipino words now. As an MCU fan and a Filipino, I couldn't be more happy!
webhead52 Před 28 dny
9:50 what's san lee doing there
garik loran
garik loran Před 28 dny
"Good becomes great. Bad becomes worse." The doctor was not talking about physical traits, that's why he chose Steve.
Z tech gaming
Z tech gaming Před 28 dny
Good becomes great bad becomes worse ... He's not talking about strength
Mohit Birla
Mohit Birla Před 28 dny
why buck isn't powerful thn Steve ?
Gonzalo Quiroz
Gonzalo Quiroz Před 29 dny
The message on the phone is from the power broker.
Hi Před 29 dny
2187 is also fins number as well as the cell number
GHØ5T99 Gaming
GHØ5T99 Gaming Před 29 dny
Stupid john walker.. not a person to call a hero at all.. all garbage
Harlan Nguyen
Harlan Nguyen Před 29 dny
11:26 Yeah, and this is the very same reason why so many people tuned out of this show.
Harlan Nguyen
Harlan Nguyen Před 21 dnem
​@Crusader Cats​A lot of people are tired of the BLM stuff and don't want to hear more of it, especially in their entertainment. If they pulled a bait-and-switch with it, like have Sam immediately think the cops are going after him for "harassing" a white guy when in reality they are there to arrest Bucky, then people wouldn't have a problem with it.
Crusader Cats
Crusader Cats Před 21 dnem
Wait wdym.
Tan Oliamot
Tan Oliamot Před 29 dny
The only bad thing is that id just have to watch this on pirated websites, idk where else to watch it in a good way Id be willing to support Marvel by having a subscription in HBO Max but sadly its not available here in the Philippines
skull face
skull face Před 29 dny
Aw gay you had to be a blm supporter even tho you don't live in America
Juliet C.Winters
Juliet C.Winters Před 29 dny
Steve Roger's was a good man John Walker is a good solider (does everything he is told to do without a question) Sam Wilson is a good man (always trying to help where he can) who is training to be a good soldier to take up the shield Difference is, John walker never trained to be a good man, he trained to be the perfect weapon for his country Also did anyone giggle at bucky being suave in the recent episode? Hes too cute man🤧
Zero Dark
Zero Dark Před měsícem
Steve Rogers has used various firearms and thrown a lot of people off planes and ships to their deaths. While he only did this against those with evenly matched weapons, it could be argued that since John wasn’t yet super, he was outmatched and needed the gun in melee against superhumans.
Lichumba Jinga
Lichumba Jinga Před měsícem
I really don't like John fuck .. He is not worthy to hold that shild
Nathan Felix
Nathan Felix Před měsícem
The fact that so many people watch this is just 😢
Scott Bruckner
Scott Bruckner Před měsícem
I mean. White wolf is a persona that Bucky adopts in the comics.
Aryan Před měsícem
9:51 you can see Stanley The Manley on bottom right
Maku PH
Maku PH Před měsícem
isang dugo isang lahi 🇵🇭🇵🇭
Luís Guilherme Porto
Luís Guilherme Porto Před měsícem
I feel like there is a lot of misunderstandings about what the serum does. I don't think it's a "if he is already that strong, imagine if he took the serum" kind of deal. I think the serum puts the user to the pinnacle of human physique in every way, independently of how weak the user is. In the end, on contrary of what Zemo said, there is a lot of "Steve Rogers" around, those are the good people that Abraham Erskine talked about in the captain america movie.
brion gamboa
brion gamboa Před měsícem
Some struggle More than others. But I wouldn't expect an Indian to know that
neoholmen Před měsícem
14:15 damn i love the easter eggs! both starwars and marvel are my fav things! 🥰
Arpheus Před měsícem
I actually like the new cap. He just seems more human than the original cap.
Home Haorao
Home Haorao Před měsícem
Plot twist: John walker arleady use super solider cryum
Aaron M.
Aaron M. Před měsícem
In german it's called Häuser not Hauser
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Před měsícem
Damn now y would the police focus on groups with minorities, maybe because that’s where the most crime happens Stfu
pacey hatanaka
pacey hatanaka Před měsícem
Police brutality. Shat up keep this type stuff out of it.
Crusader Cats
Crusader Cats Před 21 dnem
You clearly know how to spell.
Kollekció Rozsdás
Kollekció Rozsdás Před měsícem
I think you realy want to put the Race question into this but it has nothing to do with it. It sound more like forcing than actual role.
Crusader Cats
Crusader Cats Před 21 dnem
Well it’s also what happens every day to African Americans. No racist man ever thinks he is racist. I personally think you are be very racist. Let me guess you like Trump to?
Riliator Před měsícem
Yeonji Před měsícem
14:45 **Constantly pogs in filipino**
Bayu Sank
Bayu Sank Před měsícem
no chris evan no captain america
Emoji Bomb
Emoji Bomb Před měsícem
R.I.P red wing
Rei Před měsícem
Where do i watch thisss
TheJeweledWolf Před měsícem
I noticed another difference between Jon Walker and Steve Rogers. When Bucky asks Jon if he's ever jumped on a grenade, he immediately says yes. He has jumped on a grenade several times, _because he has a reinforced helmet_ . Whereas Steve jumped on a grenade to save people without any sort of protection, Jon did it because he knew he'd be safe. Steve is willing to sacrifice himself, I highly doubt Jon is. It's a rather defining feature between the two.
LazyBobby240 Před měsícem
He may not be a good guy, but that uniform do be kinda nice
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