I Watched Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 1 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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With this video, I begin my official weekly breakdown of #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier in 0.25x speed. I'm gonna try harder next week to dig more marvelous details.
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20. 03. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před měsícem
Lemme know your thoughts on the first episode and about my video too ;)
Gnanadeep Před 15 dny
Iron and man relates iron man 😂😂😂
webhead52 Před 28 dny
also on the board of all the vanished people where it said Victoria Alonso is Derek kolstad
TheHigherFury Před 29 dny
Just going to point out that the "fish in the sea" line probably wasn't referring to actual fish. Sounds to me like it was referring to the dating line "there's plenty of fish in the sea"
Meme you madz
Meme you madz Před měsícem
I am here from the futer you were right about basically everything
Jonathan Marroquin
Jonathan Marroquin Před měsícem
@Cosmic Orphan I say we agree to disagree here then, lol. It's been nice talking to you.
Ryker Před 4 dny
Falcon watching flag smasher at .25X speed while Canadian lad watches him at .25X speed while I watch this video at .25X speed 🤣
Spartan Actual
Spartan Actual Před 5 dny
All in all the the whole race politics that marvel tried to get into there is a bad idea politics and superhero universes need to stay separate
Mst Nirmal Manna
Mst Nirmal Manna Před 8 dny
Torres would be falcon was hinted in whenever the ops touch it gets glitchy And A subtle reference for nakachimas smash ..agents of smash
nevermore painting
nevermore painting Před 9 dny
Of course he's good at hand too hand combat, he's gsp
mt7able Před 11 dny
Iron... man Uncle... Sam
Wulf899 Před 12 dny
Bek Drew
Bek Drew Před 13 dny
Watching this back after all episodes and seeing who he thinks to be the leader really isn’t the leader..😏
toastaddict Před 15 dny
I finally get to watch these videos after finishing tfatws
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma Před 16 dny
Maybe 0.25x speed was reference to your videos ❤️❤️😂 Love ur work man💖
leahh Před 16 dny
marvel really don’t miss a beat when it comes to details
Servant Před 16 dny
Now that i remember it. I was excited to see Bucky's sister in hopes that she is a badass as well even at an old age like a hacker or thief or something
Anthony Bellecomo
Anthony Bellecomo Před 17 dny
The only "black lives matter issue" is that the terrorist organization gets to be a thing to begin with. You're a damn fool if you support those terrorists
Pagodeiro Master
Pagodeiro Master Před 18 dny
The fish in the see part isn't literal, fish in this case means woman
Callum Clarke
Callum Clarke Před 18 dny
Man you really reach for some of these "Easter eggs"
MI gacha
MI gacha Před 19 dny
10:51 ah yes a callback
Trying Normal
Trying Normal Před 19 dny
Iron and a Man theory is crap.😂
Payton von-Weller
Payton von-Weller Před 20 dny
The “half the fish in the sea” line is a reference to “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” it’s what people tell you when you get dumped
Jorge Lazaro
Jorge Lazaro Před 20 dny
8:08 actually that’s a joke she’s making on the line “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” which, if you didn’t know, is said to people looking for a relationship. It means “there’s a lot of people out there [to date]” She’s saying “have you dated much since everyone came back?”
san binoy
san binoy Před 20 dny
not impressed ... u r just narrating the show ... i was expecting so much .... you didn't even mention the football match which was an old one ... man utd ...epl ..
Royce L
Royce L Před 20 dny
106 so is that mean his the age of 36
Hammond !!!!
Hammond !!!! Před 20 dny
I have a theory for Bucky having a nightmare , in the further episodes you can see Bucky saying that a part of winter soldier is still in him and we all know that it could be triggered until it was cured , what if sleeping on the floor triggers those nightmares because he used to sleep on the floor during the early stages of him being a winter soldier and in episode 6 , he doesn't get a nightmare when he sleeps on the couch ?
Hammond !!!!
Hammond !!!! Před 20 dny
@starklysuperior 7 Probably
starklysuperior 7
starklysuperior 7 Před 20 dny
That might be the case I reckon
Ewoks Pokemon
Ewoks Pokemon Před 20 dny
At 4:57 you can see that there was "Moon Landing" on it and some people think that Steve went to the moon, also since Marvel likes Star Wars at the same time it showed Star Wars crossed out on Steve's list.
Hungry for Apples?
Hungry for Apples? Před 21 dnem
That iron man thing at the beginning is a bit of a stretch
Yanco Lima
Yanco Lima Před 21 dnem
"true fans" what a horrible assumption
4:03 he is watching football Manchester City vs Manchester United it maybe a detail where in the Captain America First avenger movie we can see Steve Rogers listening to a football match and the score is 3-1 . Bucky is watching the game where city won 3 - 1 against united; telling the date of the game to the nurse who looks at him in surprise
salma yeasmin
salma yeasmin Před 21 dnem
Who knew the powerbroker would be a she 🤣🤣
Abdullah Gool
Abdullah Gool Před 21 dnem
Who else misses the old winter soldier
tahz 8002
tahz 8002 Před 21 dnem
how did this guy predict so much
Split ψ
Split ψ Před 22 dny
1:53 that’s the same necklace t’challa wore in civil war when Bucky is first brainwashed and kicking everyone’s asses, the bit before cap stops the helicopter
masterpig5 S
masterpig5 S Před 22 dny
I mean, you probably already know fish in the sea is phrase but birds were set up as though all species were affected.
Anay Mashruwala
Anay Mashruwala Před 22 dny
Bro this is gr8 content i got to know this even more. And ur sense if humor is gr8 bro😂
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim Před 22 dny
In civil war, we can see a blanket on the ground in buckys apartment, which i think is his 'bed' foreshadowed movies before
56 Asmitosh Shinde
56 Asmitosh Shinde Před 23 dny
yesterday i watched the last eisode and now binging your 0.25x speed videos. How tf did you guess the racism concept of the show? thats the best part I like about this show.
DrownedGod Před 23 dny
Damn that first detail was a reachhh
Kevin Candelaria
Kevin Candelaria Před 25 dny
10:50 hahahahahah
CTDummyfail Před 25 dny
I just realised that when bucky stops the lucky cats arm from moving it could be symbolic to him as the cat has an uncontrollable left arm, which is basically him
CaramelKitten21 Před 26 dny
Has anyone noticed/mentioned the lights under Col Rhodes’ pants. On the sides. Remember, he had a spinal injury. He can only walk with Stark Tech/mechanical legs.
Bong Tze Yong
Bong Tze Yong Před 27 dny
During the scene where Sam & Rhodey were talking (after we saw the Vanished name list), one of the lighting glass panel on the right side of the screen, has a round symbol with a star in the middle & horizontal stripes going across the circle (exactly like Bucky's metal stripes), could that be a hint that Bucky might be given the title of Captain America later on? Or could it just a design that represent Winter Soldier?
evan Před 28 dny
Not even DCEU can top this show
JDINSPIRES Před 28 dny
I don’t think just having a bullet on a necklace always give you one extra bullet for any gun
Ken Masters
Ken Masters Před 28 dny
We know the snap took half of life animals fish in end game anyway
Tech Arts
Tech Arts Před 28 dny
I have one fact: The music of the theme Airborne Operation has one part which almost sounds like Lemurian Star of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, because both were fighting the French guy
Goji Gaming
Goji Gaming Před 28 dny
“ Your bed it’s to soft when I was out there I was sleeping on rocks and now - WANNA KNOW HOW TO KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN?!
jeff 69
jeff 69 Před 29 dny
I didn't really think that's how bucky would live after endgame. He could've actually went to the past with steve together. He's missed out on his actual life just like steve. Without steve he's just all alone. No connection to his past. I would've imagined old steve and bucky spending the rest of steves time together and steve telling him about everything. So what reason was there for him to not go back? I hope they answer that.
Sindri Freyr Svavarsson
And when the helicopters wear shooting at falcon it was in fortnite but with iron man
Brian Pinto
Brian Pinto Před 29 dny
8:13 😂😂 dude by fish in the sea she didn't meant literal fishes. The fish was a representation of woman, thus she meant have u dated much after the half the woman population came back
AerlieGaming Před 29 dny
Where do you watch this 😭😭
NIGHTWING Před 29 dny
Fun fact you are watching this video after episode 1
Kade Bass
Kade Bass Před 29 dny
The entire part with the boat and loan isn’t just because of his past it’s to show you can save the world but get nothing out of it that’s what can happen to soldiers coming home from war
Drew Newhart
Drew Newhart Před 29 dny
Notice he’s watching it in .25x speed while I’m watching him watch in .25x speed Me who’s watching it in .25x speed
Case Young
Case Young Před 29 dny
I- she said "since half the fish in the sea came back" because it's a figure of speech, we already got confirmation that the snap applied to animals-
dominic williamson
dominic williamson Před 29 dny
I shut off this episode once they did the whole race blm virtue signaling.
Shipra Lakhan
Shipra Lakhan Před 29 dny
tbh i think the new captain america is good cuse LIKE GUYS CHILL HE IS NOT MADE CAPTAIN AMERICA IT JUST A ROLL
Yashwanth K
Yashwanth K Před 29 dny
So close to a Million subs, keep up the good work bro
LegoNinja Studios
LegoNinja Studios Před měsícem
I think the "Have you dated since half of the fish in the sea came back" was a metaphor, like the saying "There are more fish in the sea" when it comes to dating.
John Před měsícem
The bad guy is George st Pierre 😂
Dallas Winter
Dallas Winter Před měsícem
The new captain America looks like he was purchased off of wish
ђєђєツ Před měsícem
Please add some more episodes so I an watch falcon and the winter soldier
ђєђєツ Před měsícem
The only way I can watch falcon and the winter soldier
BigMisterApple Před měsícem
I enjoy the 'new' captain america.
Ritwik Gupta
Ritwik Gupta Před měsícem
Het lad if you look closely in the first episode at 15:0 minutes you can see that the name list who disappeared there are tons of reffrences and irl people and artist who have worked in marvel
VoJacked Před měsícem
Sam was right. He can't replace Steve Rogers. But what he doesn't understand yet is he can uphold Steve's sense of justice.
Creature's point
Creature's point Před měsícem
Everytime the winter soildier smiles I smile
shakur steadman
shakur steadman Před měsícem
2:58 avengers game reference where u have to rescue steve from his pod in space?
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz Před měsícem
Me: Alright, I hope starts good the video CL: "Iron=Iron Man" Me: aight, I'm out.
Nabil Krid
Nabil Krid Před měsícem
2.22 looks like a shield under the red arrow. Shield with A in the middle.
Nabil Krid
Nabil Krid Před měsícem
And look at 11.42 it looks like the same shield 2.22
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez Před měsícem
you got it ohhhhh
QuadClicker Před měsícem
Galaxy: has 1 web in space Canadian Lab: This could be a hint of a new spider man movie
Ty Stuntin
Ty Stuntin Před měsícem
Lol there is a secret base watching down on the earth, but instead of a wholesome old white man there's an angry old black man up there
DBZgeek2000 Před měsícem
6:00 That is *literally my cell phone* same kind and everything!!! OMG
Ricky Thompson
Ricky Thompson Před měsícem
I’m almost positive in endgame, before Thanos bombed the compound, when Scott was listening to the birds chirping that was confirming animals went and are now back.
Parzival Watts
Parzival Watts Před měsícem
i bet captain america is going to be killed by zemo
HIRO MEYO NAGA Před měsícem
Can u provide exact link to download the full movie?? Can u???
Just_me Před měsícem
Take that
Just_me Před měsícem
Well i watched you watch sam watch the clip in 0.25 x speed
Dino Ong
Dino Ong Před měsícem
notice sam is watching the footage at 0.25x speed ,canadian lad is also watching the footage at 0.0625x speed I,m also watching the footage at 0.015625x speed.............
Ethical Romulan
Ethical Romulan Před měsícem
Wait did he really confuse the term fish in the sea for dating options for actual fish in the sae in the context of daying humans???
Coldmine Před měsícem
Marvel putting details only for this guy.
༒CUTE NIGHTMARE༒ Před měsícem
Mate half of this you dont even need to watch at 0.25x it's literally long enough for everyone to notice
Tristan S.
Tristan S. Před měsícem
He’s reaching way too far in that first one🤣
Diane Před měsícem
Bucky sleeping on the floor reminds me of his line in The Winter Soldier, when suggesting Steve to come live with his family after the funeral: “we can put the couch cushions on the floor, like when we were kids.” I’d like to think he does that because it’s something that’s familiar and brought him joy in the past (spending time with Steve).
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Před měsícem
106 huh? Any naruto fan or just me?
Jevon Dismuke
Jevon Dismuke Před měsícem
Sam's sister is the worst cast and written person in the whole story. It's just something about the character I don't really like.
Back up Hh
Back up Hh Před měsícem
I watch this video in 0.25x speed🤣
PEAS :D Před měsícem
I love that he literally mentioned that he was gonna talk about the son and he literally did I minute later he takes about it and ended with tone minute exactly
Magzz Před měsícem
I watched this video at 0.25x speed, and here's what I noticed:
Vedad Ramic
Vedad Ramic Před měsícem
2014 bucky looks like he is tucking his parents in bed
Creepersweeper8 _
Creepersweeper8 _ Před měsícem
8:12 my dude takes a common phrase as confirmation that thanos also killed 50% of fish too lmao
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh Před měsícem
Derek Kolstad was refernced in the names of the vanished people
Avicek 143
Avicek 143 Před měsícem
This Captain America looks like the Old Guy from the movie UP!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Monirith Sethy
Monirith Sethy Před měsícem
bro! you Canadian and you don know GSP?
Zey Rold
Zey Rold Před měsícem
Bucky is floor gang
Peter Lime
Peter Lime Před měsícem
The most boring show so far. And captain America is just a dork
Sarang Gosavi
Sarang Gosavi Před měsícem
2024 ?????
Jokey 002
Jokey 002 Před měsícem
2:50 This group sounds like the Apocalypse group from “X-Men: Apocalypse”
Darth _Vader
Darth _Vader Před měsícem
Stop involving politics bro
mad_titan THANOS
mad_titan THANOS Před měsícem
I'd no idea Batroc was there. I didn't recognize or realise it! So what happened to him?
Hritthik Sarker
Hritthik Sarker Před měsícem
Aside all the details, the way marvel showed the suffering of Sam for being a black man was truely beautiful. It's so calm yet so loud. Good job marvel
red delinquent
red delinquent Před měsícem
Iron man would probably be worthy of mjlnor (idk how to spell it) if he was alive now
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