I Watched Avengers: Infinity War in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found 

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Here's another edition of "I watched in 0.25x Speed" that I am doing and today's MCU movie is Avengers: Infinity War!

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20. 01. 2020





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 9 měsíci
So nobody is gonna mention the little pun at the end? C'mon lads!
adnan ahmed
adnan ahmed Před 17 dny
1:19 if hemidall could have send hulk why he did not send the whole ship of asgardiands when thanos attacked them or all asgardians inside the ship instead of the whole ship so every one would have survived the "masscare" of thanos 😅😅 and i am not saying that fat thor is bad in terms of looks but at least we could have seen loki and hemidall alive and hulk could not be injured or can be seen in wakanda smashing 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @The Canadian Lad Edit:- sorry for a hopeless joke😅😅😂
adnan ahmed
adnan ahmed Před 17 dny
A doubt at starting of movie thanos remove his armour when he gets the space stone but in in endgame we saw it hanging like a scarecrow is it a mistake??????
K. sivaramakrishna
K. sivaramakrishna Před 19 dny
I have a detail about infinity war at the first Ironman suit up he removes his spectacles and after removing it disappears
Armemer Před 23 dny
Dr Beyonder
Dr Beyonder Před měsícem
First suit up scene of iron man in avenger : his glasses got absorbed in nanotech, in his hands while removing them.
Johnson Lau
Johnson Lau Před dnem
I noticed that when doctor strange gave the time stone to thanos, he actually turn a star from the sky to form the time stone, i dont know did anyone noticed that before but i noticed it after watching the clips 2days ago
Jarrett Před 2 dny
The blood on thors axe at the end of infinity war is purple, the wound on thanos' face on titan bleeds red, and in the illusion he bleeds purple, the fuck?
Sane Man
Sane Man Před 2 dny
Thanos blood is purple again when Thor strike a hammer through his chest and when it flew off
Quade Villalobos
Quade Villalobos Před 3 dny
I found 1 detail in this movie 1.Tony's Glasses:When Tony's Nanotech Suit starts to form upon his body we saw him removes the EDITH glasses..And his glasses is Nanotech as they dissolved within his suit in the very next shot That's what i noticed thank you.. Edit:Sorry if im not good in English
G. M. Pratiwi
G. M. Pratiwi Před 4 dny
Didn't know about green spark on Thanos chest until this
Georgia D.
Georgia D. Před 4 dny
Wasn't Thanos's chest wound filled with purple blood?
michael brand
michael brand Před 4 dny
Why Is the Gauntlet on Thanos Left hand in infinity War and on the Right in End Game??????
Samuel Munoz
Samuel Munoz Před 4 dny
Anusha Jain
Anusha Jain Před 4 dny
Friendly Neighborhood Spidey
Doctor strange showed his finger to tony in endgame showing that they have one chance. Earlier he said if i tell u what happens it wont happen. So tony got the hint that they were gonna win, but actually they were gonna lose but since strange gave a hint to tony the future changed and they won instead of losing
Susan Zumpano
Susan Zumpano Před 5 dny
i have one when tony stark puts on the iron man suit edith just disapers into his hands
Sangti Candice
Sangti Candice Před 5 dny
Ur really a great detail finder.
Amethyst Před 5 dny
Hye Canadian lad I'm gonna give u an info, Remember captain marvel scene where a scrul kid show captain marvel about his high score called the space defenders, it's pretty same game that groot plays in avengers infinity war too. Star Lord says to put that video game away to groot.
Paper Clip
Paper Clip Před 5 dny
But why didn't hamdle (sorry i do not know how to spell his name) just teleported thanos and his children into space? They should have just think logicaly
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey Před 7 dny
Hey man , do you know that the background music played in CAPTAIN AMERICA- THE FIRST AVENGER , during 55 minutes is the same music played in INFINITY WAR, ...🔥
destructive motion
destructive motion Před 9 dny
darth revan
darth revan Před 9 dny
3:47 but as Thor throws stormbrekr to thanos je has purpel blood
Vibhor Gosain
Vibhor Gosain Před 10 dny
Another detail - thanos cannot reverse the damage caused by infinity stones thats why he limbs after snap.
Carol Chen
Carol Chen Před 10 dny
When the donut comes, and strange cast the magic circle he winks 3:12
NEPATHYA Před 12 dny
When stark hit the Thanos the blood was red but when thor hit Thanos with his stormbreaker the blood was purpel ......WHY????
NEPATHYA Před 10 dny
@Skillz YT ok sorry for the spelling mistake
Skillz YT
Skillz YT Před 10 dny
Danish Ahamed
Danish Ahamed Před 13 dny
After Thor hitting thanos in infinity war ,he bleeded purple. So I consider that as a mistake
DISNEY BYLL Před 14 dny
Presley Hesson
Presley Hesson Před 16 dny
I completely forgot that doctor Strange was in Thor: Ragnorok
#MMXÜ gøgøi
#MMXÜ gøgøi Před 17 dny
Make a video on death race😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻
Sathiya Darshan
Sathiya Darshan Před 17 dny
In The post credit scean of infinity war maria hill calls nick instead of fury Tihs indicates that it was talos and his wife in disguise
Keshava Reddy
Keshava Reddy Před 18 dny
I just have a simple doubt Why Thanos transforms anything using reality stone into bubbles (1.when quill tries to kill gamora he transforms the bullet kinda thing into bubbles 2.when gamora tries to kill herself in vormir Thanos transforms the weapon into bubbles) Does he like playing with bubbles..?
SamanthaCrow21 Před 19 dny
Oooh I was wonder how Handalf knew he has to teleport Hulk with Dr Strange, because Thor Told him and Thor tough that Strange would be helpful because he already met him Thats an increíble detail
K. sivaramakrishna
K. sivaramakrishna Před 19 dny
I have a detail about infinity war at the first Ironman suit up he removes his spectacles and after removing it disappears...
music Studio
music Studio Před 20 dny
Horus Garcia
Horus Garcia Před 21 dnem
In the battle at Titan, when Dr. Strange gives up the time stone, Thanos uses the reality stone to prevent any trickery.
HUB GOBLIN Před 22 dny
You would make a good Jarvis based on the sound of your voice
Xcution Unknown
Xcution Unknown Před 22 dny
I think the blood was a matter of lighting. The sun was shining and was orange and gave Thano's blood more of a red look compared to the darker environment Gamora sliced Thanos up in.
noAmer Před 22 dny
In infinity war dr.strange said 1cr 40lac but in endgame tony said 14 cr. That's the only point i noticed but this guy.................ultra legend
Johan George
Johan George Před 23 dny
Another detail is that iron mans suit has self cleaning after cull obsidian his suit was dirty and when he met star lord out was clean
Sohan K
Sohan K Před 24 dny
Then you are telling that thanos bleeds in red color aa. Then why did he bleed purple when thor kills him in infinity war . The blood was seen by the ax of Thor. What do you say. Please reply below.
Rooster Roo
Rooster Roo Před 25 dny
Do a video about IT chapter 1 and 2
Anyone notice that tony AI glass is nano tech.. turn on his suit and take his glass is disappear automatically in the first seen..
laura penaloza
laura penaloza Před 26 dny
Also I watched it and it had a detail that you missed it showed when doctor strange went forward in time and it showed that the green circles on his wrists show that he was to the right
AGRIM RAI Před 26 dny
the bleeding of thanos is a mistake because when thor stabbed him and when he escaped, we could thanos's purple blood on stormbreaker.
pratik parmar
pratik parmar Před 27 dny
If you notice that after the death of Tony stark aka iron man when Peter Parker return to school and he meet to his best friend we also see one girl wearing spider girls skirt with pink bag pack its never being noticed in any video she is referred as a spider girl earlier I think that's a first time she appears in any scene in Marvel universe I have a screen shot to prove that what I watched
Ke'Shawn Brown
Ke'Shawn Brown Před 28 dny
If the sling ring can cut off limbs then why didn’t doctor strange just cut thanos’s arm off
Crypter 23
Crypter 23 Před 27 dny
Here is a detail. Rocket Racoon says in Guardians of the Galaxy he needs the eye from the man, later in Avengers Infinity War Rocket gives Thor an Robot eye.🧐
Crypter 23
Crypter 23 Před 27 dny
Hello did nobody ask about Thor eye?!
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard Před 27 dny
That wouldn’t have worked, because there was only one good outcome, and we got it
zg 20
zg 20 Před 28 dny
at the beginning when Quill with his sqaud on the way to save Asgardians, he said them to put on their mean faces and then Mentis instantly turns her normal face into mean face....that's pretty cool...😆
Anonymous Rider
Anonymous Rider Před 28 dny
Did you notice that the glasses Tony was wearing was also made of nanoparticles? It got fused to the Mark 50 when deployed.
I'm Rohit
I'm Rohit Před 29 dny
Perfect answer for Tony 😂
DankChickenFeet 1
DankChickenFeet 1 Před 29 dny
I found a mistake while watching infinity war After cull obsidian destroys one of hulkbusters arms the HUD in the suit originally shows the correct arm missing but then when shown again it shows the opposite arm This is a mistake because the HUD has not turned around shown by the fact that the arc reacter is still shown in the same spot
an account
an account Před měsícem
Damn if he actually watched this in .25 then respect :D
an account
an account Před 27 dny
Shinobii noice
Shinobii Před 27 dny
PRD Shell shockers I will :D
an account
an account Před 27 dny
Well Hf watching that championship:D
an account
an account Před 27 dny
Shinobii lols
Shinobii Před 27 dny
PRD Shell shockers Yeah wish there was more like you lol
abdulqadir saifuddin
abdulqadir saifuddin Před měsícem
You missed One detail - Thanos's blood is Purple ( you can see on the storm breaker while it fell on the ground after piercing in the chest of Thanos ) And also he bled purple on Titan. Watch closely. If you still see it red, then you are color blind my friend. #2 in the start of endgame when thor actually chops off his head, that's purple blood. #3 blood of his Children is purple too when proxima is killed by Wanda in infinity war. Gamora bleeds green as she isn't her blood daughter and an adopted one.
AwesomeLuigiGamer 99
AwesomeLuigiGamer 99 Před měsícem
I think when thor stabbed thanos the axe was covered in purple blood so is that a mistake or an illusion?
Sathyanarayana Gollapinni
You said marvel merch but there was a t shirt of joker
caleb f
caleb f Před měsícem
Maybe try doing an animated movie in 0.25x speed. Maybe a disney classic such as Aladdin or the lion king, or maybe the lego movie.
Neel Před měsícem
Star lord: Where is Gamora! Iron man: Idk man, who is Gamora anyway? Drax: I'LL DO YOU ONE BETTER, WHY IS GAMORA
ravester Před měsícem
When heimdall sends hulk to earth you hear thor saying "do it" unless I'm watching a different edited movie lol
Pratik Shinde
Pratik Shinde Před měsícem
But you can also say that when thor talk to heimdall telepathicly their eyes turn to orange 🍊 colour
BIG MOVIES Před měsícem
When tinos drop planet on iron man he use tesorak to teleport it watch closely
beymad 1804
beymad 1804 Před měsícem
The blood on the storm breaker at the time when thanos snapped is voilet like the one he created with reality stone
Koba Nova
Koba Nova Před měsícem
You’ve already posted this..
Mohamad Rifat Ahmed
Mohamad Rifat Ahmed Před měsícem
I always give a thumbs up.
Ladislav Karas
Ladislav Karas Před měsícem
With the fake thanos one I think gamire never could have seen him bleeding and two both of the blood's look the same to me the fake one there's just nore
Nakrak Neakkea YKF
Nakrak Neakkea YKF Před měsícem
Why Dr.Strange asked Tony"Can you bring us back to earth?"? He got a slingring.
Anantatmula Tayaru
Anantatmula Tayaru Před měsícem
Give clarity about the next iron man .
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen Před měsícem
The moustache change is epic.
Angivel Před měsícem
Maybe the wrong video to post this on, but something's been. Bothering me. The Ancient one says how important the infinity stones are to the Universe, making it seem as if the world would come undone if they were even removed from the timeline, yet nothing really seems to happen when Thanos straight up Destroys them. Other than some energy registering they had all been used at once, again, what was supposed to be the fallout? As we all know, Loki disappearing with the Tesseract in Endgame, which will lead to the Multiverse, I don't remember anything even hinting that was the case as well with the destruction of the stones, or have I missed something?
Angivel Před měsícem
How did Thanos place his armour in the field after having already removed it in the beginning of Infinity War? Did he go out to space and searched through the wreckage? They were going for the same, or at least simillar, symbolism. In Infinity War he no longer needs it because he's that powerful and in End Game he no longer needs it because he's done fighting. He could, granted have two sets of armour, but I think it's more likely they just screwed up.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Před měsícem
do the old guard
IceBerg Before
IceBerg Before Před měsícem
R.I.P ChadWick🙏
The Reaper
The Reaper Před měsícem
U got one thing wrong when throws his hammers towards thanos and when thanos teleports and leaves behind thors axe the blood of thanos is purple not red
chris kurtz
chris kurtz Před měsícem
what province are you from??
Ian T.
Ian T. Před měsícem
Does any one realize when Dr. Strange start talking in the start of the movie, on the Sanctum window you could see a rainbow thing, I think its the Bifrost
TheStarkiller96 Před měsícem
4:10 well both versions are wrong. So don't sweat it.
Ed SR Před měsícem
You’re color blind. That’s purple too, not red!
lagg ing
lagg ing Před měsícem
Been here when u just got 40k subs
Adriano Patuzzi
Adriano Patuzzi Před měsícem
Heimdall had the soulstone, that's why he can see everyone
Indra Chaudhari
Indra Chaudhari Před měsícem
In the end of this movie when Fury is looking out the car, you can see a helicopter spinning out of control and crashing on a building just like in the movie Incredibles where Sam Jackson says "honey where is my super suit?"
Abha Polas
Abha Polas Před měsícem
Thanks blood is purple only , remember the time when Thor stabs him(at the last before the snap) and storm breaker has purple blood
Paul Edward Pagente
Paul Edward Pagente Před měsícem
It would be a great fight if iron man ask friday to analyze thanos fight pattern.
PRO memes
PRO memes Před měsícem
I just realised that when Bruce traps cull obsidians hand in the hulk buster it is like how tony does that 2 the hulk in age of ultron
sabaribalaji calivaradhan
But the blood on storm breaker is also in purple colour in the last scene
FN_NightWolf 86
FN_NightWolf 86 Před měsícem
This video was published on my birthday
MattLutz03 Před měsícem
But isn’t it purple blood on stormbreaker instead of red
Colton Rigg
Colton Rigg Před měsícem
I actually noticed there was no blood on the sword when I watched this movie in theaters
jion jomji
jion jomji Před měsícem
When THOR / GROOT/ROCKET land in Wakanda the place where they land has the same design where THOR used to travell from earth to asgard / where hela came to asgard the same design 😁😘
Anson Khoo
Anson Khoo Před měsícem
umm, 3:40 thor stabbed thanos at the end of infinty war and the blood was purple
M.S Ahammed
M.S Ahammed Před měsícem
I cannot open the link of Marvel collection.
kabir ahmed
kabir ahmed Před měsícem
Hi canadian lad in the start of the movie when thanos was killing loki if u look at the left side of the light u can see loki alive. how do i know that because this helmet looks like loki's helmet
nba youngsuicide kidd
nba youngsuicide kidd Před měsícem
5:27 thats a mistake coz endagame is after not before infinite war
Felipe Breda Lee
Felipe Breda Lee Před měsícem
Gamora sword is with not blood and the blood was purple, when tony stark get the blood of Thanos is red but when Thor gets the stormbraker in Thanos chest the blood is in the aix and is purple so what is it the real blood of thanos?
First Man
First Man Před měsícem
3:45 Please tally this fact as we have seen thanos blood on thor axe in the end of infinity war...
mirela stoica
mirela stoica Před měsícem
Is it wierd that i got an ad at the start about fortnite and stark industries arriving
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone Před měsícem
The reality stone can do many things but make your blood the same colour as it should be
Justin Flicop
Justin Flicop Před měsícem
And I noticed scales on captain Americas uniform in infinity war just like his uniform in endgame
Justin Flicop
Justin Flicop Před měsícem
MY THEORY IS THAT in the beginning of infinity war when Loki dies by thanos choking him, wouldn't Loki turn back into a frost giant after dying, could it be another trick that thanos didn't know about
Justin Flicop
Justin Flicop Před měsícem
Aryadev Aneesh
Aryadev Aneesh Před měsícem
After Thor stabs Thanos with the Stormbreaker, his blood is violet, Why's that?
A Dark Trap
A Dark Trap Před měsícem
Its not real or fake blood, he hasnt seen his own blood befor so he didnt know what colour it would be for himself
Pollo Bean
Pollo Bean Před měsícem
When captain America tried to lift third hammer it budged at first but didn’t fully move
Hrishiraj Banerjee
Hrishiraj Banerjee Před měsícem
When Tony made Thanos bleed then the colour of the blood was red but when Thor made Thanos bleed then the colour was purple. It's a mistake on the iart of vfx team.👍👍👍👍
Christopher Welder
Christopher Welder Před měsícem
Did no one get the nod to the movie snatch in the beginning of snatch they steal a diamond and Del toro says where is the stone thanos says the same thing to Del toro
Jon Em
Jon Em Před měsícem
Harry Haris
Harry Haris Před měsícem
pratik kharat
pratik kharat Před měsícem
3:38 then why thanos bleeds purple when Thor hits him with storm breaker
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