I Found Some New Details in Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 5 Trailer - Breakdown 

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I Found Some New Details in Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 5 Trailer - Breakdown
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15. 04. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před měsícem
I tried to keep this video short, just a prepration for tomorrow's episode. See you on Saturday lads!
imsleepiXD Před 27 dny
Watching ur vids is the only way I can watch the series kinda ok,so thank u for all these vids
Fear King
Fear King Před 27 dny
@Nikhil Kartha jgggo I'll kllllnonol
221B Båkêrs St.
221B Båkêrs St. Před 29 dny
There is scene after credits which walker makes a sheild
Aditya Parik
Aditya Parik Před 29 dny
Ep. 5 breakdown....?
Chris S.
Chris S. Před 29 dny
@TheCanadianLad I'm sure you're working on it as I type but I'm sitting here eagerly awaiting your breakdown of episode 5!
NTS pa CUTE Před 2 dny
Wrong....... about that sheld one sheld Is fake look at that episode sheld was destroy zzzzzz noob
Mr. Rock
Mr. Rock Před 7 dny
This is not a break down.,...... This is a huge spoiler
Nayops 20
Nayops 20 Před 19 dny
3:34 It’s the bootleg version.
Nenzy CR
Nenzy CR Před 19 dny
Love your vids man
Shreyas Bhavsar
Shreyas Bhavsar Před 21 dnem
when in the trailer of episode 5 and 6 the GRC was attacked and the screen behind the goverment official is looking like someones eyes at 1:16
Misty Před 23 dny
They better a make a season 2
Roquesa Cabarse
Roquesa Cabarse Před 23 dny
Please in your next vid about the TFAWS please include the clip from the movie "Outside The Wire" timestamp 41:04 where Anthony Mackie aka Captain Leo said "I can do this all day" and we all know that this line is iconic because of Captain America. I just found it really cool
Roquesa Cabarse
Roquesa Cabarse Před 23 dny
Please in your next vid about the TFAWS please include the clip from the movie "Outside The Wire" timestamp 41:04 where Anthony Mackie aka Captain Leo said "I can do this all day" and we all know that this line is iconic because of Captain America. I just found it really cool
M Dy
M Dy Před 23 dny
john's shield is a product after watching 5minutes craft
Unbound Victorer
Unbound Victorer Před 24 dny
she is the POWER BROKER
Ty Bargky
Ty Bargky Před 24 dny
cartoonist Před 24 dny
Man waiting for Ep 06
Sumit Rana
Sumit Rana Před 24 dny
Hey, Have you noticed that the color of the target on which falcon practice his shield throwing skills are of same color as captain marvel.
Cedsanity Před 24 dny
Am i the only one who thinks bucky has a different fighting style from when he goes full winter soldier
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem Před 25 dny
Well that's Aewsom 🤟🤟🏿🤟🏻
Romano Azure
Romano Azure Před 25 dny
Is is just me or r u guys just so annoyed that no one is talking about a slight head tilt in after John Walker killed the flag smasher member?
Gsp is my favorite fighter... And I don't want him to be a bad guy
Kylie Dyer
Kylie Dyer Před 26 dny
i hate john walker i love wyatt russel
Arvint Nad
Arvint Nad Před 26 dny
Where the hell are you man ...... Did you even watched the sang chi trailer, ,,,,,, come on man give that damn trailer breakdown ........
Akshay Aggarwal
Akshay Aggarwal Před 27 dny
Before replying To John Walker Bucky looks at the shield for a moment and after seeing the blood on it again which symbolized the legacy of Steve is getting stained he realized there is no going back
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Před 27 dny
Michael Spelmen is a dummy. There was nothing in that episode in the LEAST that would make you cry. 🙄
Brendan Mayers
Brendan Mayers Před 28 dny
he spoiled himself
Rohan Srivastava
Rohan Srivastava Před 28 dny
In starting off captain america the winter soldier when steve was runing with falcon steve says ever time from your left and same falcon did in end game when all chracter is back to life .
Respectki Před 28 dny
There's only 2 left why
Antony Alwin Paul
Antony Alwin Paul Před 28 dny
I always feel zemo's gesture just as Joker's
Mahesh Adhikari Vlogs Ur2gdfrn says
John Walker death in last episode is so sad
y0un45 Před 28 dny
I was so confused xD was watching this on the 19th april, but youtube said it was released 13 h ago. i was like dude the episode released 4 days ago! have you not seen it xD hahah then i remember i forgot to press update when i opened chrome lol. BUT! interesting thing here is the shield that john builds, does not even have those marks/weldings going from the center. Wonder what will happen.
InOcEnTiU Před 28 dny
i think power broker is sharon 100%
AbangAwy Před 28 dny
the only villain here is sam and bucky
Aidan Jashua Lagos-diaz
Ok let''s make sure we all got this clear the shield is not john's. Does John keep it now NO
I don't why but Bucky was looking Dope with Shield in his hand.🔥🔥🔥
Ligma- Balls
Ligma- Balls Před 29 dny
r/agedlikemilk Jk, really enjoy what you`re doing.
Infamously Tall
Infamously Tall Před 29 dny
The actor playing Karli morganthaw is the most generic, non emotion, sad actor on the planet, the only tone she knows in acting is monotone, even when her friend died she had little sadness in her voice...
Aditya Patange
Aditya Patange Před 29 dny
Didn't anybody noticed this these points: 1- iron mans legacy is Spider-Man and caps legacy is falcon 2- Spidey gave e.d.i.t.h to other and fell in trouble, sam gave shield to gov and fell in trouble 3- iron mans friend Happy guide peter, caps friend Bucky guides sam 4- Happy flirts with peters aunt, Bucky flirts with Sam's sis Sarah 5- Mysterio used Edith wrong way that peter gave, John Walker uses shield wrong way I think that marvel is giving us the same story with Spider-Man far from home and falcon and the winter soldier
BurningGlory Před 29 dny
I mean, wasn't the end credit scene him building another shield (probably not virbranium)
Emie Ganancial
Emie Ganancial Před 29 dny
What trailer is this
ciahnan Flanagan
ciahnan Flanagan Před 29 dny
I have been watching falcon and the winter soldier john walker aka(captain America) his shield has been changing through the episodes
Leodous Kyron
Leodous Kyron Před 29 dny
1:49 In the warehouse, Actually it is standing in front of a man that murders a man and arresting him!
Mr Noob Hunter YT
Mr Noob Hunter YT Před 29 dny
Lemme spoil for those who haven't seen. Shield get back to falcon. Walkers arm is broken. Falcon talks to azaya trying to understand y there can't be a black cap. Later falcon calls in favours to fix his boat. Last scene is falcon practicing with the shield.
TheFatPotato Před 29 dny
Episode 5 is just them building a boat
Said Said
Said Said Před 29 dny
I saw Canadian lad in the interview
Sushīl -
Sushīl - Před 29 dny
Dang! I like this double leg take down & slamming sam hard...
Spadebeatz Před 29 dny
Drop episode 5 review bro
Sujatha Chinnu
Sujatha Chinnu Před 29 dny
Bro where is ur ep 5 breakdown Eagerly waiting for it
Hayden Sebastian
Hayden Sebastian Před 29 dny
how he get the shield = he made his own shield at end of episode 5
Vani Sharma
Vani Sharma Před 29 dny
Where's the 5th episode video mannn ???????
123 React
123 React Před 29 dny
your voice sounds different
manash paul
manash paul Před 29 dny
Where is your next video...i m waiting
souhardyaa mukherjee
after this is done what will i watch :C
blaine devie
blaine devie Před 29 dny
It’s getting to political to much sjw trash
im a troll
im a troll Před 29 dny
how it just talk about racism
Charles M
Charles M Před 29 dny
haha he basically predicted the whole episode
John 09
John 09 Před měsícem
yes episode 5 is gonna be fire half of the scene are just fixing the boat
im a troll
im a troll Před 29 dny
and i love dose scenes
ChananaBips Před měsícem
When Walker made a shield for himself I laughed tbh, he's like those DIY youtubers making their own shield HAHAHAHA
Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh
Doing only Marvel stuff is kind of boring. U've hardly done any DC or DCEU stuff or other things in general
Risto Před měsícem
Tbh I was still hoping to see the new cap have more character depth than what it ended up being, him killing the flag smasher was kind of an low for his character, just reduced him into nothing more than an antagonist, it would have been so much better if he had not done it or did kill the actual killer who could have been anyone else but karli. He served as a morally in depth rival to Sam and bucky and I would have loved to see that path continued, so much character depth was given to him only to throw it all away and make him into a bland antagonist. I dont want to hate him, I want to understand his thinking but disagree with his approach, something that they nailed in the earlier episodes. But eh, maybe they will do him justice when the finale eventually hits.
Zombie Craft5234
Zombie Craft5234 Před měsícem
What if you watched 0.25x speed of kong vs Godzilla
I Am Not A Mundane
I Am Not A Mundane Před měsícem
3:35 Well his 5 minute crafts shield actually looks decent.
Andrew Před 29 dny
he needs to run a crafts CSshows channel instead of killing people who look up to him
Geoffrey Kamau
Geoffrey Kamau Před měsícem
In the 48th minute you can clearly see the stuntsman's face when falcon be doing them flips😅
Brandon Blount
Brandon Blount Před měsícem
Episode 5 was awesome
Anupam Bhowmik
Anupam Bhowmik Před měsícem
Since now the 5th episode has come please make a video on that after watching that in 0.25 speed.
Obiageli Okonkwo
Obiageli Okonkwo Před měsícem
So Bucky basically gets incredibly nerfed whenever he fight's a super soldier
Vert Duck
Vert Duck Před měsícem
POV your waiting for him to do the actual episode 5
Lakshay Gupta
Lakshay Gupta Před měsícem
Where is breakdown of ep 5 ??
Khujema Piplodwala
Khujema Piplodwala Před měsícem
Bro one advice why don’t u start making video about dc series also like the flash cw and supergirl and many other just for your benefit that even dc fans will be attracted to your Chanel
nimrath Před měsícem
I can now say that several scenes in the trailer was not in Episode 5. so either cut or from Episode 6.
Meow mee
Meow mee Před měsícem
Where is your new video? I have been visiting your channel 6th time (today)
ђєђєツ Před měsícem
Cause i can only watch this series here
ђєђєツ Před měsícem
Yesss now I can watch this episode
Tiger Boltz
Tiger Boltz Před měsícem
come on boyys he is so close to 1 million let's get him there!!!!
Wasa Few
Wasa Few Před měsícem
"We could've been a team" was so true
Achintya Pandey
Achintya Pandey Před měsícem
common we're waiting for EP.5
elanarquista1995 Před měsícem
the power broker is Mephisto confirmed
Saad Bin Fahad
Saad Bin Fahad Před měsícem
Hey Canadian lad when is today’s episode breakdown coming
Andrew Před 29 dny
Don't rush him. It comes out when the creator decides it comes out - give the Lad some breathing space.
Manas Digaari
Manas Digaari Před měsícem
Bro I'm waiting for new vid😭😭
Y.T.S Game Beats
Y.T.S Game Beats Před měsícem
Where is your new ep.. Its Saturday. We need breakdown
Manas Digaari
Manas Digaari Před měsícem
TAB8E Před měsícem
Tips thanos throw gamora in infinity war but in endgame gamora kills
Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain Před měsícem
Wyatt Russell is definitely a brilliant actor
Shnuggle Bugs
Shnuggle Bugs Před měsícem
Y’all episode 5 was by far the BEST episode. I can not wait for you to do a breakdown of it.
Karthikeya G
Karthikeya G Před měsícem
dude just explained a whole episode based on a freaking trailer
Andrew Před 29 dny
He wasn't wrong for the most part. Really nice job
Smlc Master Mind
Smlc Master Mind Před měsícem
Its saturday bro
bertoroto footbar
bertoroto footbar Před měsícem
I just realized that in the Marvel Studios intro, the original Avengers are greyed out indicating they've retired.
Rosy Recluse Recordings
Rosy Recluse Recordings Před měsícem
This trailer is for EP5&6!!
I am seeing the explanation of Falcon and the winter soldier Not watching them I am waiting for your's Please upload fast
Natasha Romanoff
Natasha Romanoff Před měsícem
Hey! When will you breakdown Ep.5
Facundo Trigo
Facundo Trigo Před měsícem
in the postcredit scene we can see jhon making a new shield, thats cuz we see him with a new one
Rizwan Zafar
Rizwan Zafar Před měsícem
Was Sharon Carter in that scene in episode 5?
mrinal kishore
mrinal kishore Před měsícem
Bucky is strong as plot wants him to
ThunderStrike Před měsícem
Ha! It’s a different shield, but that doesn’t mean it has to be made of Vibranium...
Gurudatta Balabhadrapatruni
I don't know why Canadian Lad has a keen interest on Sharon Carter
Sadia Farhana
Sadia Farhana Před měsícem
The new shield we watched in the promo is the shield john created(spoiler) we can see it in the mid credit scene
Ducky GotRamen
Ducky GotRamen Před měsícem
There’s a credit scene
A P Před měsícem
He fucking destroy captain America good image 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RixerYT Před měsícem
Ep 5 is out
Emisha Rajee
Emisha Rajee Před měsícem
I didn't cry 🤠
musleh zai
musleh zai Před měsícem
I hope u reach 1 million sub!!🙌🙌
Jackjag109 Před měsícem
at the end of that eposiode you see jhon making a new sheild
FireFrogy Před měsícem
so did bucky lose all of his fighting skills because he is no longer the winter soldier?
Sahil Singhal
Sahil Singhal Před měsícem
when is the episode 5 breakdown is coming?
YT Empressions
YT Empressions Před měsícem
Awesome video
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