I Bet You Didn't Notice These 6 Details in WandaVision 

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Here goes my Top 6 hidden details from the first 5 episodes of WandaVision Season 1. Let me know which one was your favorite. My next video will be on WandaVision Episode 6 in 0.25x Speed, coming late Friday or early Saturday morning.
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9. 02. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 16 dny
Coming up next this Saturday: WandaVision Episode 6 in 0.25x Speed! ;)
Rehan Daily
Rehan Daily Před 7 dny
I think the thing about the brother your answer makes no sense cause in one scene she is talking to an adult who understands the real world and death and all that but then she is talking about pietro to kids as their uncle so its harder to explain to kids also she got rid of monica so their would be no doubt about when pietro showed up later with her kids who would just think he is returning from like a trip
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Před 13 dny
@Web Escape yes it was amazing
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Před 13 dny
@Yea, I'm a bookworm. So? yes Wanda maximoff and peitro maximoff
This is saturday in Indonesia 10qm
Vipradheer Reddy Maale
What about breakdown
pv blaze
pv blaze Před 3 hodinami
Mcu never misses small detail they are so amazing
Jayden Moore
Jayden Moore Před 17 hodinami
You missed that it was all along exit off the log
Robert St Clair
Robert St Clair Před 20 hodinami
Eastview cop was drinking coffee from the exact same style coffee cup, coincidence? Those cops said westview didn’t exist
Spicy Lizard
Spicy Lizard Před 22 hodinami
Bro, is Woo drinking Darcie?
A Před dnem
I wonder if Captain marvel got her haircut to honor Rambeau after she passed while Monica was blipped
Wallace Thiago#95 Official
Jimmy Woo needs his own show
youBENtube25 Před 4 dny
Who else watches Canadian Lad videos in x0.25 speed?
Grant Turner
Grant Turner Před 4 dny
I can't help thinking that with SWORD trying to bring Vision back they may inadvertently create Sentinels.
LoRd SaiTaMa
LoRd SaiTaMa Před 5 dny
Agent woomy favourite
Karl Shrimpbubblegum
3:47 "ARCHITECT" mentioned *Intense flashback to Metrix triology... (sweating)*
Keyronday Před 7 dny
Don't watch the 🐂💩........
EBJ Před 7 dny
Agent woo is by far my favorite character because of WandaVision
BlackSpace Před 8 dny
Love how you gave a shout out to the spiderman canada guy! :))
Duckie Duck
Duckie Duck Před 8 dny
Marvel are just one of the best movie creators in terms of details
Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison Před 8 dny
I think we all know why Agent Woo got the coffee and specifically handed it to Darcy, we all know lol.
Paul Douris
Paul Douris Před 8 dny
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember
BD Guitar
BD Guitar Před 8 dny
Does the pattern on Woo's coffee sort of match the RGB rectangles of the end credits?
James Gwaltney
James Gwaltney Před 8 dny
I liked the Civil War/Lagos point. Could it be that he wasn’t in Lagos when they could have used him?
Noir'vy Vitreus
Noir'vy Vitreus Před 8 dny
2:34 that lines just nailed it
Georgi Harsev
Georgi Harsev Před 9 dny
theory what if when wanda was exsposed to the mind stone she got her brain splint in two pieces one evil one good so when someone she loves dies the evil one goes in controll and uses full power now she lost everything so evil wanda made a deal with maphisto to give her eghouph power to make a universe and she can controll it
trap tracks
trap tracks Před 9 dny
Nokia Sulinay
Nokia Sulinay Před 9 dny
The Canadian lad is so freaking genius damn it you got everything bro.....👍👍
Kiron Klay
Kiron Klay Před 9 dny
Personally I think that Wanda talking about Pietro as if he’s alive to her kids is so that they don’t find out he’s dead.
Josh Hagelgans
Josh Hagelgans Před 9 dny
lololo lalala
lololo lalala Před 9 dny
Really milking those views huh :D
Z1412 Před 10 dny
In episode one when vision's boss was chocking his wife repeatdly said stop, the first one or two was for her husband and the rest was for wanda while she was looking at her like begging her to not kill her husband
Gautham Sathishkumar
She says that he has a brother because there kids you can't say hey children your uncle is DEAD
Gautham Sathishkumar
She says that he has a brother because there kids you can't say hey children your uncle is DEATH
Aryamann Singh
Aryamann Singh Před 10 dny
With every coming episode of WandaVision I am starting to dislike Wanda even more and more maybe because of what she's doing with all the real residents of westview and keeping vision from the truth. These are just my views though;))
Addlol Před 10 dny
You wanna bet? 10 dollars.
Addlol Před 10 dny
You owe me 10 dollars and 4 minutes and 42 seconds of my life back.
Relx Před 10 dny
A watch in a commercial had hydra on it
Retrobution Před 10 dny
it could be that the stark industries logo was put on their by wanda as it entered her domain rather than it be made by stark industries. as everything seems to get rewritten somehow as it enters, perhaps all that was changed was the logo being added
G Taylor
G Taylor Před 10 dny
I have a new respect for Woo after this
meez Griffin
meez Griffin Před 10 dny
Right after vision asks that lady if she's waiting for something. His breath condenses in the cold air meaning he indeed is a warm organic living creature and not just a dead body made to move around
Leo Tuzzo
Leo Tuzzo Před 10 dny
The ads all represent a traumatic event in Wanda's past. The toaster with the ominous beep and the Stark logo, represents the missile they talk about in Age of Ultron, that they did not know if it was to explode or not, hence the look of apprehension on the actors from the commercial when the beeping starts to accelerate. The watch-clock is the experimentation they suffered at the hands of Hidra. The paper towels are the more straightforward one. Still trying to understand the one about the Yo-Magic yogurt, something interesting is that the shark says "I used to be hungry all the time" and when the red-haired boy (probably Billy, the magic user) asks "what did you do", the shark answers "snack on YO-Magick". Meaning, perhaps, that Mefisto wants Billy conceived so that he can DEVOUR his magic, that Mefisto, or whoever is behind all this, feeds on the power of magic users.
Leo Tuzzo
Leo Tuzzo Před 11 dny
i found strange that the food containers, shown in 0:20, all have their labels in French: Thé, Café, Sucre, Farine... Would that be a clue to something? or am I over-reading into it?
Soumya Před 11 dny
Agent Woo is such a gentleman ! ❤️
Aly Mohamed
Aly Mohamed Před 11 dny
I relised when Monica shoots the first bullet she blinks
Adrian Nalundasan
Adrian Nalundasan Před 11 dny
Why not Tim Hortons?
AB_rated Před 11 dny
I smell the return of ultron
C14Commander Před 11 dny
Can we just all appreciate how nice of a person Agent Wu is , he cool - he the type of person u can come to with a problem and he will help
Farhansyah Z
Farhansyah Z Před 11 dny
Lol I got wandavision ads
d. kiovo
d. kiovo Před 11 dny
Dottie only showed up in one episode. We never find out what happened to Agent Franklin. Hayward can see into the Hex. Wanda said she didn't bring Pietro into the story.
Beowulf Před 11 dny
People will jump at a gunshot. The sound will hurt your ears if you don’t have ear protection. Probably why Darcy held her hand over her ears. Agent Woo should have reacted more when Monica grabbed his gun. Seems kind of incompetent. Imagine if he was arresting somebody and he barely reacted when they grabbed his gun.
Megan Bach
Megan Bach Před 11 dny
They betrayed two dead men’s wishes.... vision and Tony. Because in iron man one tony shut down his weapons factory.
cygnus888 Před 12 dny
It's very hard to explain to kids what death is and usually parents either gloss over dead relatives or say that they are very far away.
Longshot3181 Před 12 dny
If you don't like Agent Wu, Fu.
Dasher0806 Před 12 dny
The pattern on the coffee looks like the pattern in the credits.
DrAgOnfL I
DrAgOnfL I Před 12 dny
We need a little short of Woo attempting to learn magic
Bigge Gengar
Bigge Gengar Před 12 dny
Lagos is the same place that wolverine and his brother land in in the beginning of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (They landed in Lagos, Nigeria)... is there a reason the paper towel brand is also Lagos, or is it just some type of coincidence???🤔🤔🤔
Jorge Colucci
Jorge Colucci Před 12 dny
I sure did bruh! 😂😂😂
Jacob Haley
Jacob Haley Před 12 dny
Not sure if you noticed, but people as well as the lights began to glow red in episode 5. just noticed this during a rewatch
Blaque Pauldron
Blaque Pauldron Před 12 dny
Thought there was something special about the cups... Could have skipped that first one.
Irene Harnack
Irene Harnack Před 12 dny
How much do you want to make a bet that at the end of "Avengers End Game" that Wanda was given the Mind Stone and tasked to go get Visions body to reunite the two with hopes of getting Vision back to life, and Wanda stopped in West View to try and do her task, was unsuccessful and made a "deal".to get Vision working, a deal that she would give her first born to regain and have a life with what she's lost???
Dayna Cuevas
Dayna Cuevas Před 12 dny
Dee Snuts
Dee Snuts Před 13 dny
They did not use stark industries weapons it just got changed into a 1980 weapon
John Lerch
John Lerch Před 13 dny
i'm with the vision was being researched and prolly was going to be weaponized by sword which they stated was against his wishes. And that set Wanda off.
MONKÈ Před 13 dny
Crow29803 Před 13 dny
I love WandaVision. The creative team got so much right!
Aayla Secura
Aayla Secura Před 13 dny
Nice the video is 5:01 long epic
Coley Wentworth
Coley Wentworth Před 13 dny
Wait she got trauma from LEGO
Don the finder
Don the finder Před 13 dny
If Wanda creates something from something what did she create her children from
Shahmeer Hamza
Shahmeer Hamza Před 13 dny
Agent Woo is so cute.
Xenon Před 13 dny
0:33 Just look how happy and lovely he is. So glad we’ve got him here.
GPFhantom Před 13 dny
I love Agent Woo, I hope nothing happens to him
Shreyansh Tiwari
Shreyansh Tiwari Před 13 dny
Have u noticed the name of the brand is LAGOS and the place where Wanda made the mistake in civil war was also LAGOS
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha Před 13 dny
I was thinking that Vision's mess he didn't mean too was Infinity War. They all were tryna protect Vision, but he jus wanted to destroy the stone and sacrifice himself. Turns out, it didn't matter anyways cuz Thanos had the Time stone. 🤷🏾‍♂️
luis angel contreras hernandez
On the coffe You can see they costume of Quiksilver
Master Score
Master Score Před 13 dny
Bonus detail: When Agent Woo handed the coffee to Darcy, she grabbed it in a hurry, giving us to lead to believe thay Darcy has wanted coffee desperately.
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim Před 13 dny
I have a theory As we all know Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness is coming out soon and we know it will be a bunch of multi universes so what if quicksilver came out of that universe *the X men* and was seeking where he was and accidentally entered Wanda's frame hence why she was confused on how Pietro came out of nowhere
Uday Shankar
Uday Shankar Před 13 dny
The Aero Engg is Kamal khan MsMarvel
KingAce TheGreat
KingAce TheGreat Před 13 dny
Yo, bro Brooklyn NY in the room, thanks I'm an Amuture film maker.
CarShop NOTICE Před 13 dny
Did you hear the blood drip in the Lagos commercial? If it was cleaned up why is it still dripping like blood.
A Diamond
A Diamond Před 13 dny
The kids have been mentioned all along.. but they don't show up until Wanda had kids (and her kids might want people to hang out with).. I think at least Wanda wasn't really thinking of kids, and that that is why the playgrounds have been empty.. someone wanted Wanda to have kids, but it wasn't Wanda.. she is busy handling grief.. she didn't really think of kids .. I think it points towards "someone else" at work here, and not just Wanda creating the "Hex"..
southcoaster Před 13 dny
Interesting review of trivia
Shahid Raja
Shahid Raja Před 13 dny
*Both quicksilver were bother in kick-ass movie* mention that in your next wanavision eq6
Zee Malik
Zee Malik Před 13 dny
And what about the Wolverine hairs style is he coming tooo?
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim Před 13 dny
@Zee Malik well vision didnt seem to have affects so why does Pietro have it and vision no? That part wouldn't quite make sense you know?
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim Před 13 dny
@Benny1 yeah I know😂 he still is the best wolverine ever
Zee Malik
Zee Malik Před 13 dny
@Princeofthe Lilim what about Pietro and Vision they were also dead and i think this hairs style have a fect...
Benny1 Před 13 dny
@Princeofthe Lilim actually he’s not dead see rn in the mcu it’s the year 2023 but in the movie logan where wolverine dies it’s the year 2029 so since they brought the fox universe pietro into the mcu they have the ability to have wolverine back in and now in the mcu but idk about that cuz hugh jackman looks way older now 😂
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim Před 13 dny
Nah he's already dead so it wouldnt make sense why would they wanna bring him back if in one alternate timeline he died unless the years in MCU and logan are different then yeah they can bring him back
Ayman Walid
Ayman Walid Před 13 dny
The producer of the sixth episode is called chuk Hayward so that's a little Easter egg the u might like or use
Qarwaalle Před 13 dny
Yo ep 6 wanda vjsion is ready what happen to u
Sarifa Xionic
Sarifa Xionic Před 13 dny
So not gonna talk about how the coffee cup is blue and red and looks like pixels
Wolfie The Gamer
Wolfie The Gamer Před 13 dny
Aight, I got a theory. There are a lot of hexagons in Wandavision. And in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Magneto is trapped in a cell formed like hexagon. And since we have already been introduced to Quicksilver from the X-Men, this might be a way to introduce Magneto.
Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy
Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy Před 13 dny
4:30 Did any else notice that Wanda’s first button is glowing red or is just me?
Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy
Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy Před 12 dny
I didn’t take it as a rude comment, so your fine.
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim Před 12 dny
@Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy I didnt mean it as a rude comment i just didnt understand but ye I see it but I dont think its glowing I think it's just bright red
Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy
Itz_Ya_Girl _Lizzy Před 13 dny
...Yes, sorry
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim Před 13 dny
You mean button?
Horacio Mateos
Horacio Mateos Před 14 dny
I have watched all your videos about WandaVision so far, and they are amaizing! Something that is bothering me (and I don’t remember you pointing it out) is why Wanda would “cast” her life. We know why is she creating this alternate life, but why take the effort to “edit” and “cast” as a show to the external world to view?
BHG Free fire lover
BHG Free fire lover Před 14 dny
Love from India
Arjun Mahesh
Arjun Mahesh Před 14 dny
Spolier alert please do not read this comment if didn't see Wanda vision episode 6 Wanda told the kids that do not pass park avenue which means its outside the westview. New detail in episode 6
Jasper Před 14 dny
waiting for video on 6th ep of WV...
Skoop Troop
Skoop Troop Před 14 dny
Agent woo is one of my favourite marvel characters
mayank salvi
mayank salvi Před 14 dny
Please bring the video for episode 6. It’s already friday. Love your videos so much that I can’t wait
Thomas Turbato
Thomas Turbato Před 14 dny
The sound of liquid spilling when the girl says "Lagos, for when you make a mess you didn't mean to" reminds me of blood.
Tashrif Razeen
Tashrif Razeen Před 14 dny
waiting for ep 6 breakdown!!!!!
Franklin Schmidt
Franklin Schmidt Před 14 dny
I know I need it
Andrew K
Andrew K Před 14 dny
I think Wanda used the present tense to just be child friendly and not make them sad.
Brader Olalubs
Brader Olalubs Před 14 dny
Panchojanyo Chakraborty
Please upload your breakdown on episode 6. I could understand it but you’re the best at pointing the tiny details. Please upload it!
Samarth Jain
Samarth Jain Před 14 dny
She said I "have" a brother in the next episode because she didn't want to explain the concept of death to her little boys. Like when parents tell their child that their pet went to go live on a farm
Andrew Curtis
Andrew Curtis Před 14 dny
Thanks for the video, small details not to shake the world, but to make us nod with appreciation. Cheers!
Can you please make a video on falcon and winter soldier trailer
Benjamin Paterson
Benjamin Paterson Před 14 dny
Should be titled “6 things you definitely already noticed about Wandavision”
Devansh Trivedi
Devansh Trivedi Před 14 dny
Do shazam 0.25 x
Kyele Tejero
Kyele Tejero Před 14 dny
Omy god... I just watch ep 6, its shocking im still in shock 😲😲 omygod
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