How Thanos Won 14,000,604 Times - Finally Revealed 

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This theory in its entirety belongs to Jack Oedekoven. Let me know what you feel about this theory. And also if you wanna know what I personally believe, comment down below and I'll make a video on that too.

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15. 11. 2020





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 3 měsíci
"As long as there are those that remember WHAT WAS, there will always be those that are unable to accept what CAN BE"
Ukie TheOverlord
Ukie TheOverlord Před 2 dny
"They will resist"
Whispy RA1D
Whispy RA1D Před 2 dny
This was dumb because it’s stupid to think that thanks only changed his vision once but Tony sacrificed himself multiple times or other things happened multiple times the better way to think of it is this is the timeline we saw where they won
Jaden Před 4 dny
What did Thanos expect? That everyone was just going to except that all there friends and family disappeared and let him off the hook.
crowe1415 Před 8 dny
Without the time heist younger Thanos learns nothing, your analysis is wrong, Tony beat him.
My problem with this theory is that the person that came up with this theory is acting as if it was a bit of “chance” that Thanos switched his ideology. The thing is, Thanos would have changed his ideology in more than just 1 timeline, one thing that (I feel like at least) proves this is in Endgame, Tony asks Dr Strange, “1 out of 14 million we win yeah? Tell me this is it.” (Or something similar to that) And Strange says, “If I tell you what happens, it won’t happen.” This means that there is more than one outcome that could happen in Endgame, they could still screw this up. And before that conversation, when Thanos was confronted by Tony, Cap, and Thor, he already decided to destroy all of the universe. That’s why I believe this theory is wrong, but tell me if you think differently.
Lake Cooper
Lake Cooper Před 5 minutami
***WRONG*** Well into the battle, long after Thanos deviated his approach, Dr. Strange tells Stark "it" still might not happen, "If I tell you, it won't happen", meaning it WAS allllll on Tony's actions-to-be. Dr. Strange made that blatantly clear.
Jay Williams
Jay Williams Před 24 minutami
I think its because Young Thanos did wants most villains did in the Iron man films and take short cuts to beat Tony. An under rated theme in all the Iron man films is the work ethic and how Tony trumps everyone in that department. So the massive difference in Young and old Thanos of the work old Thanos put into getting the Stone and completing his mission.
Richmond Gbedemah
Richmond Gbedemah Před hodinou
Makes lots of sense.
Numb Před 2 hodinami
2:36 Utilitarians would like to have a word with you....
Kekhriezhazo Liezietsu
Kekhriezhazo Liezietsu Před 3 hodinami
Just enjoy the movie
Liel Gumapon
Liel Gumapon Před 5 hodinami
Thanos lost in Endgame because he didn't have the power stone, reality stone, space stone
Ben Sarm Chuqui
Ben Sarm Chuqui Před 6 hodinami
in avengers 1 & 2, tony didnt have a kid. Now hes does, or did. so if you crunch the numbers down, my calculations say that it was actually becuz of tony's sacrifice. GG, go next
Night hawk
Night hawk Před 7 hodinami
Lets began... ughhh... begin....
John Garrett
John Garrett Před 10 hodinami
Nope. Not even close. Maybe dont try so hard. You didn't "perceive" anything special. You're intellect is at best average. Imagine spending a moment trying to explain someone else's intellectual property. Ignorant and arrogant
James Fairfield
James Fairfield Před 10 hodinami
Phan Hải Sơn
Phan Hải Sơn Před 10 hodinami
People keep thinking as if 14 mils are all the possibilities. But what if the avengers have 100 mils ways to win but the time stone only show Strange 1 of them ?
Jeremy Crumpton
Jeremy Crumpton Před 11 hodinami
I thought this was gonna be all hyperbole, but this actually makes a lot of sense
avon Walker
avon Walker Před 14 hodinami
Hey dummy all the other times Tony died ..tony only live once out of 14 thousand times..only tony had the means to make a gloves just needed the stones..we all saw how hard it took to get that glove off thoans
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Před 14 hodinami
This is wrong. Part of the way through the final battle, Tony asks Strange, "Is this the one where we in" (paraphrased). Strange replies "If I tell you, this won't be" (paraphrased). The implication is that at that point, there were still at least two possible outcomes. One where the avengers win and one where they lose. However, Thanos had already made up his mind to destroy and remake the universe when that question was asked. Assume the reason that he loses is that he chose to remake the universe, then when Tony asks that question, all outcomes would have to be avenger losses. This is a contradiction therefore the assumption is false. Meaning the reason Thanos loses is not that he chose to remake the universe. I will mention that this choice from Thanos might have an impact on the probability of a loss for the avengers, but it is not a guarantee either way. Additionally, you are forgetting that there are many other choices and events that take place during the final battle. It is not just Thanos' choice and Tony's snap that impact the outcome.
David Rojas
David Rojas Před 15 hodinami
never apologize for Endgame content!
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Před 15 hodinami
Wait wtf did Danvers do? That cheap knock off of Wonder Woman. Lol
George Blabbermouth
George Blabbermouth Před 16 hodinami
Ok but how did him changing his plan cause him to lose? he's still just as powerful. Im gonna need more info before I can except this.
Dew it
Dew it Před 16 hodinami
I feel like strange was little off though, because there are many ways they could have won. One example: Star lord doesn’t rage 2: they get visions stone out in time 3: thanos doesn’t get in the time machine 4: Thor goes for the head/arm 5: Thor didn’t get fat 6: iron man doesn’t almost die at the battle of titan
Voiceless Demon
Voiceless Demon Před 12 hodinami
we still don't exactly know the future, so you may as well be wrong they only won once, but what does that mean exactly? it all depends on the future events of series, whatever other doomsday events that were evaded because of dr strange's plan
Aki Billanes
Aki Billanes Před 17 hodinami
"Now I know you're still not convinced..." me, already convinced: well
Brian R
Brian R Před 18 hodinami
I like this one
Souparno Dhar
Souparno Dhar Před 18 hodinami
There are a lot of permutations and combinations that form that one-in-forteen-million chance where they win, and here are two of those I think are very relevant 1. Doctor Strange had to give the time stone to Thanos. That's the only way anyone could convince the Ancient One to give it away. 2. Peter's death. Tony probably would never agree with the time heist if he didn't witness Peter dying in his arms.
Dan G
Dan G Před 18 hodinami
No one talking about noobmister69? Definitely the catalyst of Thanos' failure.
killKenny Před 19 hodinami
Thanos lost because of a rat, buddy.
Endsterskillz Gaming
Endsterskillz Gaming Před 19 hodinami
What about right before Tony got the stones? Strange looked over at Tony and realized that it was the moment. He put up one finger, signaling that Tony sacrificing himself was the only victory. Also, Strange said that if he says how they win, it will not happen. And he said that during the final battle, after Thanos had already decided what he was going to do.
Brajan Lazaj
Brajan Lazaj Před 22 hodinami
This is stupid, so out of 14mil possibilities tony stark could have sacrificed himself a log of times, but out of those 14mil thano's vision only changed once. Doesnt make sense to me, and seems like a way for you to feel like uve actually found the ending when in reality you havent. Also a theory doesnt mean the real reason is finally found, ure just pathetic trying to milk views with pathetic click baits
No One Of Consequence
No One Of Consequence Před 22 hodinami
Jack's theory is great, and especially satisfying, but the truth is we can't know what Thanos did in any of those other realities. It was probably the perfect combination of all factors that made this one The One. You have to hand it to Jack, though. This is the one perspective that inspires the most interesting ponderings.
Clay Rogers
Clay Rogers Před 23 hodinami
I've watched Infinity War so many times and the one thing that bugged me the most was that Starlord is considered dumb by everyone for punching Thanos; but that event came AFTER Doctor Strange looked into the future. He knew that it would happen, and yet let it. That means that Starlord HAD to make that mistake to set forward the one future where they win. Thanos needed to succeed at first for the Avengers to win in the end. But the reason I think Thanos won 14,000,604 times: I don't think the same 50% of people got blipped out of existence in every version of the future Doctor Strange saw. I think the exact perfect combination of events needed to unfold for the right 50% of people to be around to save the universe.
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus Před 23 hodinami
Easy he didn't hesitate like he did in end game in all that he won he went straight for the kill
Jay Patel
Jay Patel Před 23 hodinami
A load of crap
Peter Ackerley
Peter Ackerley Před dnem
At least one of those was because Dr strange told Tony stark it came down to him and he pussed out
Unusual Videos
Unusual Videos Před dnem
So he played and won who's the millionaire million times and only lost 14million in taxes and left only 1$ to lose .
Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart Před dnem
Brilliant stuff man.
Roman Před dnem
How did Thanos win 14 million times, if there was 14 million Doctor Strange’s who could see 14 million other futures ? If the Avengers only won once, that means Thanos won everytime except once. But if every dimension lost against Thanos (except one), would it mean that he only really won once since the Doctor Strange’s of every dimension could see the one time that one dimension lost ? And that isn’t the only paradox.
Evžen Dobiáš
Evžen Dobiáš Před dnem
Because comics/script said so...
Jason Patigayon
Jason Patigayon Před dnem
3:47 yeah.. There are many times Tony Stark almost die but the Endgame is the legit
Savlo Savage
Savlo Savage Před dnem
They are facing an ignorant Thanos... the Thanos they actually defeat isn’t aware fully of how he gained every stone ... nebula wasn’t with him every step of the way ... so this was a correct way to see it. Also Strange can see which timeline exactly is the right path .... because he was able to go to different dimensions .... there’s a back story we don’t gather yet
Ellen Barriga
Ellen Barriga Před dnem
Actually makes sense.
luis dawkins
luis dawkins Před dnem
Thanos may not have won 14million times. There is a chance strange said it to make sure they win
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Před dnem
Who else realised that Tony actually tackles thanos
Manish Lohia
Manish Lohia Před dnem
We won because Dr. Strange gave up the time stone and Thanos left with it without killing Tony.
nachiketh kashyap
Without any doubt Thanos is my favourite character in the whole mcu
Prem Shreasth
Prem Shreasth Před dnem
Came from facebook post
Growling Gaming
Growling Gaming Před dnem
I think if they lost it would be if captain america wasn’t worthy
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Před dnem
Very interesting
TomboBreaker Před dnem
Pretty sure Strange watched 14 million scenarios where he didn't save Tony's life, on a lark saw 1 where he did and they won
G A M E B O I Před dnem
Kind of sad that no matter how hard they tried, the Avengers would never win. It all depended on the enemy slipping up.
Wyatt Thacker
Wyatt Thacker Před dnem
Interesting. So assume that Time Heist Thanos had've been informed about Strange's prediction. Do you think Thanos would've won again, out of knowing what to look out for and therefore anticipating it? Do you think that he would have no control over it? Or, maybe, do you think that he would've avoided travelling to the present because he would think that it would be an outcome where he didn't win?
LilRedDog Před dnem
Yeah, I do not know man... I think Dr. Strange lied. He could have destroyed the time stone, or maybe, put it somewhere in time/multiverse Thanos could not reach and then Thanos could not have gotten the Soul stone. 2 stones, gone. 14 million glimpses and not one gleaned the whole thing depended on the time stone???? At heart, Dr. Strange is an arrogant asshole.
ridhwaans Před dnem
so the rat that crawled over the quantum realm van machine is not one of the millions of reasons?
Inverse Invasion
Inverse Invasion Před dnem
What if the one way after endgame they killed thanos and gave the stone to Spider-Man lmfao he would be broken
Ike Films
Ike Films Před dnem
The problem with this theory, is that Dr Strange himself wasn't 100% sure it was the "1" time the Avengers beat Thanos until Thanos pushed Captain marvel with the power stone. I'm not really sure how, but you can clearly tell that was the sign to Dr strange that Thanos would lose.
Abdelmalek KAOUDJT
I think the real reason it's the sacrifice of Tony stark and he said it to captain america when he gives him back the shield, he said that he will appreciate to survive. Before he hasn't a family so he could sacrifice himself but in this reality he has a wife and a daughter and he enjoys life with them so couldn't sacrifice himself it was the only time he accepts his death and no longer see his family so don't take this away from IRON MAN
Ron Diggity
Ron Diggity Před dnem
Everybody knows thanos was using aimbot and wall hacks
Zeus Před dnem
I think the Avengers lost 14 Million Times because Doctor Strange wanted it Like that. I think He kinda manipulated all to believing that there is Just one possibility, so that He could eliminate some Other Threads for the world Like Thor, Hulk, Iron man and Cap, because Even though they wanna Safe the world, in the eyes of the sorcerer supreme who has to Safe the reality No Matter what, they are still Just some super Strong people which so whatever they want. Hope U get my theory, my English isnt that good
Prism Před dnem
There is one fat ass problem with this position. Infinity stones. Being able to create or destroy mass were more than capable of doubling up the resources on the planet or even more. He instead decides to kill half the people. What i think is that thanos hated the world, his planet, the existing world order, they neglected and embarrassed him, much like joker. He was hence salty with everyone, his own theory, the quest of making universe better by snapping half the life is just an excuse for himself to feel confident with his deeds.
Pierce Smith
Pierce Smith Před 2 dny
You spent 5 minutes saying he lost because he changed his goal but you didn't once explain how changing his goal actually contributed to his defeat in any way. Shit theory, shit video.
Tosh Omni
Tosh Omni Před 2 dny
Maybe he just realized his wish was stupid because the universe would soon repopulate.
jimjimmyjames59 Před 2 dny
Perfectly valid theory.
a cat just chillin
a cat just chillin Před 2 dny
Ya but starlord mest it up so
Joshua Abramov
Joshua Abramov Před 2 dny
So does that mean that if someone for some reason goes back in time to 2013, then they can bring Thanos back, or have all variants of Thanos have been snapped out of existence in every timeline and point in time?
SeVonda Crawford
SeVonda Crawford Před 2 dny
shaun brown
shaun brown Před 2 dny
I think it took Dr Strange so many times to watch the future because he always refused to give up the time stone(Protected it with his life). Once he finally did and realized that it was crucial to keep Tony alive, so he could invent time travel, he didn’t need to see anymore versions of the future.
Normal Life
Normal Life Před 2 dny
IMO why Thanos loose because je realize whatever he do,the one he love never love him,always betrayed him,until the end.
Logan’s Run 30
Logan’s Run 30 Před 2 dny
Captain Marvel is never the answer 🤮
Prince Před 2 dny
Imagine thanos going an hour back in time and helping the past thanos win. And then both of them going an hour back again and meeting another thanos.. then making a entire army of thanos and having a orgy. Bruh moment
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Před 2 dny
Its a good theory. However u may be looking to deep into it. Yeah Stark and others are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, hence why their heros. I think the point is just simply Tony in this version of the fight got the stones and he sacrificed himself.And thats it. Anything else may cheapen his sacrifice? The 14 mil times may be irrelevant. Though I do like your idea and u make an awesome point. Also,dont forget the multiple back in time missions. Which they may have failed 14 million times until they got it right? Tony failed his mission, they had to recover Pym particals. How many times did that mission go wrong? Like the cruise move Edge of Tomorrow where he had to keep redoing the mission over n over until he got it right?? Or if Strange was there he would tell cruise which version wins. Anyway the real reason is...there are only 6 Infinity stones and when Tom Brady finally snapped his finger with All 7 Rings he had the Power to save the Universe. Its True.
Mwate Simpemba
Mwate Simpemba Před 2 dny
Dude we got that a long time ago
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Před 2 dny
Dr. Strange Can Only See The Wins Of Enemy. There Is Three Possible That Can Kill Thanos First Warned Star Lord That Don't Punch Thanos, Second Ordered Thor When Thanos Scream From Absorbing The Power Of Stone He Should Target The Head Not The Gauntlet, Third Told Antman To Practice His Smallest Flys To Transport Him To Thanos Mount And Used The Giant Antman To Split Thanos. See I Can See All Possibility.
Darth Motherfucker
Darth Motherfucker Před 2 dny
Now what would have happened if they didn’t take the fight to Thanos Tony Spider-Man dr strange Would have joined up with the rest of The Avengers at the headquarters then probably would’ve gone to wakanda anyway so the fight would’ve been going their way without Thor So therefore they have more time to get the stone out of vision then Thor comes along With his help they wipe out the army with the stone out scarlet witch will destroy it Thanos comes along and they all charge on Thanos and kill him
Free Burgers
Free Burgers Před 2 dny
What’s funny is Dr Strange lowkey selfish because the only scenario they win he’s also alive to witness it. There are potentially many other scenarios they win in which Dr strange is DEAD. We learned in his movie from the ancient one that they can’t see past their death. So theoretically there are still many other scenarios that could have played out
AnimeFreakish78 Před 2 dny
The reason thanos originally wins is because he slowly gathers the stones and becomes unbeatable. Without the stones it would take only a handful of avengers to defeat him. Thor and marvel would be enough. Or strange and wanda.
Split Dimension
Split Dimension Před 2 dny
Yep you got it. I didn't make a video about it, but you got it right, all of it. Thanks for sharing and reaching over 2 million people with this video. Hopefully more than half understood it.
The Loobis
The Loobis Před 2 dny
This was stupid bro. This is the second video I've seen and both were stupid theories.
Artillery Jay
Artillery Jay Před 2 dny
Nah, I can't believe that out of over 14 million timelines Thanos's goal only changed in one. It wasn't that, it was that combined with every single other thing that happened from the point when Strange said the word "one". All of it, combined, Thanos changing his mission, Tony's sacrifice, Danvers showing up, Black Widow's death, Thor's depression, Banner's coming to terms with his own existence. ALL of it. That was the only scenario where they win. If everything else had happened the same except that instead of say Spiderman turning to dust it was Black Widow, the out come would have been different. If the thing that changed was that they imprisoned Thanos instead of chopping off his head, different outcome. It all had to play out the way that it did, exactly as it did because once one detail is changed, it is no longer that ONE timeline anymore, it becomes one of the others.
Fardeen saifi
Fardeen saifi Před 2 dny
Ritu kumar
Ritu kumar Před 2 dny
It's because of the mouse that they won it must have taken at least 5-6 million tries for that mouse to push the button😂😂
Nicholas Montz
Nicholas Montz Před 2 dny
Wait, this makes literally zero sense. The title is the exact opposite of what you were saying in the video, and you don’t think that in every timeline the Avengers snapped people back Thanos came to the same conclusion??
Sen Sen
Sen Sen Před 2 dny
I somewhat agree with this, but I think there's a bit more to it than just Thanos giving up on his original dream. It could be that this was the only outcome where Tony got the stones, and was able to use them. Strange did give them the number of possible futures before their first fight against Thanos. I'm willing to bet that characters like Tony died in half of those futures either during the first fight, or during the snap, which would have effectively ruined any possibility of them going back in time. Then in the other half aside from the one success, Tony and the Avengers lost the last fight. Out of all those futures Tony probably wasn't the only one to get their hands on the stones too. Which probably implies that because of his respect for Tony, when he finally got the stones when Thanos gave up on his dream he might have felt fear or something along those lines that allowed Tony to say what he wanted, and snap his fingers. He doesn't respect any other character aside from Star Lord (to an extent), so even after giving up on his original goal he probably didn't feel truly defeated if a character like Thor or Cap were to get the stones. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, kinda just rambling my thoughts here.
Julien antoine
Julien antoine Před 2 dny
This makes a lot of sense imo, all the points you raised are so rational....like thanos 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
javi Před 2 dny
I recall the Ancient One telling Hulk that there must've been a reason Dr Strange just gave Thanos the stone. Im not a Marvel guru and do not know if that reason was ever revealed. BUT what if Strange learned that attempting 14,604,999 to keep it away from Thanos resulted in losing and the only scenario where they win was just giving it to him only to defeat him in the "Endgame". Which is exactly how Strange answers Stark to the question: Stark: Why would you do that? Strange: We're in the endgame now.
Cotten Helmsworth
Cotten Helmsworth Před 2 dny
How the hell can you grab the subscribe button? Please stop saying that.
Nikolas Coffey
Nikolas Coffey Před 2 dny
Dr strange gave thanos the time stone so he wouldn't kill Tony. Tony sacrificing himself wouldn't have happened in the other timelines if thanos just killed him. Not to mention that thanos was getting the time stone either way, Dr strange was on his last legs and it wouldn't take thanos much effort to finish him off
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero Před 2 dny
Easy he traded lives
Time with Eli
Time with Eli Před 2 dny
He won that many times becuase he had THE STONES to.
Matthew P.
Matthew P. Před 2 dny
Nonsense. There's no evidence that Thanos only changed his vision in this one timeline.
Khan Markantony
Khan Markantony Před 2 dny
He also never explains how thanos changing his vision results in a loss for him. 0 causality explained here
Ouf Před 2 dny
So basically, Thanos lost because of Nebula? Huh. Dang.
grambottle033 Před 2 dny
"Finally revealed" = fan theory. Yeah that's a thumbs down.
Deeshen Ruttun
Deeshen Ruttun Před 2 dny
Marvel directors probably thinking what kind of bullsh*t is that
Saloman syed
Saloman syed Před 2 dny
Thanos lost because of Plot armour 😆.
Teqnyq Před 2 dny
OK, off to watch endgame to validate this theory.
David Wakefield
David Wakefield Před 2 dny
marvel ran out of ink,,,then the fake godless creation that it is turned into a blank page on a roll of toilet paper,,,
Pan Darius Kairos
Pan Darius Kairos Před 2 dny
Nah bros, the Avengers won because this was the only timeline in which they all came together. Remember when Cap and Tony were talking in Ultron and Cap says that if they lose they'll do that together too? Well, that was foreshadowing the end of Infinity War, in which they weren't together at all when they lost (1/2 of them were in Wakanda and 1/2 of them were on Titan). So, after correcting some mistakes, in End Game they end up winning because they bring everyone together. I know, not as convoluted or mysterious, but in the End Game, it really is that simple.
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Před 2 dny
Its not the sacrifice that Tony makes that makes him crucial to winning.. Strange saw how his addition and intellect allowed the time heist to be a reality. Without Tony they never figure out how to properly time travel and assemble the stones.. Thats why Strange bargained for his life..
Zach Edwards
Zach Edwards Před 2 dny
Doesn’t captain marvel deserve some recognition with tony? She stopped him from snapping and he took off the space stone to punch her. Didn’t that make a new timeline?
brpeterson612 Před 2 dny
I guess I figured that the 1 out of 14,000,605 was the rat in the van. Anybody?
Jared Před 2 dny
I can’t be the only one that semi agrees with the vision of thanos
brpeterson612 Před 2 dny
Bill Burr sure does, and he explains a little more in each special 😂
Michael D. Lancaster
This makes a lot of sense
One Punch Man
One Punch Man Před 2 dny
Thanos lost cause of not getting any 🐱
brpeterson612 Před 2 dny
But Gamora wasn't REALLY his daughter... You ever search 'stepdad/stepdaughter'? He got some
Tim Early
Tim Early Před 2 dny
Each of the versions that he lost were from different reasons. I am sure some he 'changed his vision' some of the times, but some other factor came into play that allowed him to win.
brpeterson612 Před 2 dny
i.e. the rat got caught in a trap before getting to the van
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