Here's How Zemo Might Be More Powerful Than Thanos - Finally Revealed 

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Just a little something before you watch the 3rd Episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. My 0.25x Speed breakdown is coming up next!
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1. 04. 2021





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Avik Sarkar
Avik Sarkar Před 4 dny
Hail Hydra 💀🐙
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Před 7 dny
The recording at 4:00 said clearly it was a kill squad. Why do you keep saying it was a death squad? Genuinely curious.
lumpyspacecadet Před 8 dny
You just messed up your own video. Civil War literally says Zemo ran a KILL squad and then you went on to say he ran a DEATH squad. Then you say why they are different. Zemo targeted military, not civilians, according to your logic.
Teagan Frizzell
Teagan Frizzell Před 10 dny
And this is why I think Zemo should get his own short series on Disney+ because we don't know the whole story😃😭
M_rk roblox
M_rk roblox Před 13 dny
I totally agree with this and he is and always will be my favourite character of the mcu
Beetle Před 13 dny
I wanna say damn you zemo, but with out him we wouldn't of watched one of the best movies in the world.
AIND Wizard
AIND Wizard Před 14 dny
Thanos has the ability to erase the whole universe and zemo is a human who failed to kill himself 🤣no comparison (Warning:-plz Don't reply with your so called theories and show your smartness,NO BODY CARES !!!)
Daniel Adade
Daniel Adade Před 15 dny
Nobody breakdown
Feir Před 15 dny
Thanos would’ve lost it wasn’t for zemo and yet still a regular guy with a grudge brought apart all of the avengers managed to break them apart all by going into a facility saying some words and showing a guy that the guy next to him killed his parents that’s all it took in order to kill and break up the avengers
He actually is... he is like the counter for captain america for sheer will and determination...
James Bacon
James Bacon Před 15 dny
Zemo is awesome, intelligent, and accurately completed his goal.
KoobmoovY 2.0
KoobmoovY 2.0 Před 16 dny
He didn’t need Brute Strength, Magic or Billion Dollar Tech to destroy the Avengers . All he needed was: - A book - Old Camera Footage - His Intelligence - And enough money to travel
KoobmoovY 2.0
KoobmoovY 2.0 Před 10 dny
@I'm Sorry for Being Kind I mean true. Two bombs in fact😂😂
I'm Sorry for Being Kind
A bomb.
Molonidas hawaian algo
zemo was a lider of a KILL SQUAD, not a Death SQUAD.
Gerald Před 17 dny
All I know why Zemo is powerful than thanos is Zemo is the brother of Zeno
Mishuk Ehsan
Mishuk Ehsan Před 17 dny
Click bait title
Mukujerii ZF
Mukujerii ZF Před 18 dny
You can never tell what lengths someone who is driven by vengence and anger will go to.
Moko Koco
Moko Koco Před 18 dny
Once someone knows your plan, then your plan fails. Zemo was good at planning and not telling anybody
Ahmed Před 19 dny
He was the only villain who defeated the Avengers
Valentina H
Valentina H Před 19 dny
Loved his new outfit
Varaprasad Korada
Varaprasad Korada Před 20 dny
Can u explain what is civil war in comics?
Aryan Pramanik
Aryan Pramanik Před 20 dny
I sometimes feel that zemo is underrated simply cuz he doesnt have superpowers , the only superpower he has is his brain which is sometimes the strongest superpower.
Dharam Pal
Dharam Pal Před 21 dnem
Because he's BATM.... Oh sorry wrong universe....;)
Lakers 2021
Lakers 2021 Před 21 dnem
He’s good but I still think killmonger was the best..
OPTÏMUS NOEL Před 24 dny
Never have I been so offended by something I 100 percent agree with
OGKendrickLamar Fuh
OGKendrickLamar Fuh Před 24 dny
If no one else is gonna say it then I will. Zemo is worthy of Miljnoir and if you can’t see why then learn why by doing research
OGKendrickLamar Fuh
OGKendrickLamar Fuh Před 24 dny
Baron Zemo has a good heart. When faced with a difficult choice, like for example when he was chasing Carly and she dropped the super soldier serum, he paused and starred at the serum as if tempted to take it, just before destroying it. Goes to show that even a man like Zemo is tempted with power but chooses to overcome it. That’s why I believe Zemo is powerful than Thanos, because when faced with a decision that he could decide to take that power and use for himself to change the world like Thanos did, or he can decide to reject that power because like thanos after he would have completed his goal that power becomes nothing but temptation and is forced to destroy that power. Zemo didn’t and still doesn’t have special powers and he doesn’t need them. He is the wisest and most patient man in the MCU. Even when he is forced to do something good he is able to have a positive impact on Sam and Bucky even if they don’t admit it. “But I have experience and patience, a man can do anything if he has those things.” - Baron Zemo
Pratyush Bhatli
Pratyush Bhatli Před 24 dny
Hence proved Brain power is greater than anything lmao
OGKendrickLamar Fuh
OGKendrickLamar Fuh Před 24 dny
currently i’m 30 minutes and 38 seconds into episode 6 of falcon and the winter soldier. The action started immediately and didn’t stop for almost a half hour. Almost as long as the final battle in endgame. Also when the world guy says “who are you” and then sam says “i’m Captain American” the dude replies with “I thought captain america was on the moon.” I laughed so hard because everyone thought that Steve is actually on the moon and not dead. All 5 episodes and nothing no mention of Steve being on the moon. Sam and Bucky alluded to the possibility he was dead every time they brought him up in a conversation. This fact is important because everyone was hoping Steve was chilling on the moon and everyone had these theories. This is the first time they actually brought up Steve and the moon in one conversation sooo.. Do with that what you will
House of Toussaint
House of Toussaint Před 24 dny
@ 3:56 Did not the nice computer lady say kill squad, then you go on to define the difference between death squads and kill squads...? NANI NANI!!??
Harsh Arya
Harsh Arya Před 24 dny
Bhrul has one of the most coolest accent in the mcu
bored。 Před 25 dny
the reason why zemo could be a much more dangerous threat than thanos is basically the same reason why batman is much more dangerous than superman. while thanos and superman may be naturally more powerful, zemo and batman both have incredible minds capable of orchestrating events which could deal much more damage than what the other two could inflict using just raw power.
ThunderBlastvideo Před 25 dny
so close to 1mi.... ill sub :)
ThunderBlastvideo Před 25 dny
man, the more I watch these shows the more I realize how damn good a movie civil war was...
Robert Nuakona
Robert Nuakona Před 25 dny
I see what you're saying, but Thanos wasn't targeting a small group of extraordinary individuals on one planet. His target was every living thing everywhere. Millions of gifted individuals. Would Zemo's plan work on a scale that large? Dramatically probable but unlikely.
NithiSh JVJ
NithiSh JVJ Před 25 dny
Tony lost in Infinity war mainly because of the dumb but StarLord
Ian Richardson
Ian Richardson Před 25 dny
He was
Ezequiel Gerstel Bodoha
Maybe not the most powerfull, but the most succesful
Tyr MacDonald
Tyr MacDonald Před 26 dny
I hate to say it but you made a mistake, they said Echo-Scorpion was a Kill-Squad, not a Death-Squad.
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh Před 26 dny
Nearing 1 million 👀😄
VA Před 26 dny
No one person can be more powerful than thanos
Gino Lorenzo
Gino Lorenzo Před 26 dny
Like saying the turtle with that plastic straw in his nose is powerful because he started the movement to use paper straws at Starbucks
Ivo Bo
Ivo Bo Před 26 dny
Suuuch a clickbaity title. Saying hes more pwoerful in the title, yet you speak not of power, but success. There is a HUGE difference and for that sleezy reason you tried to trick people with this BS, have a downvote. God you CSshowsrs need to stop with this utter BS and for one I need to train myself more restrain...
tran huy anh
tran huy anh Před 26 dny
You can say the same thing for Tony, if Tony didn't create Ultron, there wouldn't be the destruction of Sokovia and death of Zemo's family, Zemo wouldn't have become the villain...go on and forth.
Anoop Raha
Anoop Raha Před 27 dny
Yeah , 2 episode major role in falcon series.
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne Před 27 dny
Avengers already broke up in civil war due to accords even before Zemo entered the scene. So, to say Avengers breaking up because of him is a big joke. However, he is the reason why they never patched up.
Lou Aubrey Cañedo
Lou Aubrey Cañedo Před 27 dny
The canadian lad. Pls make your voice louder on the next videos. Pls.
QuadClicker Před 28 dny
Well he’s not physically more powerful but probably mentally more powerful
NCRxghost Před 28 dny
It’s obviously his dance moves
Oliver Rivera
Oliver Rivera Před 28 dny
Good video, clickbait title.
ProdyRBLX Před 28 dny
I think hes becoming a good guy now
Sean Ng
Sean Ng Před 28 dny
The Butterfly Effect.
Luke Před 28 dny
Never f*ck with a man who has nothing to lose.
Khujema Piplodwala
Khujema Piplodwala Před 28 dny
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Před 28 dny
Thank you for being one of the only people who picked up on the fact that prior to being dusted for five years, Sam was an international fugitive, that is going F your ability to get a loan more than a little, pardoned or not.
waluigi is my god
waluigi is my god Před 28 dny
His dance can destory universes
Jesus Christ Is The Answer
Friday said kill squad not death squad so he wasn't so bad
Wael Liam
Wael Liam Před 29 dny
so he is the MCU antihero Batman
Jarlath Leonard
Jarlath Leonard Před 29 dny
well he blamed but it was more tony and banner and tony killed way more
abhishek mohapatra
abhishek mohapatra Před měsícem
I think he is already a super soldier..he just doesnot show
BlueFeral Před měsícem
Can just headshot him but ok
Evan Roldan
Evan Roldan Před měsícem
Cuz he Has the best dance moves
Fred Freeman
Fred Freeman Před měsícem
He says Zemo ran a death squad. Then he plays the scene and it says a kill squad. Then he says doubles down on him running a death squad and says that it is different than a kill squad because it is not done by the rules of war. Was he trying to gaslight the audience?
Zach Temoro
Zach Temoro Před měsícem
I know he has a deep hatred and distain for superhumans that take the serum, but did anyone else think it was commendable that when faced with the serum, he didn’t decide to take one for himself and destroy the rest, he decided to destroy all of them and stay true to his ideology. Its almost scary how much intellect and will he has
Avik Sarkar
Avik Sarkar Před 4 dny
Daniel Bruhl deserves respect 🙏
Ellax Před 19 dny
That's so true wow!
Valeaves Před 22 dny
Yes, that was masterful.
♡ L O V E
♡ L O V E Před měsícem
As a fellow Canuck im deeply joyed with what ur doin in your channel. And you giving Zemo proper recognition is admirable.
Lukasz Rower
Lukasz Rower Před měsícem
Batman character level: Willpower, intelligence. Only human
THANOS Před měsícem
Jānis Dūrītis
Jānis Dūrītis Před měsícem
The reasson endgame exists is couse thor wanted to kill him slowly
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart Před měsícem
Zemo is smart enough to have Asgardians bow at his feet hes done it in the comics and animated series cant wait to see how he plays Bucky and Sam
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Před měsícem
one thing has never been mentioned in the MCU , How many people died when the Hulk snapped everybody back , we have been shown that they retuned to the exact spot where they were dusted , so to give one example that means that everybody who was on board an airplane or helicopter in flight when dusted would have dropped to there death having been retuned to empty skies , same goes for any body dusted in an elevator/Lift unless they were lucky and it happened to be in the same place......
Janthion Před měsícem
The greatest monster was Human a Joe Shmo compared to the Actual monsters The Avengers fought against, and he ultimately won.
Mark Reed
Mark Reed Před měsícem
I love Daniel Bruhl portrayal as Zemo! He was the perfect actor for that part! Great casting!
cheesy beans
cheesy beans Před měsícem
thank you Canada very cool
Fish Před měsícem
Thanos has a 50% win rate against the avengers while demo is at 100%
Fish Před měsícem
Lord Noblesse
Lord Noblesse Před měsícem
Sam should just start a go fund me i bet your ass he would get a lot of money
Yuri Crisologo
Yuri Crisologo Před měsícem
*Loki left the group*
Anchovy Fish
Anchovy Fish Před měsícem
What is incredible is I hadn't hated him that much in Civil War, his motivation was also in a sense valid regarding his family being (accidentally) killed by the Avengers. I thought he was a prelude to Killmonger's characterization in the MCU. It is terrifying that his chessmaster-like intelligence and manipulation created reverberating effects among the characters and the events in the MCU afterwards, in hindsight. So I am also kind of dreading that dance scene he had which we all enjoyed, because this is basically a man with nothing else left, nothing to lose he might as well go down to carnage, that you wonder if this is the beginning of something darker.
Francis Parker
Francis Parker Před měsícem
I hope all you zemo lovers are not also the ones sending Wyatt death threats. That’s some mental illness type of stuff.
Ryleigh Pearson
Ryleigh Pearson Před měsícem
Zemo has a chance at becoming a top tier villain if he has a dance off against the entire MCU like Footloose; doing what the Guardians of the galaxy couldn't. With F&WS episode 3 moves, I think only a twerking Thanos would meet the challenge on equal footing
Yashesh Patel 26
Yashesh Patel 26 Před měsícem
at 4:05 it is kill squad bro
Yashesh Patel 26
Yashesh Patel 26 Před měsícem
i checked it out at 4:04 at .25x speed
Yashesh Patel 26
Yashesh Patel 26 Před měsícem
please i dont want to be rude but i love your content these sligth mistakes slip of tounge is misleading manipulating
Yashesh Patel 26
Yashesh Patel 26 Před měsícem
at 4:06 you did it again take rest bro
Yashesh Patel 26
Yashesh Patel 26 Před měsícem
at 3:58 you said death squad
Mohsin rafiq
Mohsin rafiq Před měsícem
Why zemo become a villain. ? Does he think avengers are responsible for his family.?
CURSE Gaming
CURSE Gaming Před měsícem
3:55 listen carefully lad said he ran death squad but the AI said he ran kill squad (I'm not sure i may be wrong)....
the Dabbing Panda
the Dabbing Panda Před měsícem
his dance could snap thanos out of existence
July17 Před měsícem
I think Zemo is indeed one of the most successful antagonists in the MCU for one very simple reason... he succeeded.
crystalDM96 Před měsícem
@July17 ***SPIDERMAN omg I can't believe I made that typo (i'm going to edit it)
July17 Před měsícem
@crystalDM96 superman?
crystalDM96 Před měsícem
He legit succeeded. Now most of the avengers are dead: Ironman, Cap (the real one), Black Widow, Vision are all dead. Wanda has vanished mysteriously, Spiderman is on the run & wanted by the police (thanks to Beck). The remaining avengers are all separated and some are not even on earth anymore (Thor etc)
*FACEPALM* Před měsícem
Idk about powerful but smarter yezsir!
*FACEPALM* Před měsícem
And I know what he meant by powerful so don't come at me with that stuff
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony Před měsícem
Would be a mistake for the MCU to let the Wakandans kill Zemo...
Vishnu Varma Mantena
Vishnu Varma Mantena Před měsícem
Zemo (marvel) = joker (DC)
Spiky Tuhin
Spiky Tuhin Před měsícem
Who are here after seeing Zemo's dance 😂
Jacques Lin
Jacques Lin Před měsícem
Zemo. What a god this man is. He did something Thanos couldn't. Tear them apart without having to even touch them.
juanbvargas89 Před měsícem
Click bait
Baaqir MBM
Baaqir MBM Před měsícem
i think i found the best breakdown channel ever....
Too Soon
Too Soon Před měsícem
4:02 Zemo runs Echo Scorpion, a Sokovian covert *kill* squad TheCanadianLad: so Zemo was a leader of a *death* squad Me: bruh... The video says *kill* not *death* 🤣 seems like mistakes are made
ZolidSnake Před měsícem
Zemo successfully divided the Avengers, while Thanos brought them together and lost.
Dark Justice
Dark Justice Před měsícem
Ok, now you just making stuff up. This is the most stupid theory yet. 👎🏿👎🏿
frosted flakes
frosted flakes Před měsícem
Ultron is the most power full cuz he destroyed socovia wich killed zemos family which made zemo angrey at the avengers which he made them fight each other which broke them up wich made them lose in infinity war
J T Před měsícem
Shecky117 Před měsícem
I think powerful is the wrong term here, i think "Zemo had more impact on the avengers than thanos" is a better title and much less clickbaity :D
Equinox joestar
Equinox joestar Před měsícem
Is it me or Baron Zemo kinda look like Mrbeast??
JASON CLAIR Před měsícem
Any villain that takes a moment to savor freedom and dance at a club while deceiving those who oppose him and his past in the name of aid is alright in my book.
Brandon Hernandez-Leos
Brandon Hernandez-Leos Před měsícem
Baron Zemo is my favorite character out all of MCU.
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