99% Confirmed: Spider-Verse is Happening in Spider-Man 3 

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Recent news from The Hollywood Reporter does nothing but confirms that Spider-Man 3 will in fact bring us the first ever live-action Spider-Verse with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

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9. 12. 2020





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před 2 měsíci
Would you be happy with the live-action Spider-Verse or just want Peter (Tom) to conquer alone?
AA Thor
AA Thor Před 4 dny
Why is everyone saying spider verse Tom Holland is a mcu character tobey and Andrew isn’t like it’s a real marvel movie 🎥 not spider man into the spidey verse (Pls just do Tom by him self) Why do u like tobey he’s ruuuuubish man I know it’s opinion but still I’m a mcu fan Man come onnnnn why why whyyyyy!!?!??! (I’m soo sorry if this has offended u) :) Like if you are a mcu fan👍 👇
AA Thor
AA Thor Před 4 dny
Just Tom by is self
Under Lord
Under Lord Před 10 dny
Live action
Super Puppy
Super Puppy Před 11 dny
Spider verse 100%
Javier Febronio
Javier Febronio Před měsícem
@The Canadian Lad I don't want an Into the Spiderverse sequel; I want Tom Holland's Peter to finally acknowledge Uncle Ben and learn to be his own person instead of being "the next Iron Man"
Ahhh Man
Ahhh Man Před 8 hodinami
This is fake
Peter Maximoff
Peter Maximoff Před 18 hodinami
Here is what I know so far: Villans from TASM and Tobey maguires Spider-Man will appear. Daredevil will make a appearance As peters lawyer why you May ask? Well because they did confirm we will get a court room Scene in this Movie. And a Spider-Verse is 95% Possible. WHY? Well I say that because Dr. Strange was also Confirmed to be in this Film and That way inorder to Hide Peter he could make a different version of Peter and Leave the Real Peter in a Different Multi-verse That is when Tobey and Andrew come in However I'm still trying to figure out how They will be Introduced? The title of the Film is gonna be Called Spider-Man: No way Home Could it be Possible Peter gets stuck in One of the Universe? Now that's when we will get another sequel to this film Were Peter ends up Back home Spider-Man: Back at Home.
Divine MSasuman
Divine MSasuman Před dnem
What if the spider men (yes its plural) will fight the sinister 6 cos electro and doctor octopus but morbius gets replaced by electro btw i think it will come out after doctor strange 2
blue.sea.dye Před 2 dny
i just really miss Tobey McGuire :') oh and Kirsten Dunst
Red IronFist
Red IronFist Před 4 dny
Giuseppe Castiglione
What ever happened to this
michael hong
michael hong Před 5 dny
Return of bully Maguire lol
ashley eve
ashley eve Před 6 dny
i will cry genuine tears of happiness if i see andrew garfield in the new film i love him way too much
Kmy Sny
Kmy Sny Před 6 dny
we have 3 peter and 3 mj?
Luis Diego Siles Lineo
If the villains come from Andrew and tobey's dimensions, they should win on the first Movie so the others Spider-man appear in the next movies to help tom
Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif Před 6 dny
Dude Imagine a bunch of spider men vs the sinister 6
captain stop motion
Yes! Please all of them it would be awsome to see Andrew garfield and toby mqcuire
Yɪɴ Yᴀɴɢ
Yɪɴ Yᴀɴɢ Před 7 dny
What about miles?
Jan. Dre
Jan. Dre Před 7 dny
Tobey: Human Spider Andrew: Spider-Guy Tom: Spider-Something
Jimenez Eva
Jimenez Eva Před 7 dny
Agrega subtitulos en español
roby Před 7 dny
maybe with their realities will mix because if everything going on in wandavision
Mohak MuzicFreak
Mohak MuzicFreak Před 7 dny
Tobey is the besttttt spiderman and i want he should hav his own series for spiderman in the present time...who agrees with me???
Massanti Müller
Massanti Müller Před 8 dny
Now confirmed that it has nothing to do with multiverse
shannenS9 Před 9 dny
I love ❤️ Andrew Garfield
Troy Gastineau
Troy Gastineau Před 9 dny
It would be cool if Toby and Andrew could be like mentors to toms spiderman
pv blaze
pv blaze Před 9 dny
If spiderverse is happening then they should call to the team of 3 "web warriors"
Edited Rectangle
Edited Rectangle Před 10 dny
Super excited for everyone but I am most excited for tobey maguire
Austin Frye
Austin Frye Před 11 dny
“It might not help Tom Hollands’s, Peter” 😂😂😂 Reread that
Udit Kumar
Udit Kumar Před 11 dny
Andrew Garfield ❤️
Dark Sith Lord
Dark Sith Lord Před 11 dny
I just watched Spider-man into the spider-verse and I would love to see all 3 spider-man actors in the same movie even if Tobey & Andrew have cameos or minor parts!
EyeSeeYou! Před 11 dny
Now take on dis
Cyntia B.
Cyntia B. Před 12 dny
The one percent: its show time
Anit Das
Anit Das Před 12 dny
My theory: Toby and Andrew coming to the MCU will not be from present time. The mechanism of multiverse will connect with that timeline of Toby where Dr. Octopus haven't died yet, and Andrew's timeline will be the one where Gwen and electro are still alive. When you travel through the multiverse, you are also gonna travel through timelines.
Elon Mask
Elon Mask Před 12 dny
"I'm gonna put some dirt in your eyes"
Am0ykupAl Ka
Am0ykupAl Ka Před 12 dny
Alfred Molina singing Jessie's girl
Cashy Před 13 dny
I really feel like spider man 3 is after doctor strange MoM cause i bet after wandavision is Multiverse of Madness then they'll go in the multiverse together and Wiccan and speed will be part may be.
favourite spider man is the amazing spider man
musicom pro
musicom pro Před 14 dny
My tv is sony thats why i want to see tobey😂😂😂😂
musicom pro
musicom pro Před 14 dny
I want tobey to get back to the movie Please sonyyyyy😁✌️✌️
Amandeep Khere
Amandeep Khere Před 14 dny
What if Tobey Mcguire plays MCU's Uncle Ben🤔
Praji Před 14 dny
That will be awesome 😎😎😎
Joseph D.
Joseph D. Před 14 dny
If they don't cast Tobey Maguire he's gonna put some dirt in their eye.
AryanGray Před 14 dny
What about venom??
AryanGray Před 14 dny
Ecky's Gaming
Ecky's Gaming Před 15 dny
I'm pretty sure Tobey would agree easily considering that he love both Andrew and Tom
Ricardo Jr
Ricardo Jr Před 15 dny
Its fake guys, it just a rumor, no offcial annoucment about this crossover. the more you expect the more dissapointed you will be.
I know but people really overhyped these rumors for some reason.
XanIsDramatic Před 15 dny
I hope Zendaya stays casted as MJ tho, I really love her goofy acting haha
chopsticks 666
chopsticks 666 Před 15 dny
All three spider man actors are casted for Dr strange 2
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai Před 15 dny
Bully Maguire confirmed
Anonymous Accordionist
Okay, so here's my two cents. What if both Dr. Octavius and Maxwell Dillon are native to the MCU universe, right? Tom's Peter has to fight their team up but the two of them together are too powerful. That's when Andrew and Toby's Spider-Men enter and use their expertise, having each fought one of these enemies before, to _assist_ Tom's Peter to defeat them.
Meme guys
Meme guys Před 17 dny
aaam you mean 4 spiderman right miles is a human right? by the way miles is not from another universe he just from toms universe because in spiderman homecoming tom webs a guy who was getting ice crream for his nephew so maybe that nephew is miles
Lyhow Před 18 dny
Evan Washington
Evan Washington Před 19 dny
News flash: 99% isn't a real score
R3demption Před 19 dny
The 3 Peter parker's. The 3 MJs. The three kissing scenes that would be funny and weird
I like Tom holland
Xeinem Před 20 dny
Imagine if they brought back Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn. My life would be complete
Erick Berbes
Erick Berbes Před 21 dnem
What this is for real
MAGICIAN ff Před 21 dnem
Ka Lok Hung
Ka Lok Hung Před 21 dnem
can we give some love to andrew for a second he is my spiderman
BullyMaguireInTheMCU Před 21 dnem
Pizza time!
Rocky Bahl
Rocky Bahl Před 22 dny
Devang Gadani
Devang Gadani Před 22 dny
Please watch Harry Potter series in 0.25x speed
-lonjan -
-lonjan - Před 23 dny
Why emma stone is coming back? Because she died.
Justine 3.0
Justine 3.0 Před 23 dny
If this come this will be the BEST movie ever
Aaron Jafri
Aaron Jafri Před 23 dny
I wouldn’t like the movie as much if they brought back all the spideys. I would still like it but it would be to much and feel rushed. Unless it was three hours.
Dev Kaustubh dixit
Dev Kaustubh dixit Před 24 dny
Yippi Yip
Yippi Yip Před 24 dny
So is there 1% chance that Spider verse is not happening ?
Job Mulder
Job Mulder Před 25 dny
3:55 Dude, there are not three, but four Spider-Man actors. Couldn't see it?
Aliasgar Jariwala
Aliasgar Jariwala Před 26 dny
its like the first two spiderman waited for the third one to complete his two movies and third movie all three spiderman will be together 😅😁😂😂😂
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire Před 26 dny
I hope tobey Maguire dance's again
F1_S0uth Před 27 dny
Miles morlaes should replace one of them what’s the point of having 3 spider man if they are the same but different actors miles morlaes has different powers and should be in it
MiD Knight
MiD Knight Před 28 dny
can't wait for this film I'm hyped as hell
It would of been cool if they could bring back willem dafoe as well he green goblin but he’s probably too old now
Alonzo Flores
Alonzo Flores Před 29 dny
I really want to see Toby McGuire on screen again it’s because I feel like it’s been like like ages and ages he has not been on screen I think he did an amazing job with Sam Raimi
Gulalay Hameed
Gulalay Hameed Před měsícem
But hey Gwen Stacy is dead in the amazing spiderman 2 how she will be come back in spiderman 3
Whatsitallabout Před měsícem
if its not 100% accurate its 50% accurate
Urek Mazino
Urek Mazino Před měsícem
Fans : Dont Give Me a Hope ! Marvel, Sony, Disney : sorry I didn't give it to you sooner...
theyokaiwatchgamer Před měsícem
My question. How is Emma Stone going to play Gwen Stacy if she's dead?
LEARN2DRAW Před měsícem
Mr. Blue Animations
Mr. Blue Animations Před měsícem
I've never been this hyped since Ali from Karate Kid returning to Cobra Kai wasn't confirmed and now she's back. I have hope that they will come back.
Viewers know that Thor: Ragnarok was the best movie because, that movie as lot of humor. Next doctor strange, I'm literally going to love doctor strange 2
MemerBird Před měsícem
Alok Rajput
Alok Rajput Před měsícem
I want Andrew and electro
The dislikers r probably some teens who r DC fans
Jay-0182 Před měsícem
How is the Spider-Verse happening no one has contact with Tobey he did nothing with his socials
Ello Před měsícem
All the old peters and villains are now old now like Dr Oc from Tobey Maguire
DecalZz Před měsícem
Ill buy some merch if u ship for free
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange Před měsícem
The multiverse will be opened while the fight is happening between the respective heros and villans. Time is not necessarily be same for all realities...It could be still 2003 in alternate reality.
Funny video
Funny video Před měsícem
Well tobey has a different fanbase and it cannot be replaced by any other spider man actors!
Doggy Spider
Doggy Spider Před měsícem
Thumbnail looks like an original scene from the movie itself..
LGC Gaming
LGC Gaming Před měsícem
Bully Maguire: Hurts Doesn't it
Bahian Tham
Bahian Tham Před měsícem
Bring back tobey!!!
Jeremiah Silaya
Jeremiah Silaya Před měsícem
The Gogeta
The Gogeta Před měsícem
In other words, it’s not going to be cameo and it’s literally just going to be them fighting together. It would be disappointing if this wasn’t the case
Ankit Pareek
Ankit Pareek Před měsícem
Imagine even with all this if the 1% still wins and they just show Tom?? I don’t want this to happen either, I just hope Sony confirms about this rumor too
Sahil Dudhale
Sahil Dudhale Před měsícem
what do u think about star lord
Kevin Karsis
Kevin Karsis Před měsícem
Yup he needs some spidey friends since ned will become a goblin
Prank_God YeYe
Prank_God YeYe Před měsícem
Pizza time
Dank Lynx
Dank Lynx Před měsícem
Feels a bit to fast for a live action spider verse.
Orlando France Alar Malimban
2022 Movie: Spider Man The Multi Verse
Henry Hagan
Henry Hagan Před měsícem
Isn't Gwen Stacy dead, this is just making the rumors seem a little false.
ReHhzZy_ _
ReHhzZy_ _ Před měsícem
People talking bout 3 spider mans .... what if there is 4
Gavin Cardoso
Gavin Cardoso Před měsícem
Actually if,mysterio,electro,and doc ock are there then all Spider-Man 2 villains will be there
YUKI MLBB Před měsícem
Imagine Toby Returning as an Older Version of Spider-Man, Mentoring Tom being his version of Uncle Ben We Never Got to See. 🤔
YUKI MLBB Před měsícem
Tobey: I Will Return If You Fix This DAMN DOOR!
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