2 Huge Plot-Leaks of Spider-Man 3 and Thor: Love and Thunder 

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In today's video I cover two separate topics in regards to the upcoming Spider-Man 3 and Thor: Love and Thunder.
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4. 01. 2021





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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Před měsícem
I'm more excited to see Matt Murdock teaming up with Peter really! :) I have used some clips edited by AK Editx! Checkout his channel here: csshows.infovideos
S S Před měsícem
I'm waiting for spider man 3 too
Smitha K
Smitha K Před měsícem
Next watch KGF CHAPTER-2 from INDIA
Hollywood Cedric
Hollywood Cedric Před měsícem
Spiderman 3, or spiderman 4??? Because spiderman 3 is black suit/venom suit...
K-Bridge DaPrince
K-Bridge DaPrince Před měsícem
Clickbait thumbnail bruh i seen this thumbnail off somebody else page and tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield is not being in this movie
Unknown Devil
Unknown Devil Před měsícem
Bruv do watch Marvel's daredevil in 0.25x speed if possible!! Please!!
Yves Kumasamba
Yves Kumasamba Před hodinou
Bad bad
BcBudGaming Před 7 hodinami
like who didn't think chris was gonna be in thor ? he literally ended, end game flying off with them and GoG 3 comes out after thor, it kinda makes sense
Jorge Pineda
Jorge Pineda Před 11 hodinami
Is Marvel really going to tie in all of the marvel movies that have been put out the last 2 decades in phase 4? That’d be amazing
faham khan
faham khan Před 14 hodinami
miles will also be there
Throw a way ___
Throw a way ___ Před dnem
They should make a movie with two avengers it would be nice change then every one in one movie
Omkar Parab
Omkar Parab Před dnem
hey that clip you used at 1:59 has a dope transition
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva Před dnem
Chris pratt spoiling 😂😂 too funny
Shaun Lydon
Shaun Lydon Před dnem
Chris Pratt should be fired
Noju Kuramu
Noju Kuramu Před dnem
it really makes sense. in end game they messed up with time. no wonder why there will be multiverse
MR Mello
MR Mello Před dnem
I already went to the future and saw the movie and I hate to tell you but Tobey and Andrew had to die to save Tom
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Před dnem
RayhanDoesYT Před dnem
Tobey Maguire and tom holland against doc oc and then another scene tom holland and Andrew Garfield against electro
Cheap Tactics
Cheap Tactics Před 2 dny
"starlord aka chris pratt" I think it's the other way around, dude
HinkAeger 2.0
HinkAeger 2.0 Před 2 dny
I hope he can visit the mutants!
Alan Perez Torres
Alan Perez Torres Před 2 dny
jove1155 Před 2 dny
NOOOOOOO no Maguire yuckkk
Bavz Před 2 dny
Hollywood is moving to Australia apparently?
TheGalaxyBunny Před 2 dny
i'm glad tom and chris are friends in real life
Cubed GameBoy
Cubed GameBoy Před 2 dny
that would be lame if true
logan burton
logan burton Před 3 dny
If they get all three spider men in the same room they better do the meme
Kevin Carlson
Kevin Carlson Před 3 dny
Awesome, as a kid I remember buying DareDevil Spiderman team up comics, way back in the early 70s!
Kian Laurence Del Castillo
When u said all these villans i was shocked it wasent sinister 6 but its sinister 9
S Lawrence
S Lawrence Před 3 dny
Can you do a video on The Other/Chthon? He’s already appeared in the MCU as far back as the first Avengers film. He is totally the villain in WandaVision. The cicada, Darkhold, and the basement with the ‘c’ literally written on the wall all but confirmed it. My comments have been deleted or ignored when I explain how he is the villain.
Aades Johal
Aades Johal Před 3 dny
I know the villain for Spiderman 3 will be Bully Macguire, so you can call me a reliable source
Singing Wolf
Singing Wolf Před 4 dny
Thor literally left WITH the guardians at the end of Endgame. Why wouldn't Starlord be in Love and Thunder? How is that a big reveation?
Priceyy Před 4 dny
Æłex mw
Æłex mw Před 4 dny
i would love to see all 3 spidermans with the exact screen time bcs they are all great but we still have 1 one spiderman who lost thing inportant to him and was bad for a time the second with even more pain and the pain from where he could have saved mary and tom holland with everthing pretty good in his life thats why i want to see all 3 of them with the same screen time to see what they would do as a team
atrocities comedy
atrocities comedy Před 4 dny
It can be sinister six showing up because in amazing spider man the end credits teases Sinister six Think about it 👍🏽
Lucasful Před 4 dny
I really feel like it's gonna be like a 2 minute shot of someone explaining to the MCU universe spidey that there are other spider-men. Like a few screens showing them doing something, and that's it. Please don't over hype yet another spidey film. Just let it come out and watch it. Please?
Tigergamer0805 Před 5 dny
People keep saying that because they are from a different movie they have to be brought from the multiverse I agree but I doubt daredevil is going to be
V Sen
V Sen Před 5 dny
I am happy Brian Cox will be back as daredevil. He deserves it. I hope he gets his movie too.
Jeremiah Felder
Jeremiah Felder Před 5 dny
Boooo. Electro sucked.
Jeremiah Felder
Jeremiah Felder Před 5 dny
I also refuse to buy any product that has a commercial I can’t immediately skip.
Almost Pluto
Almost Pluto Před 5 dny
i love your shit bro
Aaron Lam
Aaron Lam Před 5 dny
Ryan vlogs
Ryan vlogs Před 6 dny
d t
d t Před 6 dny
If Tobey and Andrew will only do cameos, Peter will ask them to help, and they'll say that they're retired from being Spider-Man or something idk
L10 _ A5
L10 _ A5 Před 6 dny
All I’m saying is that this movie better be 6 hours long
Julian Saiz
Julian Saiz Před 6 dny
Do I really have to watch the daredevil now before spider man comes out... ugh
jdb gaming
jdb gaming Před 6 dny
this would be sick
Abduselam Mohammed
Abduselam Mohammed Před 7 dny
If that is true it will be craaazyyy
Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh Před 7 dny
Is the thumbnail true boss
Jason Lonquist
Jason Lonquist Před 7 dny
So glad Charlie Cox is back as DD.
Trujillo Brothers
Trujillo Brothers Před 7 dny
Trujillo Brothers
Trujillo Brothers Před 7 dny
I love Andrew Garfield as spider man🕷️🕸️🕸️🕸️
Zaushan_playz Před 8 dny
Andrew Garfield deserves another chance.
Simran Paranjpe
Simran Paranjpe Před 8 dny
In the next spider man 3 movie chances are there that sinister 6 will appear in which Mysterio will be there but not the original one...... Mysterio's daughter...I think...cause in 1 animated series mysterio's daughter returns as Mysterio....
Plaxey Před 8 dny
Im pretty sure the Netflix shows referenced the MCU quite often and would be considered part of it anyways, the "New York" incident come up like 3-4 times in jessica jones, so i imagine this version of daredevil will just show up. No multiverse crossover needed for him.
Edgy Elliot
Edgy Elliot Před 9 dny
If they reboot Daredevils character, me and a lot of fans will be really pissed. The TV series should be cannon.
Tim di Domenico
Tim di Domenico Před 9 dny
Marvel sidelined captain marvel because she was boring.
Jeff GREENE Před 9 dny
Edited Rectangle
Edited Rectangle Před 10 dny
Fun fact: I have taken your attention
Dante Redwing
Dante Redwing Před 11 dny
So you're telling me that Marvel's basically gonna do exactly what HISHE did for "How Spider-Man : Far From Home Should Have Ended". Literally final battle happening, Peter going "Oh now how can I beat them alone" and then Tobey, Andrew and (supposedly) Venom just show up outta nowhere like "You're not alone, kid" and that's it. Okay. But hey, Charlie Cox's Daredevil to have as much screen time as Spider-Man!? Fuck yeah, I'm down for THAT!!
ba55letmysoulfly Před 11 dny
Daredevil was SO good! Super excited about this!
Jane green
Jane green Před 12 dny
Tom Holland
xBrazyRed Před 12 dny
Honestly the best spider man is TOBEY AKA THE REAL OG SPIDER-MAN
I love spoilers
Cindy with a C
Cindy with a C Před 13 dny
Wait I saw a star that looks like captain America's shield
Trench68 Před 12 dny
That was a manhole
GAMER Před 14 dny
I knew cause of the end of endgame bout Chris Pratt
k1ng b3azt
k1ng b3azt Před 14 dny
I just noticed that when mysterio was creating those illusions Spider-Man was standing on top of cap shield
Simeon Moore
Simeon Moore Před 14 dny
Anybody realise Spiderman 3 might include 3 spidermen 3 and 3 who knows...
TechRyze Před 16 dny
Nice video - but it's Spider-Man. The cameos from the previous actors are only needed to show their faces. They could potentially have 45 minutes on screen, and only 5 of them would need the mask removed, really. It's the talking and mask off sections that need the actors. Same with any future Iron Man cameos in other films that involve looking into the past 15 years of the MCU.
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov Před 16 dny
I trust you
shrekswaffles66 Před 16 dny
25:00 I paused the video
Benjamin Elk
Benjamin Elk Před 17 dny
So if tobey maguire and Andrew Garfield are Going to be in spider man 3 (2021) in the third act “so what is the point of Doctor Strange in the movie?
BigBoiBrody Před 19 dny
Guys imagine if James franco comes back as green goblin.
Rishikesh P A
Rishikesh P A Před 20 dny
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan Před 21 dnem
Ty Lxne
Ty Lxne Před 22 dny
The thumbnail looks incredible
Dave Go
Dave Go Před 22 dny
Bruh this might be Fake
Devang Gadani
Devang Gadani Před 22 dny
Please watch Harry Potter series in 0.25x speed
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey Před 23 dny
(This is kinda stolen but anyway) Marvel Studios and Sony: Pls come back Bully Maguire: You’ll get me when you open this DAMN PORTAL!
RedGunn Před 24 dny
Can we just talk about how well edited the intro is?
DeLucios Před 25 dny
2:00 Into the Spiderverse prooved that it can work. They also had to give old Peter a whole arc with backstory, while building up Miles and his origin story. I think it possible to have Tobey and Andrew to be in bigger roles, without taking the spotligt away from Tom, Zendaya and Jacob.
Gerda Kruger
Gerda Kruger Před 25 dny
Best thumbnail ever
V0lk Star
V0lk Star Před 25 dny
Most popular is the tom Holland. Because of the Tony stark and avengers but BEST SPIDER-MAN and stuff is the very first SPIDER-MAN. Toby M
Christian Sajelan
Christian Sajelan Před 26 dny
Plot twist: Tobey's Spiderman and Andrew's Spiderman are actually canons in the MCU, just from different parallel universes
anonymous hacker
anonymous hacker Před 26 dny
if it is only a cameo that makes me less excited to see it -.-
Ronen Christy
Ronen Christy Před měsícem
Maybe in the beginning, Peter could be arrested and sent to prison(like Deadpool 2) and maybe escape from there to prove his innocence????
K My wayway
K My wayway Před měsícem
If daredevil is coming back, iron fist and Luke cage will be mentioned
Shishir Před měsícem
Must follow channel for every mcu fans
AXL Před měsícem
I really hope to see deadpool daredevil and spider-man fighting in the same universe
skullbreaker 643
skullbreaker 643 Před měsícem
Hmm, pass Dec lie
yonder35 Před měsícem
Didn’t we know the guardians would be in Thor? Or at least the other way around? (Thor in guardians 3)
Samarth Vaidya
Samarth Vaidya Před měsícem
If there was a button to wipe this from my memory ...... ;(
Ananda yusron Robbany
Ananda yusron Robbany Před měsícem
Plot twist : what if miles morales will appear in the movie
Ryan Schweitzer
Ryan Schweitzer Před měsícem
Tom: “Bully Maguire, there’s too many of them. What are we going to do?” Tobey: “I missed the part where that’s my problem:”
Saeed Před měsícem
2:30 the name of the movie please
Frosts Před měsícem
Just want another season of Daredevil tbh, but I'll take him being the in Iron boy film
HuDenaZ Před měsícem
Who else think that spiderverse is going to be caused by WandaVision events?
nikolas bartell
nikolas bartell Před měsícem
I dont know having the multy verse come in out of nowhere in tobys third movie, sony saw well into the spider verse did and went "well shit we got ourselves a formula" it kind of makes no sense
wwe Roman reigns fan134
wwe Roman reigns fan134 Před měsícem
The thumbnail looks cringe
Gabriel Yohan Palomo
Gabriel Yohan Palomo Před měsícem
1 Spider-Man Gets Deafeated By The Sinisters 6 Doctor Octopus (leader) Kraven the Hunter. Mysterio. Sandman. Scorpion. Vulture. 3 Spider-Mans Na They Can Do It
kidboi123 Před měsícem
He devereves way more then he gets
Chucky Khunsri
Chucky Khunsri Před měsícem
I have all the movies but I don't have spiderman 3 the old one
Obnoxious 69er
Obnoxious 69er Před měsícem
The thing I like the most about him is that how he doesn't waste our time
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake Před měsícem
Why is it call Spider-Man 3 Did they make that movie with the venom outfit?
JOVIN FF Před měsícem
Hey lad! What do you think about agent venom from comics? Do you have a theory about it
Chocco Tacco
Chocco Tacco Před měsícem
Peter Parker (Tobey M.) talks to Peter Parker ( Tom H.) be like : Deyyyym, Is this aunt. May? 🔥😲
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