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The Canadian Lad
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I am all about Marvel movies. I am deeply into Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I make videos about movie theories, reviews and Easter Eggs.

P.S: I wasn't born in Canada. I'm an immigrant here. So if I don't sound Canadian enough, please apologize my accent. I hope to improve with every new video!

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Thank you.
Ogemmi Před 23 hodinami
But why she getting older (original wasp), doesn't time work slower or different in quantum realm?
SarhanTheBest Před 23 hodinami
Other People see Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston What I see Lightning Mcqueen and Loki
David MYG
David MYG Před 23 hodinami
Wow, really wow. You are 10 steps ahead of everyone.keep it up
ItsTheShotgunZombie Před 23 hodinami
Quentin Beck never chose to be a wall, he didn’t take the form of a wall, Peter punched the wall or a concrete pillar in the real world, he just couldn’t see it because he was in an illusion, he tried to punch Beck, but that wasn’t the real beck, so he ended up punching the wall, breaking the illusion for a second
mredul Před 23 hodinami
is this connected with endgame scene "hulk and ancient one" time line scene...when hulk went to take the time stone in 2012..
Salam •_•
Salam •_• Před 23 hodinami
This time doors looks like those switch was making in legion so maybe she is a time protecter too or her father is one or something like that
arman asgary
arman asgary Před 23 hodinami
Jave Borci
Jave Borci Před 23 hodinami
And the music just killed me on the scene they are walking on madripor😅 only pinoy can understand HAHAHAHA JUSKO
Wojciech Pabijan
Wojciech Pabijan Před 23 hodinami
Okay so we are getting a secret agent Loki trying to fix all his past mistakes. Hah, neat
Plebtile Před 23 hodinami
Because it's just a metal frisbee and Thanos can beat up Hulk's dad with his bare hands.
Jimmy Kudo
Jimmy Kudo Před 23 hodinami
4:11 #15 My Favourite meaningful Scene....
Simon-Patrick Johnson
Simon-Patrick Johnson Před 23 hodinami
7:00 the noise is probably from the metal that the webs are attached to bending
Fatih Temizer
Fatih Temizer Před 23 hodinami
Video is 5 mins ad is 1 min...
Rahul sane
Rahul sane Před dnem
Poor Lamar die in next episode
alex rockzz
alex rockzz Před dnem
2:35 ☠️
Peak Pictures
Peak Pictures Před dnem
Dont break scene by scene just give important details
-MACE- Před dnem
How big is this guy brain?
Hey! When Hulk use gauntlet his hand burn & when Tony use stone in battle his hand also burn but Why Thanos hand not burn when he use the nano gauntlet in endgame ? It just mistake or Thanos can handle the power of stone?
Jeff Mortejo
Jeff Mortejo Před dnem
I realize they didn't just won once but twice... This universe and the universe where warrior thanos is..
Dream Fox
Dream Fox Před dnem
Its look like i dont need to watch this movie anymore😂😂
Aaron Lawrence
Aaron Lawrence Před dnem
05:40 Imagine John Wick with a pencil ✏️
Clinton Barlow
Clinton Barlow Před dnem
Where is Ep 4 of Falcon and winter Soldier broo
7mick7 Před dnem
Why sponsor a top video?? I mean did you need like a whole movie production team to make this dead simple editing ? Oh maybe you filmed John Wick, thats what it is i’m sure...
Vedant Kulkarni
Vedant Kulkarni Před dnem
That reality bending thing was earlier explained by sorcerer to hulk in endgame when he comes to take time stone from her. Remember
Hirak Ahmed
Hirak Ahmed Před dnem
Bring back cap 😕
Akash Madan
Akash Madan Před dnem
One thing which I like the most is how the font of LOKI changes it depicts something like how many time lines are altered or in how many alternative realities he might have visited or may be met Dr. Strange as well because at one point it seems to have the same font which we can in Dr. Strange movie.🙄
The Anas
The Anas Před dnem
No need... Congrats For 1M! ❤️🔥🙌
Abdullah Emad
Abdullah Emad Před dnem
So basically like umbrella academy
GRACE MARK Před dnem
0:11 it just gave me a shock......😂😂
Jaideepsingh Rathore
Roxxcart have official website now
Idonthave Fantasy
What is your opinion about Captain America getting back from reality to another in Endgame?
Idonthave Fantasy
They messed up the thing about how Professor Hulk explained time travel. Because if Captain America returns he should be same old as he was when he left. Please look at it, think over it...
Rajanathan C
Rajanathan C Před dnem
Chris W
Chris W Před dnem
The v and a have a secondary color that makes the hour glass without you even moving the letters...
Malayali Youtuber
If they show him how would he end up if he didn't escape from New york I think he will be with thor
The Gamebuster
The Gamebuster Před dnem
Moral of the story if you make super soldier syerm you are gana die after few minites
Bug Bug
Bug Bug Před dnem
Title: I saw (random) movie in 0.25x speed Me: Actually watching this video in 0.25x speed
Asbest Před dnem
john wick isn't just a reference to shibumi, it's a reference to riddick. When I was watching riddick I just thought "this is from where the john wick's directors took all their ideas!". A super strong person who fights the whole world alone against its strongest people and he can use everything as a weapon. Even the scene with the pencil is taken from the scene with a tea cup from riddick.
Asbest Před dnem
there is no such tradition in Russia that you don't drink your glass if you disagree with the toast
ok now i feel kinda bad for john walker
KingSSpiro Animation
Hey i wanna ask that IN your video at 9:49, is it black widow with loki
Aditya Jena
Aditya Jena Před dnem
Nobody: Canadian Lad:Hourglass
Tsuki Před dnem
Wait.... that gal is named ruby rose??? Really???