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I am all about Marvel movies. I am deeply into Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I make videos about movie theories, reviews and Easter Eggs.

P.S: I wasn't born in Canada. I'm an immigrant here. So if I don't sound Canadian enough, please apologize my accent. I hope to improve with every new video!

If you wanna reach me out for Marvel related theories/ideas: [email protected]
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Thank you.
Pratyush Coder
Pratyush Coder Před 19 hodinami
Plot twist: 1:10 this is actually the Canadian lad
Russell Lane
Russell Lane Před 19 hodinami
I have yet to see a review you have done and not be totally blown away. You really know your stuff. Great video!
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina Před 19 hodinami
Plz do Harry Potter
Steven Před 19 hodinami
I've found one detail that Bucky will become a white wolf, that is when he has confessed that he is a killer of Yori's child and he returns to the bar and sees Yori sit with Leah, you can see on Leah's shirt there is a picture of a white wolf, maybe easter eggs?
Riddhi Před 20 hodinami
And what abt soul stone??
Akhil Agrawal
Akhil Agrawal Před 20 hodinami
how apply for casting in MCU , i want for my daughter fir new antman movie
Chàrlie Před 20 hodinami
One thing I know: batman and joker ain't brothers
Neelansh Mishra
Neelansh Mishra Před 20 hodinami
People-Scorsese Doesn't Own Cinema neither Does Disney. DISNEY - *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*
Joman Tomarong
Joman Tomarong Před 20 hodinami
Please, breakdown that Venom 2 trailer into bits that we could really understand and be more excited.
Tino Blangsdal
Tino Blangsdal Před 20 hodinami
13:43 subschribe
WonOwnNow Před 20 hodinami
i think canadian lad love tom hollands spiderman...
Aiden Rj Maestro
Aiden Rj Maestro Před 21 hodinou
Did you know that when Eddie turn black the cops hurriedly shoot him
Před 21 hodinou
Face reveal
Timothy Padayao
Timothy Padayao Před 21 hodinou
I Noticed...Venom's Body Is Way Bigger Than Carnage's Body
Movie News
Movie News Před 21 hodinou
Wow amazing video. who is your favorite character from eternals?
Tony Stank
Tony Stank Před 21 hodinou
Fun Fact every Asgardians call raccoons wait my bad trash pandas rabit
Tony Stank
Tony Stank Před 21 hodinou
*d u c k t a p e*
REDFIREBLADE Před 21 hodinou
why thor is worthy... because he is Chris Hems-Worth
Aramis Betances
Aramis Betances Před 22 hodinami
2:41 Ugh Bruce can procreate safely. Its called "Artificial Insemination, where the semen is collected and then transferred into a vaginal canal. The only downside to procreation from Bruce is the fact that his kids will be burdened with the Hulk transformation if they inherit that gene trait.
Noah Hajek
Noah Hajek Před 22 hodinami
Venom likes to eat chocolate because it contains a chemical called phenethylamine. Symbiotes feed on this and it is found in chocolate, fungi, and brain matter.
Ahaan M
Ahaan M Před 22 hodinami
Hi Canadian lad, I found one more detail that is not related to 0.25 speed but I found interesting, so in one of the scenes Stan Lee said that he was a federal Express Man and if you notice carefully Stan Lee played the role of a Fed ex man when he called Tony stark- Tony stank, so my assumptions are that the Stan Lee cameo is the same person from civil war.
French HEHE
French HEHE Před 22 hodinami
2021 is going slow
Kriegmann Před 22 hodinami
Grain of salt grain of 🧂grain of salt grain of salt grain of salt , the most said sentence in 2021
Ryan Layron
Ryan Layron Před 22 hodinami
I appreciate this guy noticing every hair of detail, but some of them aren't detail, he's just smart thinking its a detail.
POTATOBOI Před 22 hodinami
Jlab lab earbuds are better
UltimateMarioBros Před 23 hodinami
When Peter Googled Who is Roosevelt There was the Cable car From Spiderman 1
Nathan Kong
Nathan Kong Před 23 hodinami
If you look on the left that’s spider monkey
Mauricio De los Santos
Thena can summon any weapon, thats not the ebony blade.
Justincasey Feltersnatch
No amount of detail will make this movie not suck
Ezra Motz
Ezra Motz Před dnem
That’s one GIANT mistake if you know what I mean. (Barely audible Ba Dum Tss!)
Khalifa Fawaz2008
I hope they make also a 3rd SQL to venom if the box office doesn’t go don’t hill
Savannah Litton
Savannah Litton Před dnem
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Enzo Antonio De Jesus
i could not stop watching this
Red_Xeno69 Před dnem
Bread Productions
I’m surprised you haven’t done this yet.
Cosplaydiver Před dnem
I love how you made detail #42 the one about the 42s
Marquise Carrillo
Hey if you listen to the music you can hear the spiderman theme
People who say captain marvel is a bad character🤡🤡🤡
Matthew McCrary
Matthew McCrary Před dnem
Y’all making up answers at this point just to have one.
Salvador Lopez-Portillo
Yo Canadian lad in 6:37 left side is Stephen curry a pro nba player
Cesarrodriguez21 Rodriguez
Yes pls do the trailer
PlomerPlanet Před dnem
Petition for a Loki movie
deimos. Před dnem
I personally think that disney plus should allow rated R marvel movies and shows on there but do what netflix does where you can make an account for kids that filters out the R rated stuff so that Marvel has more freedom with the ratings instead of being forced to make things pg-13
Supremeninga Před dnem
I have a thought, that when loki jumped at thor to move from hulks way loki could have instead of throwing the Space stone like it was nothing he could have used it to teleport himself and Thor away, becuase we have already seen him use it in the past. Also the Space stone teleportation is fast so even if the black order tryd to do something they wouldnt be able to.
Doonkle Bean
Doonkle Bean Před dnem
Sam’s alt name “American Eagle”.
Towkir Shuvo
Towkir Shuvo Před dnem
I agreed to everything you said only except 1 thing. You said that Captain Marvel is not the most powerful. That's SOOOOOO WRONG. I will explain why she's the MOST powerful. Carol and Wanda are the MOST powerful. Not Thor. Carol and Wanda both got their powers from infinity stones. Thor didn't. The powers of infinity stones are the GREATEST power. No matter how powerful Thor is, his powers are no match to the powers of infinity stones not even his stormbreaker and mijolnir. Having powers of infinity stones basically means that you can control the fabrics of reality. Thor and neither Odin can reach the power level of infinity stones. Thor's axe and hammer are also no big deal for these ladies. As I already said both the girls have infinity stone powers. They are both walking infinity stones. Each of them can easily fuck up the nature or behavior of Thor's hammer and axe. Thanos could have also done the same to Stormbreaker using the stones in Infinity War. He just fired a big energy blast from the stones to stop stormbreaker. Instead of this if he actually used the stones' powers to mess up the fabric of stormbreaker then R.I.P. stormbreaker. Thor also cannot fly without his hammer or axe but Captain Marvel can freely fly and also at infinite speeds given the fact that she got her powers from the Tesseract aka space stone. So maybe she can also become invisible and can also teleport between any places. I m sure she has many more powers and we are yet to know everything. Hopefully we will see them in her next films. Thor is NOWHERE NEAR the powers of Captain Marvel. Have you ever thought about why we didn't see Thor go and rescue Tony from space in Endgame instead of Captain Marvel? Because only Captain Marvel could have done it. She can move so fast that she can just instantly travel place to place throughout the whole universe. Thor is not that fast. Not even with bifrost he can travel this fast. And also I don't think that bifrost let's you travel to everywhere in the universe. It only lets you go to the nine realms right? Maybe Thor did try to search Tony in space but he failed. So there you. Now I hope it's totally clear to you that Captain Marvel > Thor. Now let's talk about Captain Marvel and Wanda. Both have infinity stone powers. Both are walking infinity stones. Their powers are different from each other. But I will keep Captain Marvel on top because she's actually more superior in power. Carol can travel throughout the whole universe instantly and help everyone all alone and fight all the big horrifying gods out there in the universe all alone. Wanda cannot do all these. She can hardly fly. Carol is also totally invincible, no matter how much you attack her she will just absorb everything and become even more powerful. She can also possibly be invisible, teleport and do various other things too as her powers came from space stone. We will possibly see them in her future films. She's is ABSOLUTELY UNSTOPPABLE. Captain Marvel is without any doubt the MOST POWERFUL.
Aviation Hour
Aviation Hour Před dnem
Klaue stays the same age in 1992 and modern day.
P.T. Před dnem
Super Rats aka.. The RatCATCHER.
MadJamYT Před dnem
Wait in March 2020 he had 50k subs and a bit over a year later he has over a million
Raidel Před dnem
Do the carnage trailer
MichaelTroy Vang
MichaelTroy Vang Před dnem
8:18 the lights of the car looks like vemon’s eyes.
Son Goku
Son Goku Před dnem
joss whedon is a joke
Burhan Kika
Burhan Kika Před dnem
2:50 so does that mean that All powerful scarlet witch can also foresee the future,
Mr Nobody Nobody
Mr Nobody Nobody Před dnem
I came from the future to tell you that wandavison is so well written that even canadian lad didn't got it all corrected
Defiant One
Defiant One Před dnem
7:43 I cant believe you didnt talk about how this was a reference to Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ansar Malik
Ansar Malik Před dnem
from Pakistan I watch all of your videos you are the one who completely break down ever movies that I love it you are the best, ❤️
Good Putin
Good Putin Před dnem
Fact - Malaysia follows UK, steering wheel on the right side instead of the left like USA so the scene in the ambulance is an error because the Chinese lady was steering the wheel on the left side.
Yeah so much details they didn't think that a flying rocket would kill or damage venom so much because of the decibels
Angela Olushola
Angela Olushola Před dnem
Noeybuckets 1
Noeybuckets 1 Před dnem
I just realized that I’m the start of endgame you can see Lila’s dust particles coming off her for a small amount of time
Slayer Sam
Slayer Sam Před dnem
Idk why but these videos make me really sleepy... strangest sleep aid ever ?
abdiel chavez
abdiel chavez Před dnem
Do shazam please
zardyy Před dnem
I would personally love a Venom Let There Be Carnage trailer breakdown
zardyy Před dnem
If Venoms colors are black and white, then why is his color in the Comics blue and black?
Raghuvirsinh j Jadeja
Bro what if Bucky Barnes have snapped with his left hand instead ironman ...his arm is made of vibranium so what were the consequences ?
George Larson
George Larson Před dnem
I always laugh at welding scenes in shows/movies. I think I've only ever seen one welding scene in any movie or show where it looked like someone knew what they were doing. That was some bird shit welding going on there. Fucking Elmer's glue would hold that shield together better. Jesus with the budget and amount of effort that goes in to Marvel shows you'd think they could get someone that actually know how to weld to double in that scene. That would probably be easiest as you dont see the actor's face. Or get a welder to spend 5 minutes with the actor so they dont look like an absolute moron.
Dark Crusader
Dark Crusader Před dnem
Another little detail, along with Drake being hypocritical about questions you can see that he truly doesn't care and it's only putting up a front because if you re-watch the scene he doesn't even listen to the girls question
Taco Arcade
Taco Arcade Před dnem
Wait how did tony fix his shield scratch marks from civil war also hope the new shield has adammantium
TheWaveSon Před dnem
The break for a commercial was too long. I stopped watching the video.
Andi Xavier
Andi Xavier Před dnem
Meat ball
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez Před dnem
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Ferozy Macaroni
Ferozy Macaroni Před dnem
I watched him 4 months ago..(with 600k subs) Now... 1 mil subs Me: OMG SO QUICK
BHN Studios
BHN Studios Před dnem
On the Stephen Curry thing it also says RedEx.
AURON - SEIK GD Před dnem
Jhon wick es mi idolo jajajajaa me gustan las peliculas donde hay matansa y abilidad y agilidad y recistencia estan de acuerdo conmigo verdad
Best hero in comic book history I love Steve's storyline and character arc in both comic history and the MCU no one else can protray Steve Rogers like Chris Evans Steve deserves his ending I'll miss him but he earns his ending like you said Canadian Lad Steve Rogers will live in our hearts forever
Black Captain America😭
xxpotatoesxx Před dnem
Can u watch fast and Furious in 0.25 speed??